Top 10 Highest Mountains in The World

When it comes to mountains, many people only know how they look pretty from a distance and that they are really big. The ones that are very tall, a lot of people will rock climb them and try to beat records of others than did it previously before they did. Of course, we all learnt in school that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain but what about all of the others that are almost as tall. They should be known about as well. Listed below are the ten highest mountains that a lot of people know nothing about.

List of Top 10 Highest Mountains in The World in 2017

10. Annapurna

annapurna, Top 10 Highest Mountains in The World 2017

Found in Nepal and is several different peaks the highest one being Annapurna. The peak itself reaches twenty six thousand five hundred and forty five feet is very dangerous to try to climb up these mountains because they are so high up. The tops have beautiful white snow sprinkled on top making them look amazing when the sun is rising over the tops of them. Just stare up when the sun is rising to get this wonderful view.

9. Nanga Parbat

nanga parbat, Top 10 Highest Mountains in The World 2017

Only standing at twenty six thousand six hundred and sixty feet. Some people call it the Naked Mountain or they call it the Killer Mountain. You can now climb this mountain to the top even though it will be really cold. Use to you could not even think of climbing it because of how dangerous it was to the people. When you start to climb be ready to make it a long trip. It is located in Pakistan.

8. Manaslu

manaslu, Top 10 Highest Mountains in The World

This mountain looks amazing with it cover in snow all over. It has a white blanket all the way to the top and can be seen for miles. The name means Mountain of the Spirit. The first time someone ever climb this mountain it was nineteen fifty six. This mountain is a Japanese mountain and it looks amazing no matter which way you look at it. The high peaks make you want to see if you can make it to the top without losing your life. Make sure to dress warm.

7. Dhaulagiri


Standing at twenty six thousand seven hundred and ninety five feet high. It is more of a cliff that you will see because of the drop off. Each drop is around four thousand meters up each time. For around thirty years people thought this was the highest mountain but when they finally got the heighth of it they figured out that it is not the highest but very close and it still looks amazing with the all white color of the snow. Even with the drops the snow still sticks and stays.

6. Cho Oyu


If you look at this peaked mountain you would think it is smaller than it is. It does reach high up in the sky but the shadows that it produces has it looking small. It reaches twenty six thousand nine hundred and six feet. It is also located in the Tibet-Nepal. Being in the border makes it harder to see but if you will go and see the amazing features of it you will see that it is amazing. The snow falls from the top and leaves some spots on the mountain bare and showing what it looks like underneath. This is one amongst the Top 10 Highest Mountains in The World 2017.

5. Makalu


This mountain is right in the middle of all of these others. Found twelve miles from Mount Everest. It looks like a four sided pyramid so it is more of a point. It stands at twenty seven thousand eight hundred and twenty five feet or eight thousand four hundred and eighty one meters. Either way you say it the mountain stands very tall. If you think you can climb it just try and see where you get before starting to freeze.

4. Lhotse


This mountain stands so high you can see the fog that rolls off the top and makes it look amazing. Meaning of the name is South Peak. It is in Tibetan. It is twenty seven thousand nine hundred and forty feet above the sea level. That is the highest peak on the mountain the other to bring heights of twenty seven thousand six hundred and five being the Lhotse and the other being at twenty seven thousand five hundred and three feet high. The fact that they all reach different levels has the mountain looking really good to others.

3. Kangchenjunga


Found over the Great Himalayas and reaching peaks of around twenty eight thousand one hundred and sixty nine feet above sea level. This is the highest peaked mountain in India. The name means something about five treasures and snow. It has five different peaks so i guess that is where the name come from. The five treasures are gold, gems, silver, grain and holy books.

2. K2


Being number two on the list will have people wanting to see if it is true that it only reaches twenty eight thousand two hundred and fifty one feet high up. With it being so high up you would figure the mountain would be covered in snow but you can really see the rocks on this one better than the others. Said to be know as the Savage Mountain. One out of three people die trying to reach the top. If four people go up then be ready to lose one out of them all before you get back down to the ground.

1. Mount Everest


Being number one and one that has been climbed before makes it amazing. Some of these mountains are so high it is unbelieveable. So many people have climb to the top of this one that we know the measurements are correct. It reaches twenty nine thousand and twenty nine feet high and is climb most days out of the year. They look amazing and the mountain really shows where the drop offs are at.

These above are the Top 10 Highest Mountains in The World 2017. When you are reading about any of these mountains, just try to envision the height of these and how long it may have taken for it to get its shape and height. Mountains are made from a couple of pieces of the earth’s crust smashing together kind of like how two cars crash together during a head on collision with each other. The views of these objects are gorgeous and will be a soothing way to relax.

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