Top 10 Most Active And Dangerous Volcanoes in The World

In the olden days, people believed that when a volcano erupted it was a punishment from the Gods. But in today’s time, we all actually know that the eruption is from the magma being caused to go up from the mantle which has vents in the crust of the earth. Even though we know all of this, that does not make the situation any better when losing our homes or even when people are dying from the eruptions. The ten volcanoes listed below are the ones that are most likely to erupt and cause complete destruction to any area near them.

List of Top 10 Most Active And Dangerous Volcanoes in The World in 2017

10. Mauna Loa Hawaii

mauna loa hawaii, Top 10 Most Active And Dangerous Volcanoes in The World 2017

Because of its volume and surface area this volcano is the largest that there is in the world. It is one of five that are on the island of Hawaii in the middle of the ocean. It has been erupting regularly for seven hundred thousand years and the most recent eruption was in 1984. The worst hazard that this volcano provides to the neighboring towns is the lava from it flows. Even though it goes at a snail’s pace, major eruptions from it can cause the flows to not be slow but really fast. In nineteen fifty the flows destroyed Ho’okena but in eighty four when that eruption happened there was flows that moved but it did not cause damage to any buildings. It is really rare but this volcano can even cause major landslides because of the flanks and if that happens it could also cause earthquakes and tsunamis.

9. Taal Volcano, Philippines


It is a cinder cone and located on the island of Luzon which puts it only thirty one miles from the capital of the Philippines which is populated with one point six million people. There has been thirty three eruptions recorded since fifteen seventy two. Some of the eruptions stayed in the vicinity of the volcano but others caused major havoc to the surrounding region. There has been an estimated number of 500 to 600 thousand people that has been killed because of this volcano. There is only one way to look at the active Taal in order to stay safe and that is by viewing it from afar. Of course, that does not stop the brave people from going to the island to see it up close.

8. Ulawun Papua New Guinea


This is one of the most active and the eruptions are caused by the central crater of it. Since the 1700s there has been 22 eruptions happen and in the most recent years it has been regularly erupting. The locals get to see kind of small explosions come from this all the time which causes ash and lava ending up in the areas that are around it. Because of the height, the most destructive thing that is a worry is if its structure falls down because that could cause an eruption to happen that will be destructive for everyone that is around the volcano.

7. Mt. Nyiragongo Democratic Republic of Congo


It’s the most active on the African continent and is mostly known because of the lava lakes that it frequently has. There is no other one in the world that has that much lava fluid which cause a threat to surrounding areas. From the years 1894 to 1977 the crater was filled up with a large amount of lava. In seventy seven when the walls of the crater cracked, the lava spilled out in an hour which cause huge flows at over sixty miles per hour. It ended up destroying the villages and many thousand people died.

6. Mt. Merapi Indonesia


The name of this one means mountain of fire and it is perfect for this most active volcano. It has made more lava than any other in the entire world. Every since fifteen forty eight there has been a regular eruption from it and a lot of the experts say that this is the cause of the demise of Mataram. The flows will go for three to four miles from the peak but some flows have gone as far as eight miles. They are capable of traveling at seventy miles an hour and in the eruption of two thousand and ten, it killed three hundred and fifty three people and left 350 thousand more people without a home.

5. Galeras Colombia

galeras colombia, Top 10 Most Active And Dangerous Volcanoes in The World 2017

Found in Southern Columbia near the border. They have been active for around a million years. The last known time it went active was in fifteen eighty. On its eastern slope lies a city called Pasto and it has four hundred and fifty thousand people living there. It went dormant in nineteen seventy eight. It also went active again in nineteen eighty eight. In nineteen ninety three while scientist was talking about it it went and erupted again. It killed six of the scientist and three people touring. Since two thousand it has erupted at least every year. Ashes and lava spouting out plus the tremors that shake the ground.

4. Sakurajima Japan


It connected to the mainland when it erupted because of the lava overflow. It use to be on its own island. It erupted in nineteen fourteen and connected to the other land. It is known as the Vesuvius of the east because of the level of activity. Each year small explosions happen which in turn throws ash over the lands there. If it ever fully erupts than seven hundred thousand people will be in danger and probably lose everything they own. There are places for people to go so they can get away from the falling debris that it causes.

3. Popocatepetl Mexico


This glacier that has a covered peak lies only thirty five miles away from Mexico City. almost nine million people can be hurt if this erupts because that is how many live within the blast radius. It has erupted a lot more than twenty times since fifteen nineteen. In two thousand it went erupt and forty one thousand people prevented major catastrophe. It may look pretty but it is very dangerous to live near.

2. Mt. Vesuvio Italy


The last eruption of this volcano was in nineteen forty four. It is one of the most dangerous ones out there. It will likely erupt every twenty years. Around three million people live so close that they could be in more danger than they want to be in. it sits only five miles east of Naples. It is the most populated in the world. This is the only volcano that has erupted on European lands within the last hundred years or so. It is famous for its eruption in seventy nine AD. it buried the cities Herculaneum and Pompeii.

1. Yellowstone Caldera United States of America


This place as caught the eyes of many people world wide. It is beautiful and inspiring. If it ever erupts it will wipe out all of western United States. If this happens it can cause the course of human history to become altered. The last time it erupted was said to have been over six hundred and forty thousand years ago. If it does go off then it will kill eighty seven thousand people immediately. The ash and gas would cause problems with our world’s food supply which could harm others in the process.

These volcanoes are very dangerous and can harm or kill thousand of millions of people instantly. They can blow at any second cause so many deaths that we may have trouble with more than just the deaths but with our foods and wild life also. If they finally do get ready to erupt people need to be so far away they can save their lives before they cause the world to have problems with humanity. None of these are even safe to be around but people will go see them because of the beauty of them. They are so dangerous that they cause heat while they are waiting to explode. The ash and lava will be the death to so many trees and animals and possible some humans. Stay away and stay safe.

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