Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Get Married in The World

Marriage is a beautiful thing and even more so when you tie the knot at a beautiful destination. The memories made are beautiful and so is the ambience created. Destination weddings have over the years become very common and very important factors to the couple. Men can do everything they can to make their about to be wife happy from buying her luxury cars, building a mansion , singing for her and the list is endless but what must be inclusive is a unique mostly considered to be a beautiful venue. Setting a destination for your wedding is a great way to keep the wedding low key with only a few people attending because not everyone will be able to pay the air ticket or travel that far for your nuptials so here are ten of the most beautiful locations to get married at.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Get Married in The World in 2017

10. Ireland

Ireland Top Popular Beautiful Places to Get Married 2019

Getting married in this country is a win because of the luscious green scenery that is breathtaking. There are a lot of lush gardens that overlook castles and waterfront locations waiting for you in this beautiful country. The rich traditions in Ireland would also compliment the ambience at your wedding. The people over there are so friendly and hospitable. You could choose to walk down the aisle in the lush gardens or at an ancient castle or a beautiful church.some of the hottest places you can tie a knot in this country are Ballymagarvey Village, Castle Durrow, Coolbawn Quay among others.

9. France

France Top Most Popular Beautiful Places to Get Married 2018

This is one of the most romantic countries in the world, you will feel it in the air and through the people you meet there. This is a favorite spot especially for celebrity couples getting hitched. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married here. Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton also got married in Paris, France among countless other couples. The Loire Valley in France is a perfect spot for lovebirds to say their “I do’s” because there are castles and luscious scenery.

8. Rome, Italy


The ancient city has a rich history and culture hence if you want your wedding to have an artistic feel to it, then Rome is a perfect destination for you. There are so many picture perfect locations in Rome you could choose from starting with ancient churches to castles and manors. The Italian food is definitely going to bedazzle your guests at the wedding as well.

7. Costa Rica


The beautiful country will have you lost for choice as you decide whether to get married on the Caribbean coast or the Pacific coast. The breathtaking country offers a warm climate and great sunny beaches for that romantic wedding you so much want to have. The landscape here is just to die for. An outdoor wedding would work best for this destination because you just have to take advantage of the white sandy beaches.

6. Fiji Islands


The location could easily pass for both a wedding venue and a honeymoon destination; you might as well go ahead and kill two birds with one stone. The Islands are simply picturesque. The way the water looks is a perfect backdrop to your wedding. There are so many activities to do and you could turn your wedding into an adventure by asking the guests to participate in activities such as water rafting hiking and site seeing. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Get Married in The World 2017.

5. South Africa


A lot of couples are now choosing South Africa s their wedding destination. The rich culture down in the African country is a perfect theme for your wedding. There are a lot of white sandy beaches down there if you want an outdoor beach wedding as well. You could also get married in the wild which would be a great idea. You could go to a game park and decide to do your nuptials there. This is an ideal location for nature lovers.

4. Mexico


Mexico is a great choice because it offers quite the array of choices to choose from. You could have the theme be Mexican to the root and have the whole Mexican vibe going on your wedding day with Mexican musicians and Mexican clothing or you could go to the sandy beaches and have a romantic wedding by the sea shore. The food will also leave your guests in awe. The best thing about Mexico as a wedding spot is you can work with both a low and high budget there.

3. Jamaica


This is one the most beautiful exotic countries in the world. Te white sandy beaches are perfect for a beach wedding and for the adventure filled couples; there are beautiful mountains that can serve as the perfect location for you and the bridal party. Couples are allowed to get married there after staying for 24hrs so there really are no big legal constraints as long as you present your passports, birth certificates and a fee of $50.

2. Bali


Bali is just a fun location. The Indonesian culture will have you more than delighted that you chose Bali as a wedding destination. The movie like feel of this place will get you feeling like it is too good to be true. You could choose to have a really traditional and cultural theme wedding in this setting as it works best. The island would also accommodate a beach wedding with ease because of the white sandy beaches.

1. Hawaii


The location is a favorite for sweethearts from all over the world. The Island presents itself as a sensual location fit for a wedding and a honeymoon all wrapped in one. The wedding will feel like a honeymoon from the word go. The beaches will have you spoiled for choice. All you need to get married here is just a fee of $60 and your identification photographs. The romantic atmosphere makes Hawaii the number one top destination for weddings in the world.

These above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Get Married in The World 2017. The day of your nuptials is a special day hence one should not feel guilty if you go far and beyond to make the day memorable. You have to remember though to work hard for the marriage as you did for the wedding event otherwise the whole thing will be just a show.

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