Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Beaches in The World

When people think about a beach that is located by the sea, they think of beautiful white or gold colored sands that stretch on for miles with beautiful blue waters surrounding it too. With the ten beaches listed below that is not the case for how they look. There are plenty of beaches in this world that range in how they look. Some are pink while others are muddy and nasty and then there are the ones that are black in color. All over the world they have black beaches because the Volcanic Lava has turned the color to black. The ones listed below are all in different parts of the country but they all have one thing in common and that is how they are black and the volcanic lavas changed them from being as beautiful as some of the more famous watered beaches.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Beaches in The World in 2017

10. Cahuita Beach

cahuita beach, Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Beaches in The World 2017-2018

It is also known as being Playa Negra and is located in Costa Rica. This country has many black beaches but this one is the most famous. All of them have been made because of the volcanic formations that there is in the number of 200. It has had the honor of getting the Ecological Blue Flag a lot of times and it is forty kilometers south of Puerto Limon.

9. Piha Beach

piha beach, Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Beaches in The World 2018

It is part of the most famous beaches in the whole world and has black sand that will burn people’s feet during the summer mostly. The reason it is black is because it has a high amount of iron and is located in a volcanic area. People mainly know of this because of the excellent surfing that can be done here. It has also made the list for being a beautiful crater lake.

8. Kamari Beach


The beach is covered in sand and also shingles and it has a lot of rock salt that comes up from sea and is gorgeous to look at. There is lawn chairs and umbrellas placed here on this beach for people to come and relax and they have several water sports that can be done here as well. The beach has made the list for the cliff side beaches as well.

7. Santo Domingo


People mostly call it the Sto and the beach was made from volcanic activities from the Mayon volcano that is located in the area of Santo Domingo. People say the beach is a fine area and one of the most purest they have ever seen. You get some beautiful views of the black swath and crystal clear waters. The skies are such a lovely blue and they will be a view that you look at almost regularly while here along with the mount Mayon off in the distance.

6. Black Sands Beach California


This is one of the most accessible beaches that is a black beach and is in the area of Shelter Cove in the state of California. The whole area is covered with rocks that are small and really smooth and all of them are black in color and that is the reason this beach looks so unique. You can see a few of the several coves that have gorgeous plants and flowers that is placed all over them and people can search around and explore while they are here too.

5. Black Sand Beach Alaska


This black sand beach is in Alaska near the Prince William Sound area. It is not like the other beaches that are warm and you are able to enjoy being in the sun. It is actually a very cold beach because of the ice glaciers that are on the area for almost the entire year and then the ones that are about a five minute swim from shore. In the months that are warmer they get kayakers because the mountains that are surrounding it keeps the winds away. This is one among the Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Beaches in The World 2017.

4. Langkawi Beach


This beach is beautiful. It has a combination of two different sands. You can see the black sand and the white sand. They both have a streaky look to them that make them that much more wonderful. The black sand has always confused scientists. They believe that the sand is black because of a war that happened and it is the remnants. The war was between Garuda and Roman.

3. Thiruvambadi Beach


This is the Black Beach in North Varkala. It is a town in Kerala, India. It only sees fewer people than the other popular beaches. It is a hidden gem. Not many people know about this beach that is why there are not a lot of crowds around. It is near coconut grove that has a cliff that is further north. It is a huge beach that is amazing to be on just have to find it first.

2. Point Venus


This beach is near Papeete. The beach is said to have been named after Captain James. The water here is very calm and this beach has a wonder view that you could look at for days at a time. The Captain is known to have landed on this beach. It is the largest beach around so if you go just remember that. It is one of the most popular in Tahiti. It is an island not really just a beach.

1. Vik Beach


This beach is in Iceland. It is near a volcano. The hot lava that has flowed under it is made it the way it is now. You can sometimes feel the hot breezes plus the chill that comes in between the heat. The wind here is crazy so make sure to wear a lightweight jacket to keep warm. The archways and sea stacks add aura mystery to it. You can climb on the rocks there because they look like steps just be very careful.

These are just a few of the most beautiful black beaches around the world 2017. They may have mystery to them but if you go you will see that they are just lovely to be at and they relax the body and mind. Lay on the beach to relax and let the kids play around a little while. Some of the other beaches are located in Anse Chastanet which is in St. Lucia. There are some in India and Puerto Rico. just search around and see what you can find before just going to see the ones listed on this list.

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