Top 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth

These are the top ten most amazing places on earth that you should go and visit just for fun. You will learn the history of every place while you are there and make sure you do your research so you know just some of the fun you will have. You can float above the forest or you can swim in water that is clear and you will be able to see the bottom just by looking down.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth in 2017

10. Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora


This luxury resort is in Motu Tehotu which is in the island of Bora Bora and is part of the Canadian based hotel company of the Four seasons. This place is gorgeous because it has little bungalows that run out into the ocean and walkways that can be traveled along to get to each place. With views of all the greenery and the clear blue waters that surrounds you, no one will be anything but relaxed when they are here.

9. Paterswoldse Meer Lake


If you love to ice skate then this is the place to be because it is surrounded by gorgeous views of greenery and off in the distances you can see city buildings. It is a remote location to just have a great time with family and friends and forget about all the realities of life that are stressful and boring. You will have tons of fun and leave with no worries on the mind.

8. Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha Top Most Popular Amazing Places on Earth 2018

It is located in Hong Kong and is one of the number one spots that tourists visit every time they are on vacation traveling in this country. It is the biggest buddha statue in the world and also nicknamed Big Buddha. It is one hundred and eleven foot tall and has a weight of two hundred and fifty tons. It is made out of bronze material and the structure was finished in 1993. It is a big ordeal in the centre part of Hong Kong.

7. Blue Caves

Blue Caves Top Popular Amazing Places on Earth 2019

These caves reflect the gorgeous and amazing blues that are the color of the water that enters them and while doing that the caves also take in and reflect out the sky on the surface of its waters as well. They are located on the largest islands that is part of the Ionian sea called Zakynthos. The seclusion of the area is going to be the number one thing that you love if visiting this place. The views are remarkable and you will never forget being in this place.

6. Pulpit Rock


It is located in Norway and raises up almost two thousand feet with a surface that is flat on the top. The place is the most famous attraction for tourists all around the world. Right now the only way to get to the top of here is by taking a hike of a little over two miles. BASE jumpers love leaping off the cliff because of how steep it is and they love the risk of it. A construction for a new path to access the site is being worked on so that it will be easier to get here and that should increase the tourists even more.

5. Plitvice Lakes National Park


This is another one of the most amazing places on Earth 2017. The cool bridge that you will walk on is so beautiful and such a breeze to walk around on. You can go and see the wonderful cliffs and the color of the rocks. The trees that are around the bridge are really bright green and can be seen very easily. The water under the bridge and all around is just another amazing feature that you will get to see. Just take a walk around and have a great relaxing time before you waste your life away not doing some of these cool things. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth 2017.

4. Crystalline Turquoise Lake


This is one place that you have to work yourself up to going. The water that is on the lake is so clear you can look down and see everything that is on the bottom of the lake. You can see the old tree trunks that are around that have been there for many many years. Each year over two hundred thousand people will go and see the wonderful clear waters. If you go maybe just take the chance of floating around on the water. Take a trip to China and see this beautiful view.

3. Benteng Chittorgarh


This beautiful place is found in India and can be seen from up high or you can go to the small area and be up close. It is like a bunch of walls put together and the water in the middle is amazing to see. It has a great history to it. You can learn so much from going and seeing this place with just a little research. They have towers and the water so you can explore while you are in the area and have lots to talk about when you go back home.

2. Capilano Suspension Bridge


This bridge can be walked across if you are brave enough. It is made of a thick glass that will not break if you are to scared to walk across. Over eight hundred thousand people will go and walk across it just to see what all the talk is about. Just go for yourself and tell people how you walk above a wonderful forest and you can see straight down and you was not that scared at all. It stretches miles and will take you just a little while to get across it.

1. The Gardens at Marqueyssac


France has an amazing garden that you can go and sit in or just walk through. It is number one on the list so you can go and see it without having to deal with all the drama of home. The bushes are trimmed to look amazing and the shapes will catch your eyes each and every time you look at a different one. It was built way back in the seventeenth century.

These are just a few of the most amazing places on earth 2017. If you do not go and see them then you will be missing out on an amazing thing. Just take a few days out of your busy life and go see what all the talk is about. No matter what time you see these places they all look amazing day or night. Take lots of pictures so you can remember it and show your kids so they will want to go see each place before they forget about the fun in life.

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