Top 10 Longest Bridges in The World

Since the past, many people have always had the need of crossing rivers, large cliffs and having a short cut to ease movement from one place to another. Bridges have greatly contributed to this and as a result, bridges have been built all over the world for that purpose. They have greatly contributed towards people’s movement from one place to another and for that reason big bridges have been built and that is the main subject here. Below is a list of the top ten largest bridges.

List of Top 10 Longest Bridges in The World in 2017

10. HCMC-Trung Luong Expressway

HCMC-Trung Luong Expressway, Top 10 Longest Bridges in The World 2017

This bridge is located in Vietnam. It is a very important bridge since it connects the south west to the edge at the north of Mekong has contributed greatly in terms of peoples movement to the from the south west of the delta to the North. Without the bridge, people around the delta would have greatly suffered in terms of mobility or in terms of delivery of goods as well as services. It has a length of 16 kilometres.

9. Vasco Da Gama Bridge


Just by a simple a look at the bridge, you cannot help but notice the bridge is very long and without it so many goods as well as services could not be delivered as well people movement from one part of the ocean to another. The bridge was opened back in the year 1998, it is recorded to be the longest in Europe, and it has a very deep foundation pile that runs up to 95 metres under the sea level. It is also designed to withstand earthquakes as well making the bridge to be very safe. It runs for 17.2 km.

8. Incheon Bridge


It is considered to be among the newest bridges in the world that was built using the best technology in the world the bridge is designed to withstand any calamity and thus it is also considered to be a very safe bridge. It links Incheon International Airport with a town called Song do that is a new city built on a reclaimed land. The bridge is 18.4 km.

7. C215 Viaduct


This 20 km bridge is designed for speed train. The bridge starts from a place called Taipeidown the west coast to Kaohsiung. The bridge was completed back in 2003 and since then the bridge the bridge has greatly contributed to first transportation of goods and people from one place to another using the first electric speed train. It is located in Taiwan.

6. 6th October Bridge


This bridge is located in Egypt and it passes over the great River Nile. The bridge even by the look of it you cannot help but notice that the bridge is very busy and without it very many activities would not be easy like delivery of goods and services from one side of the Nile to the other side of the Nile. Therefore, this bridge is of great importance to the people of Egypt. The bridge took 27 years to complete. It has the capacity of accommodating over 500,000 people on a daily basis. The bridge is 20.5 km in length. This is one amongst the Top 10 Longest Bridges in The World 2017.

5. Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge


It is also known as the Penang second Bridge. The bridge is 24 km in length and it links Batu Maung on Penang Island with Penang Island at a place called Bandar Cassia. This bridge was specially built to ease movement between the main land to the Island since it is very resourceful and the need to exploit the Island led to its construction. The bridge got its name from the 14th Malaysian head of state, Tuanku Abdul Halim. Even by the way it is made you will notice that this bridge is one of a kind.

4. King Fahd Causeway


This bridge is well known because of the way it is designed as well as the way it was built. It links Saudi Arabia with Bahrain. The bridge was built in 1980 to improve communication as well as ties between the two kingdoms. The bridge is also known as the Bahrain Bridge and it covers a length of 25 km. it has greatly improved the standards of the two kingdoms because it has facilitated trade as well as service delivery.

3. Lake Pontchartrain causeway


United States of America is the country that has two bridges, which are ranked to be the 6th and the 7th longest bridges in the whole world. They are both found in the state of Louisiana. The bridge was opened back I the year 1969 and since then it was recorded to be the longest bridge in the world until the year 2000 when Bang Na expressway was completed. It still has that record of being the longest bridge over water. United States also has bridges below then list of the top ten bridges.

2. Bang Na Expressway


It is a very long bridge locates in Thailand. Despite the fact that it was built so as to ease mobility while crossing the River, the bridge also covers great area on land as well. It runs from the East to the west and thus it takes traffic out of the city of Bangkok to the East and the bridge ends at a district called Phang Thong.

1. Danyang- Kunshan grand Bridge


China is known to have three of the longest bridges in the world. The first two are railway lines that link Shanghai with Beijing. Danyang-kunshang runs south while the Tianjin Bridge is at the other side of the 1318 kilometre railway line. It is at the South of Beijing. The one that is the longest in the world is known as the Weinan Weihe Bridge. It is one of the newest bridges since it was finished back in the year 2008. The bridge is 79km and the other. Tianjin is 113.7km and Danyung is 164.8 km.

These above are the Top 10 Longest Bridges in The World 2017. Without these bridges in these respective countries, development in the state could be very slow and trade as well as people’s movement from one place to another could be almost impossible. They have surely made things that seemed impossible to become very possible. Countries have greatly developed because of these bridges and that is why many other countries are building more of them.

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