Top 10 Most Beautiful Best Beaches of Australia

These beaches are very beautiful to go and relax or go and swim at. They have so much sand that you can sit back and let the kids play for hours. If you have all day then you need to spend it on one of these beauties. The kids will love it and you will get the sun you need for the summer. If you go for a romantic get away they are fun then to. Go and surf and catch some amazing waves just to show off your talent. Some of these beaches are ones that have the competitions at them.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Best Beaches of Australia in 2017

10. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach Top Most Famous Beaches of Australia 2018

When you hear about this beach you will notice that it has so many visitors that it is mostly covered with the people laying out and the things that belong to the people that are in the water. The area around it has beautiful houses and other things that will catch your eyes. The water starts out a light blue and as you look further out you will notice the darker the color gets. It is just a great place to go and lay on the beach or catch some of the waves. It is New South Wales.

9. Byron Bay

Byron Bay Top Famous Beaches of Australia 2019

It is also located at New South Wales just more north than the first one. The last forty years that the beach has been around it has made a huge part of the area. When you go here you will want to surf or lay on the beach so you can take in the area and the sun that is shining bright. Travellers are most of the people that visit so they can soak up the sun and make it a visit to remember. The water is a great site to see when you go and see the world.

8. Bells Beach


One of the best known beaches in Australia. It is located in Victoria. If surfers wanted to make this a capital it would be the main focus of everything. There is a festival that happens here for the surfers to compete and make themselves known for their talent. Park your car on the grass and walk down to the sandy beach and make a time of it. It has a rocky cliff that is on the side of it so be very careful if you swim or surf because it could harm you or kill you.

7. 75 Mile Beach


The beach here is such a peaceful place to be because of the sand being such a white color. It is located on the Fraser Island. The beach got its name because of how long it is. It is seventy five miles long. If you want to go to this beach you might just want to lay out because of the dangers of the sharks and the currents. It is just a place to go and lay out or you may get stuck out in the water being hurt and no one around to save you. Take you chances and stay out of the water.

6. Noosa main Beach


When you go here be ready to enjoy food and the view. The places around it are just a beautiful site to take in. walk down the walkway that is made of wood so you can stay in the shade or you can go lay on the beach and catch the sun. you will be able to surf if you like. It is located in the Sunshine Coast. They have people there to watch out for you incase of anything that may happen while in the water. Having food around you will have you swimming then getting a bite to eat so you can enjoy both at the same time.

5. Ninety Mile Beach


This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Best Beaches of Australia 2017. The whole thing is actually just a sand dune that faces the ocean but it seems to be a great area for taking walks and enjoy some down time while stretching your legs out and enjoying some nice sun. It is actually one of the number one spots in Australia that has the largest surf fishing area and you get plenty of chances to go swimming, fishing, surfing, boating, or even sailing. You are going to enjoy yourself quite a bit if you ever decide to take a vacation to this spot. Not only is it able to give plenty of entertainment but you will have a wonderful view that is of the ocean.

4. Burleigh Heads


Because of the touristy feel of this place many people have stated that takes all of the beach charm away from the area but you will still enjoy yourself and the lovely views if you were to be here. It is on the Gold Coast and plenty of people travel here all of the time just to visit. It has made the list of best beaches in Australia just because of all the traffic it gets all the time.

3. Cable Beach


In 1889 there was a telegraph cable that got laid between the towns of Broome and Java, that is how this beach got its name. It is known for being the most beautiful area in the whole world because the white sand stretches for miles and miles and the water is a beautiful turquoise color that is part of the Indian Ocean. The tides that wash up on shore can reach for about nine meters so it practically washes the whole beach completely clean every day. It is a safe place for taking your family swimming and to go to for relaxing by yourself.

2. Cottesloe Beach


This beaches is one of the top ones that you will want to go and visit. It has a beautiful view plus a great area to swim in. If you go and spend time at this beach you will see why it is such a great place to be. The houses around it are great to look at and you will notice the land and how it grows is wonderful. Just take one vacation here so you can get the wandering out of your head.

1. Whitehaven Beach


This beach is one that you will never forget. The sand and water just flows together and makes some beautiful figures. They have several different beaches all mixed together at this place just get ready to be in the water and the sand at the same time. If you are in the air when you see it you will understand what people are talking about when they say the water and sand mix together to make beautiful views.

These above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Best Beaches of Australia 2017. When you go take a towel and lots of sunscreen because you will enjoy the feel of being there. Some of the beaches have restaurants near them so you can enjoy the food and the water at the same time. Each beach is different from the next even though they are all the same.

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