Top 10 Most Beautiful European Countries

You would hear most globe trotters exclaiming this –“there’s no other place like Europe”! Whilst some might take this statement as the excitement that travellers feel on their journeys, the truth is that this statement is rather a true expression for many that have had the scope to explore Europe. Europe is a balanced and beautiful canvas of breathtaking natural landscapes and picturesque monuments that has a rich, ancient lineage and cultural history.

That aside, the local and regional cuisine delicacies here are scrumptious and also the carries the essence of the land and the feel of the soil. Many wonder about the best European countries to explore, as the list is endless!

List of top 10 most beautiful European countries in 2018.

10. Austria

Most Beautiful European Countries

If you have a penchant for music, then Austria is the land chosen right for your exploration delight! This is country of Mozart as well as Waltz, but that’s not all to it. If it is absolutely about music then who can avoid the charm of Salzburg? The classy cities and the towering mountains hold two varied ends of the spectrum. The alpine lakes add the magic touch to the landscape and for adventure enthusiasts there are awesome skiing scipes in Innsbruck. Many tourists are attracted toward the magical atmosphere of Vienna.

9. Scotland

Most Beautiful European Countries

With a medley of rugged coastline, lavish green rolling hills, ancient castles, woodlands and fascinating lochs – Scotland is a dream destination for many! Scottish history is nevertheless interesting and so are the Scottish Highlands that makes the land evocative to say the least. That aside, there are pristine beaches, epic battlefields, award winning museums and towering peaks to explore. Tourists from the different countries are eager to peer into the mysteries of Isle of Skye. The Victorian effects are hardly overseen when travelling in Scotland.

8. Turkey

Most Beautiful European Countries

Any traveller with a love for the oriental and Persian charm in Europe shouldn’t be missing out on this country! The Hagia Sophia and the famous Turkish Baths are the shimmering jewels in this country that blends in beauty and history. There are also the ancient mosques, the glittering shopping malls and the Roman theatres that offer a wide mix of activities to do. There is perhaps none alive who can say no to the perfect serenity from the blue lagoons of Turquoise Coasts!

7. Iceland

Most Beautiful European Countries

This probably looks like some kind of an outlandish locale and evokes a sense of surreal beauty with its vast landscape! Most travellers feel that they have entered into a mindscape of reality whilst exploring this country. The natural splendours of this country give it the title of Land of Fire and Ice that represents two different elements of the country worth exploring. The best feeling is achieved after taking a dip in The Blue Lagoon that is famous over the world. Every tourist of the Iceland must find a chance to visit Golden Circle. That is the memory of a lifetime!

6. Greece

Most Beautiful European Countries

If beauty and grace had to be given a stunning manifestation on earth, then it has to be Greece. Watch the celestial sunsets at Santorini along with viewing the cliff top monasteries of the Meteora and Greece will come alive with its ancient, mystical beauty that has a lasting impression for everyone. Athens with its remarkable history impresses the history buffs and takes one back to the Greek mythology. People around the world have long dreamed about the Aegean views as a mark of Greek culture.

5. Croatia

Most Beautiful European Countries

For the ones that have loved the Game of Thrones, will love Croatia for sure! Croatia is rightfully included in the list of top 10 most beautiful European countries in 2018 with shimmering jewels like Dubrovnik that is the shooting locale for the famous television series Game of Thrones. The Palace of Diocletian of that area is just something proving outstanding architectural qualities. Aside the Kornati archipelago and the Plitvice Lakes also create immense beauty and attract several tourists annually.

4. France

Most Beautiful European Countries

Most people don’t need a reason to visit France! It’s obvious that France with its glittering resorts, amazing bistros, ancient sites, vast cathedrals and the opportunity to ski at the Alps creates a wonderland to stay and explore. Art is what lives and breathes into the mind of people both original inhabitants and visitors of this country. When in Paris one can discover the quaint hilltop villages that and also explore the local wine and cheese which makes the tour memorable.

3. Norway

Most Beautiful European Countries

This is an abode for the adventure lovers! The scenic fjords along with the undulating coastal mountains as well as pristine glaciers, creates a dreamlike landscape in Norway! The nation is also known for its exotic wildlife that is carefully secured in the stunning national parks. The country is marked by what is called Scandinavian sophistication which is contagious.

2. Italy

Most Beautiful European Countries

Talk of the romance of a quaint Tuscan countryside and the evocative beauty of the Amalfi Coast and Italy will alive it’s magic right in front of your eyes! With Rome celebrating and presenting its amazing past and Venice welcoming visitors to its meandering castles, Italy is a traveller’s paradise to stay and explore. The Italian fare too is a huge draw for the foodies. The timeless attitude found in the architectures and environment that pervades here, will be able to seduce a tourist immensely.

1. Spain

Most Beautiful European Countries

Spain takes away the center of appreciation and attraction when it comes to European countries! This country has a relaxed ambience and vibe and has stunning places to explore like Madrid, Barcelona and Seville and many more. Travellers with a love for history and culture will find it great to explore and experience the Moorish grandeur here. But not just towns even there are an unforgettable charm in the villages of this country.

These top 10 most beautiful European countries in 2018 are popular and serenaded for its pictorial beauty and natural charm! Visiting these countries is an experience by itself! So if you feel that you are hooked to Europe and quite naturally take your eyes off it, plan in an amazing way to visit there. Satiate the travel enthusiast in you with the loads of information you get here!

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