Top 10 Longest Flights In The World

The manufacturers of airplanes are advancing on comfort ability and increasing their speed for the longest flights. The most used planes include Airbus and Boeing, dominating the long flights list. Etihad, Qatar Airways and fly Emirates are the airlines recognized by International Civil Aviation, for taking longest travel routes. Some of these planes are very big with a seating capacity of more than 400 passengers. The longest flights is about 14,193 miles from Auckland International to Dubai. Below is the guide of the longest travel routes you can ever fly in the world.

List of Top 10 Longest Flights In The World in 2017

10. Dubai to San Francisco

Dubai to San Francisco, Top 10 Longest Flights In The World 2017

Due to fuel price fell encouraged aircrafts to take long haul routes, with no intermediate stops thus saving a lot of fuel and time. The Airline commonly used on this route is Emirates, rated among the best and comfortable planes in the world. From Dubai to San Francisco is approximately 13,041 kilometers and a non-stop flight of 15 hours, 50 minutes. Dubai International Airport serves Dubai and UAE being among the largest one in the world. San Francisco is an International Airport located in downtown California, United States.

9. Abu Dhabi to San Francisco


Abu Dhabi is the second and most populous city in United Arab Emirates and among the seven largest UAE’s emirates. It is located on a T-shaped island into the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi International Airport is the main aviation hub, rating the second busiest airport in the UAE. Etihad Airways, a national carrier and the country’s second largest airline, dominate the terminal. This flight from Abu Dhabi to San Francisco takes about 16 hours, 15 minutes, covering a distance of 13, 128 kilometers.

8. Dallas to Hong Kong


Hong Kong International Airport is known as the gateway and hub for Asia and rated as the world’s busiest airports for international passenger and cargo movement. American Airlines dominates on these two big international airports economizing the fuel and time used while taking this non-stop flight. It is estimated the distance from Dallas to Hong Kong is 13, 072 kilometers, taking 16 hours 20 minutes.

7. Dubai to Houston


Houston is termed as the major metropolis for America and the fourth most populous city in the USA. Dubai International Airport is the primary airport serving Dubai, operated by Dubai Airports Company and is the base of Dubai’s International Airliners, Emirates and Flydubai. Emirates Airline, a distance of 13, serves this long flight 144 kilometers taking duration of 16 hours 20 minutes.

6. Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles


Many have wished this flight to have been existed from 80’s to make their life easier in commuting between this two business destinations. The passengers are assured of the most comfortable and flight experience with Boeing 777-200 from Etihad Airlines. This aircraft is very spacious, providing a relaxed trip of 16 hours 30 minutes, covering a distance of 13, 502 kilometers.

5. Dubai to Los Angeles


Missing to take a vacation while in LA, think of a nice place in desert and this flight will take less time than driving to Vegas. In mind, Dubai is known for best tourist attractions, a comfortable and nice service that you will be offered in aircraft A380-800 from Emirates Airlines. The distance from Dubai to Los Angeles is 13, 420 kilometers, with a flight taking you about 16 hours 35 minutes non-stop. This is one amongst the Top 10 Longest Flights In The World 2017.

4. Johannesburg to Atlanta


This long flight needs a good, spacious and comfortable aircraft, the famous Boeing 77-200 from Delta Airlines, offers this features. Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and ratted among the largest urban areas in the world. OR Tambo International Airport located in the north-west of the city serves it. Atlanta is the capital city in the US state of Georgia, served by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Wishing to have a visit and enjoy the African climate, this flight will take 16 hours 40 minutes, covering 13, 582 kilometers but comfortably.

3. Los Angeles to Jeddah


This journey is among the longest flights you will ever take in the world. Taking 16 hours and 55 minutes non-stop flight, but it has been made easier and comfortable by Boeing 777-300 Aircraft from Saudia Airlines. The distance between LA and Jeddah, the city in the HijazTihamah region on the coastal of Red Sea, is 13, 409 kilometers. Jeddah is served by King Abdulaziz International Airport that has four terminals for passengers, serving as the hub of commercial services in Saudi Arabia.

2. Dallas to Sydney


Spending about 17 hours in a plane is not an easy thing, besides a guy with Texas accent next being an Aussie. But it has been made fun by aircraft A380-800 from Qantas Airlines, it is very spacious and super great services from the crews. Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport is an International Airport located some few kilometers south of Sydney city, managed by Sydney Airport Corporation Limited. It is rated among the oldest commercial international airport in the world, and the busiest airport in Australia. The distance from Dallas to Sydney is 13, 804 kilometers.

1. Dubai to Panama City


This is the longest nonstop flight that was launched in the year 2016 in the whole world. But no worries this flight will offer you an experience of a life time, through the famous aircraft Boeing 777 known to be the most comfortable and spacious plane in the world, with excellent services from its crews. This flight came to save the day for this two business oriented countries, Panama is the largest capital city of Republic of Panama City known for international banking and commerce. The distance is allowed 13, 821 kilometers taking 17 hours and 35 minutes.

These above are the Top 10 Longest Flights In The World 2017. As the world is developing economically and technology wise, the countries are encouraging interactions between them to increase the growth in economy. Some time back there used not have these long flights but now due to the friendships created among continents no need for stop over for permission of passing through different airs.

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