Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Live in The World

A habitat is an essential part in every human life. Its where one every day after hard work needs to rest, take a nap, and gives that feeling of a place you can call home. That’s the reason it was categorized as a basic human need. But have you ever wondered why some people die to live in some places while others are not that pleasant. The major reason is some areas are prone to catastrophes others are insecure while others face economical suppression leading to lack of basic infrastructure such as roads and electricity. But some places have everything you can die to have, cool air, security, better infrastructure, and all social amenities. Here are the top 10 best places to live in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Live in The World in 2017

10. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


This place is a world destination and this is credited to its proximity to USA, making it one of their favorite world destination. Life as it is here is just amazing and this is because of its beaches, restaurants, ideal shopping places and accessible golf courses. A lot of infrastructure has been invested on making life in this place interesting. This rural set up is now home to 50,000 foreigners who are mostly retirees. If you are concerned about the mediums of communication, then get rest assured that even though there is a heavy influence of Spanish, English can be understood perfectly in this place. You should give the place a try.

9. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand Top Most Popular Beautiful Places to Live in The World 2018

Many people get fascinated by the scenic view brought about by the beaches. Here, the site of the beaches are just breathtaking and beautiful as well. Besides, the locals here are not volatile to foreigners, and this has made the place a friendly zone as well as hospitable. Infrastructure here is just outstanding and high standard, and due to its availability the place is a home to many foreign settlers. Chiang Mai offers top class healthcare services, enhanced education at Universities that boasts of first-rate facilities and the weather here is so gracious. If you feel paradise has never been brought closer, maybe Chiang Mai provides a tip of that prediction.

8. Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador Top Famous Beautiful Places to Live in The World 2019

History lovers can be mesmerized at how this cute colonial city is reveling. The most breathtaking fact is that the past colonial administration buildings have now been converted to local retailing areas where you can get shops, restaurants or even bakeries. The living cost in this previous Spanish colonial city is so affordable hence there has been a mushrooming boom of real estates and affordable homes. This place hosts a multicultural community which enjoys a tropical hot and wet climate. In a nutshell, nobody can never wish to leave such a place.

7. Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Live in The World

This place is a perfect gateway to the Caribbean, and this History has favored its multicultural diversity that is found here. Exotic European dishes are served in its restaurants, and these are served under an awesome climate. The cost of living here is also affordable and any couple can thrive on a $1000 monthly budget. Owning Private villas or lofty apartments are also easy. You may worry a bit about infrastructure, but then there are supermarkets, world class schools, organized hospitals and these are just some of the factors that may make you love this place.

6. George Town, Malaysia


The iconic view of this former British town is just fantastic. Maybe it is because of this why retirees and foreigners prefer to settle here. Consequently, maybe the place offers a lot. Commercial activities thrive here a lot, maybe it’s because of the presence of the indigenous Malayan villages, Indian Settlements, Chinese commercial houses and the British colonial administration buildings that occupy this city. For sure, you may be amazed at the numerous designs that exist in this place. Life is available at a uniform cost for both Malayans and foreigners and it comes at a low cost. This place provides a state of art improvised infrastructure, top class Medicare and one can even hike at its top mountain ranges. Astonishingly, life is not life without beaches, which are a stone throw away from the residential areas. This is the place to be. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Live in The World 2017.

5. Abruzzo, Italy


One fantastic place n the world is Abruzzo. This place boasts of glittering beaches and mountain towers that brings out a wonderful sight catching view. The inhabitants are friendly hence this place records a low crime rate. At the outskirts, plenty of vineyards and stone villages make an iconic sight, while castles icing that cake. Its beaches are some of the best found in Europe, and they pretty offer skiing opportunities for the youth, as the aged sit back and enjoy the stories about their past. The tasty food here is home cooked and this is why their exotic dishes s are tasty. One cute and amazing place in the world is Abruzzo, Italy.

4. Pau, France


This passionate geographical place boasts of lushly woodland and forests, sharp river bends, steep valleys and high mountains. Besides, this place occurs within a bay making it boast of being a surfing paradise. Since it is located in France, healthcare offered here is the best in the globe. Life here goes for a budgeted $1800 in a month. Life can never be this sweet in any part of the world.

3. Medellin, Colombia


Located in South America, this city is a hub to thrilling houses and infrastructure. If you are a party lover, then the jazz festivals, book fairs and tangos in Medellin can satisfy your fantasy. A lot of friendly locals and pretty people, men or women stay in Medellin. Of the 40 best hospitals that are in South America, six of them are here and that gives you a clue why people turn to this place for health solutions. Lastly, if you want to enjoy the rest of your life, please resort to Medellin.

2. Cayo, Belize


The English dominated region is also a hub to people from the neighboring Caribbean descent. This is the most unpredictable place in the world. You can gauge in your ventures without the worry of law enforcers and you are the law. Here, you operate on your pleasure principals and you can effortlessly as a foreigner establish a residency. Since it is still a developing place, it has an affordable cost of life and importation levy is inflated. Well If too much excitement is what you fancy this is the place for you.

1. Algarve, Portugal


The best place to live in this world is Algarve. This place boasts of an astonishing weather, a lot of fun, and lots of places for recreation. The haven embraces a rich culture that ranges from the medieval period to the current modernity. Wine is made locally a plenty and it is available in the markets. Health care is of the top class standards, and the simplicity of life here is evident through the adorable whitewashed buildings. Over 120000 foreign retirees have made this place their place of residence. In terms of the geographical aesthetics, the elongated beaches, lagoons and rock patterns are just but lavishing. If you want to live in the best place in the world at an affordable cost, head for Portugal and stay in Algarve.

These above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Live in The World 2017. Various individuals have their personal expectations and views of how the best places in the world should be. However with all the due factors to consider, health, living conditions as well as infrastructures should be the chief issues to consider above leisure activities that encompass any good place. This is why we bring out the most exemplary places to live in the world for you.

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