Top 10 Most Beautiful Buildings in The World

What are the things that make a building beautiful? Is it the striking architectural building exuding character and authenticity or its ability to move people? Well, we think that it is a mixture of both. There are over thousands of building in the world and yet only a handful of them are able to leave an impact upon us and influence us in ways that is hard to put down in words. After a lot of deliberation, we have come up with a list of the most beautiful buildings in the world but of course, there are so many more.

Take a look at our top ten most beautiful and stunning buildings in the world in 2018 that is sure to leave a mark of impression on you even if you just look at its pictures on the internet. Standing in front of such powerful buildings will leave you in awe of its grandeur and sheer beauty.

List of the world’s top 10 most beautiful buildings in 2018

10. Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Most Beautiful Buildings

Widely recognized as the Petronas Twin Towers, these beautiful skyscrapers have an approximate length of 1482 feet and is situated in Malaysia. It boasts of a total of 89 floors and even though it was constructed in 1990 at a time when Malaysia was on its way to becoming one of the superpowers of the world, they are considered to be one of the most fabulously constructed buildings in the world, even in 2016.

9. Chateau Chillon, Switzerland

Most Beautiful Buildings

Switzerland is a honeymooner’s paradise owing to its abundance of scenic beauty, lush green fields and high peaks of the Alps. It comes as no surprise that it is also home to one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, the Chateau De Chillon. This is an island castle that is located on the Lake Geneva and this architectural jewel has the most imaginative setting as it is situated at the banks of the river Geneva and at the foot of the Alps.

8. Sistine Chapel, Rome

Most Beautiful Buildings

Sistine Chapel is recognized as one of the masterpieces of the world especially because of its frescos that decorate the interior of this building. This building is one of the greatest treasures of all times and never ceases to impress design aficionados.

7. Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

Most Beautiful Buildings

Bibliotheca Alexandrina in English means the library of Alexandria and it is not just a library but a cultural center displaying a magnificent design. It is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Alexandria, Egypt. The construction of the library was commenced in the year 1995 and it was completed in 2002. The building of this library was basically an attempt to revive the old Alexandria Library that was lost.

6. The Golden Temple, India

Most Beautiful Buildings

The Golden Temple is a Sikh Gurudwara that was formerly called Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib. It is located in Amritsar, Punjab, India and is considered a holy place where pilgrims and tourists visit from all over the world. This building is truly one of the most beautiful buildings in the world owing to its structural and architectural elegance.

5. Pantheon, Rome

Most Beautiful Buildings

The Pantheon in Rome, Italy is one of the preserved monuments of ancient Rome. This Roman temple is dedicated to all the pagan gods of Rome and was built by Emperor Hadrian in A.D 117-138. It features the biggest brick dome in the history of architecture and is also considered as one of the forerunners of all modern places of worship. This building is one of the most copied and imitated of ancient works.

4. Taipei 101, Taiwan

Most Beautiful Buildings

Taipei 101 is one of the world’s grandest towers and is located in Taiwan. With a height of 1670 feet, this building has more than a hundred stories. This skyscraper is constructed wonderfully and is a major tourist attraction for travelers coming from the four corners of the globe.

3. Spring Temple Buddha, China

Most Beautiful Buildings

The Spring Temple Buddha located in China is a big statue of Lord Buddha whose height is 1800 feet along with the connected pedestal building. Some superb architectural work can be seen and its massive height is one of the reasons why this building is so awe-inspiring. It was built by Taliban in Afghanistan in the year 2008 and there are various holy responsibilities that are performed here. On weekends in particular, this building is sprawling with tourists.

2. Taj Mahal, India

Most Beautiful Buildings

The Taj Mahal was proudly on the list of the Seven Wonders of the World and the undying beauty of this monument of love built by the Shah Jahan, Mughal Emperor for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, attracts thousands of tourists every year. The building is constructed purely of white marble and Persian architectural beauty shines through its every nook and corner. It goes down in history as a symbol of love and continues to be one of the most beautiful and stunning buildings in the world.

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Most Beautiful Buildings

Burj Khalifa is not only one of the most beautiful buildings in the world but it is also the tallest with a height of 2800 feet and 170 floors. The building has been very meticulously constructed to stand out from the rest, not just for its massive height but also for its immaculate architectural beauty and design. It took four years to complete this building and today it stands to capture the attention of whoever stands before it.

The world is full of countless beautiful and remarkable buildings. While some are known for their fabulous and stunning construction, while others are famous for their rich cultural history and heritage. The glamorous and amazingly constructed buildings mentioned above will surely give you new vacation goals because trust us, these buildings look even better in real than in the pictures.

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