Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is located in the Middle East where most of the land is dry and there is very little rainfall. The good thing is that there land is blessed with very many minerals, that has made the country develop at a very high rate. With the funds they get by exporting the minerals, they reclaim the dry land and the ocean. By doing so very beautiful areas are made artificially, that are worth visiting. Below is a list of the ten most beautiful places in Dubai.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Dubai in 2017

10. Dubai Marina


This is a place meant for people who love to party. It is established along the shores of Persian Gulf. It has the pride of being the biggest Marina that is artificial. Trust me there is no favorable tourist attraction than this marina. It allows for good view, walk and boat rides as well. You get a chance to see and even ride very beautiful boats and yatches. It has very good hotels, clubs and very fine dining restaurants.

9. Wild Wadi Water party


This is a place located at the front of the renowned Burj ul Arab building. People go to swim in there. Families are the ones, which are greatly attracted since it is a place that is not meant for lonely people. You will experience true fun if you go there as a family. The swimming place has 36 rides. Remember Sinbad, the fun park is themed on the famous legend Juha and Sinbad.

8. Ski Dubai


Many people know of natural places for skiing. Dubai decided to do the unthinkable and made an artificial skiing place. They have made artificial snow and slopes as well. If you love to ski and you think that there is no place to ski in Dubai then visit Ski Dubai where everything is made possible. Snowboarding, tobogganing or playing with snow is made possible there.

7. Palm Islands

Palm Islands Top Most Famous Beautiful Places to Visit in Dubai 2019

This is a manmade island built at the shores of the sea. By having an aerial view, you will not help but notice the beauty of the place. The islands allows for a large number of clubs, hotels, side flats, restaurants inns, theme parks and other places for entertainment. All this is in the name of suiting your needs as a visitor of the huge reclaimed ocean. The place comes with great luxury and comfort. If you want t see the beautiful Dubai beaches then visit the Island.

6. Global Village


Have you ever been to Dubai? If you have been there, have you ever visited this pace? If you have never visited this place then you are did not visit Dubai. The place exposes one to experience and diversity of international shopping. One gets a chance to experience cultural entertainment that will just astound you. You will get a chance to experience to eat different traditional food of different societies all over the world. Everything concerning the whole world is in the global village.

5. The world Islands


Another man-made Island is found in Dubai. The islands are built in the shape of the world and its continents. They are divided in to different groups namely real estates that include hotels, clubs private housings and many others. If you want to experience true luxury while in Dubai, try visiting tis man-made islands. They were made so to find space for the great population in the country. You will think you are in another world if you step foo in the island.

4. Hatta Mountains


If you are person who loves fun and you have not visited the mountains, then you are out of place. They have been made in a unique way. The mountain provides views of farms and they play the role of being the latest technology park. It is a rise from the normal Jurassic park. Because it is a very nice place to visit, it is ranked fourth.

3. Dubai Beaches

Dubai Beaches Top Most Popular Beautiful Places to Visit in Dubai 2018

If you are a European and you have fled your country because of the winter, try visiting the Dubai beaches. They have a very good climate that will suit you. The beaches are also very beautiful. The sand, which is white, gives a view that you as a tourist will fall in love with. The renowned beaches in Dubai include Jumeirah Beach, Russian Beach and Kite beach. There are also more of such beaches but these are the most visited.

2. Burj-al-Khalifa


Burj-al-Khalifa is a building that is recorded to be one of the tallest. It is estimated to 828 meters long. The thing that makes the building an attraction is the fact that it was made with great architectural skill for it to be that tall and attractive. It receives more than one hundred visitors every day. This shows that the building is a beautiful place to visit.

1. Desert Safari


A place that tops the list of the most beautiful places to visit is the Desert safari. The place gives you the real experience of desert climate, hot during the day and cold at night. Many visitors go to Dubai and normally go to the desert safari. It is at this desert safari that you get a chance to appreciate Mother Nature.

These above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Dubai 2017. Basing my opinion on these beautiful places, the people of Dubai are hardworking as well as very innovative. From the hardship they are in, they come up with brilliant solutions that help them come up with extraordinary innovations that greatly attract very many people from within and outside the world.

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