Top 10 Most Amazing Railway Stations in The World

These railways are one thing that will have you dropping your jaw. Even though some of them do not work anymore does not mean you can not go see them. Some are huge and some are just simple designs. But the glass needs to be paid close attention to and the carvings that have been worked into the material they used. The insides of them are so huge you can fit a lot of people inside with ease. One has forty four platforms even. It also has sixty seven tracks that they use.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Railway Stations in The World in 2017

10. Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Malaysia, Top 10 Most Amazing Railway Stations in The World 2017

This beautiful creation was finished in nineteen seventeen. Arthur Hubback was the designer of it and he did a great job. It looks more like a palace bit meetings usually happen here. Schools will meet her or architectural styles will meet up to get things done. This is no longer used because of the new railway station that has been built but people still love to go and see the old one. It is beautiful and will be around for a very long time.

9. Kanazawa Station, Kanazawa

Kanazawa Station, Kanazawa, Top 10 Most Amazing Railway Stations in The World 2019

It does not go along with the old castle city. But it is really cool and can still be seen today. It was upgraded back in eighteen ninety eight and caught the eyes of a lot of architects. This station is in Japan and the legs that hold it up resemble tsuzumi drums and domes. It is one of the grandest in the world. They did more renovation in two thousand and five. The light brown color really sticks out to catch the eyes of people walking by.

8. CFM Railway Station, Maputo


It is influenced by the Portuguese architecture. It was finished in the year nineteen sixteen. It is very tall and if you ever do decide to just go and look or you want to use it then you will see that they have a great collection of steam locomotives. Some people will go just to look at these because they are no longer used in these days. It looks over the famous Workers’ Square. People will also do concerts her and sometimes exhibitions.

7. Sirkeci Station, Istanbul


First opened in eighteen ninety and designed by the great August Jasmund. When you first see it you will need to pay close attention to it. It has stained glass that looks amazing. When it was being designed they made sure to build clock towers around it to. Never forget the time if you are near this railway station. This use to connect Paris to Istanbul. Go and just look around because you know you want to.

6. Gare du Nord, Paris


Wanna talk about a building that is amazing then you will want to see this one. It is huge and was first opened in eighteen sixty four. When you do go see it or if you are already in Paris then you will want to play close attention to all the details and hard work put into this building. When you look up you will see that the builders engraved twenty three females on the front of the building. They represent the destination served by the railway.

5. Antwerp Central, Antwerp


It first established in 1905 and is so beautiful because the architecture is unique. There was three different designers for this and a lot of surveys have said this is one of the most beautiful. Louis Delacenserie was the main designer and he is the one that thought of adding a huge dome shaped building over the area that people wait in, formerly called the waiting area. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Amazing Railway Stations in The World 2017.

4. Atocha Station, Madrid


The place was named after a church that was highly dedicated to Our Lady of Atocha. Two men named Alberto and Gustave designed the station. The thing that makes it different from others is that there is a garden that looks like a small sized jungle and the whole place was built around that. An architect that was spanish is the one that designed the jungle. Not only is there the plants but also hundreds of different species and then animals that are rare. There is a memorial area that was added for the those that were victims in the Madrid Bombings back in 2004.

3. St. Pancras International, London


Even though this station has been given quite a few makeovers, it is still holding most of its classic old time charm that it had when it was originally built back in 1868. They have different pieces of artwork in here and the train shed is the biggest structure that was a single span at the time of it being built. If you want to shop and eat while here then make good use of the places that this station has for people to go to.

2. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus,Mumbai


It is blended with an architectual design that is a traditional Mughal with a Victorian Gothic look. The station opened its door in eighteen eighty-eight and use to be named Victoria Terminus. It was named after Maratha King Shivaji and is one of the stations with the most traffic in India. There are about three million people that comes through here every day.

1. Grand Central Terminal, New York


Not only is it the most amazing railway station in the world but it is also the one that gets the most tourists every year. More than twenty million people come to visit here and that is the reason it is on the top ten of tourist destinations as stated before. Grand Central Terminal is also the biggest rail station in the world too. They have forty four platforms and sixty seven tracks. The building that is there right now was done in the year of 1913 and one time was the home of different art galleries and there was even a museum in there at one time. The building is famous for being in movies as well such as “Men in Black” and “The Godfather”.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Amazing Railway Stations in The World 2017. Railway stations are a number one way for people to travel among the city when they live in big cities. These places are essential because without them the roads would be flooded with cars from not only the citizens of that town but also tourists that has come to sightsee. If you are ever in one of these places listed above then stop off at the station and take a ride or just look around. You will fall in love with each ones architecture and the styles.

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