Top 10 Most Amazing Aquariums in The World

These are so beautiful and relaxing to go and see. Take the kids or just go yourself so you can watch the sea life swim around. They hold so much water and can be seen from underneath. If you get lucky and can afford it you will be able to dive down in some of them to see what it feels like to swim with the sea animals that live in the tanks. They are some of the biggest features you can find. The glass is so thick it will not fall if you walk under it. Would be a nice place to take the girlfriend and be romantic. You will see so many different kinds of species that you will not realize what you are looking at. They have wonderful colors that make the tanks look gorgeous and catch your eye. The kids will want to sit and watch for hours before finally getting tired and falling asleep.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Aquariums in The World 2017

10. Aquarium Of Western Australia, Perth

Aquarium Of Western Australia, Perth Top 10 Most Amazing Aquariums In The World 2017

Found in Western Australia it is the largest aquarium there. It holds almost eight million gallons of seawater. One of the biggest in the world today. The special features are the coastal creatures. Housing animals like the stingray, whale and black tip sharks, plus crocodiles. You can walk under the tank if you want to look up or beside you to see all of the neats things going on inside. If you want to pay a fee you can go diving with the dive masters.

9. Turkuazoo Aquarium, Istanbul


This aquarium opened in two thousand and nine. It is located in Forum Istanbul shopping mall. The thirty exhibits are located in different divided zones. They are dedicated to the tropicals sea, rainforest, and the flooded forests. You can see piranhas and tiger sharks and so much more. It has more than ten thousand marine creatures. You can can walk in the underwater tunnel that is eighty meters in length.

8. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa Top Popular Amazing Aquariums In The World 2019

Finally open in two thousand and two it is part of the Ocean Expo Park. it is one of the prominent aquariums in the world. The tank is the major attraction. It hold two million gallons of water. It was once the biggest in the world. The attractions you can see are the sharks, whales, and the manta rays.

7. Dubai Mall Aquarium, Dubai

Dubai Mall Aquarium, Dubai Top Most Amazing Aquariums In The World 2017

The shopping mall is the largest mall in the world. It holds one of the best and amazing aquariums in the world. It can hold two point sixty four million gallons of water for the creatures to swim in. it is home to thirty three thousand marine creatures across almost ninety species. It is eight point three meters tall and thirty two meters wide. The acrylic panel is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

6. Monterey Bay Aquarium, California


Get ready to see the seals, whales and jellyfish. Also houses wolf eels, sardines, and sharks. One of the most amazing aquariums that you will see in America. It first opened in nineteen eighty four and holds many of the endangered creatures. It is two different water tanks. Ten meters high and is dedicated to the coastal life in California. The Outer Bay has various other sea animals. The residents is around thirty five thousand and more than six hundred different species in the aquarium.

5. Ushaka Marine World, Durban


This is not just an aquarium but also a theme park that is extremely fun. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Amazing Aquariums in The World 2017. There are thirty two tanks in this place that holds one million gallons of water total. There are different sea animals housed here from dolphins to seahorses and sharks. The complex is shaped like a ship that has been wrecked and that is the reason it holds such a unique quality to it. You will have a chance for shopping or enjoying a nice meal since there are plenty of places to choose from. The number one restaurant is the Cargo Hold. You will get to dine on delicious food while being surrounded by sharks in the tank that is around the area.

4. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai


It is one of the biggest and most terrific aquarium in the world. There are nine different places that has one of these and they each show the sea life in different areas around the world. China zone has different species that are mainly from the Yangtze river. It has an underwater tunnel that measures one hundred and fifty-five feet long. While walking through you are going to experience being completely surrounded by the marine life.

3. L’Oceanografic, Valencia


The aquarium here can hold 1.9 million gallons of water and has nine underwater towers. It is a home for over forty-five thousand animals of the water ranging from five hundred different species. There are several sections this place is split between and they go from birds all the way to mammals.

2. Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta


You get the chance to see more than one hundred and twenty thousand different underwater creatures when visiting this beautiful place. The co-founder of Home Depot donated $250 million dollars to this aquarium so they could get up and running and in 2005 they finally opened their doors. There is sixty different exhibitions that are split into five different zones. Inside the Ocean voyager zone there is over six million gallons of water and they have the whale sharks placed there. This is the only one that has them outside of Asia’s aquariums.

1. SEA Aquarium, Singapore


This one opened in 2012 and comes in at second for being the largest aquarium. The area hold twelve million gallons of water and has over one hundred thousand marine creatures. The most popular section here is the manta rays, scalloped hammerhead sharks, Japanese spider crab, and the lovely dolphins. The window pane that is in the open ocean area is the second largest as well, 27ft tall.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Amazing Aquariums in The World 2017. If you have children then one of these are going to be a great place to vacation as a family. Of course, you do not need to have children in order to go and enjoy the beautiful animals in one of these aquariums. They are all definitely worth checking into if you are planning a getaway and if you love the ocean animals.

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