Top 10 Highest Lakes in The World

Highest lakes are always beautiful and wonderful water bodies to study about. They are various nations of this universe. Studying about them is interesting because you will be equipped with a lot of knowledge for a learned person. Highest lakes form beautiful sceneries that attract many visitors and tourists from different parts of this world. Let us study o some of these beautiful water bodied. Study the list below carefully. It contains 10 highest lakes worldwide.

List of Top 10 Highest Lakes in The World in 2017

10. Damavand Pool


Damavand Pool is a famous lake in Iran. It is located on a popular mountain known as Mount Damavand. It is believed that this lake ha magical powers and has been a historical site for many years now. Lake Damavand has appeared in many article and poems like that of Mohammad Tagi Bahar this man wrote this poem to describe magical powers of this world. Damavand is amongst high lakes worldwide and sits 5,650 meters above sea level. It freezes most of time in a year.

9. Poquentica Lake


This is another high lake featured in this article today. Poquentica Lake is found in Bolivia or simply Chile and it sits on 5,750 meters above sea level. This lake serves as a tourist attraction site and has gained Chile a lot of foreign exchange. Chile has been improving economically simply because of this reason. Extinct Volcanic of this water body is attractive and beautiful to watch especially when in festive season. Taking you family to this wonderful destination on earth is a good decision that can be ever made. They will enjoy to the fullest without remembering any trouble in their lives.

8. Ridonglabo Lake


As we continue with this countdown, let us study about this lake called Ridonglabo from Tibet. It is amongst highest lakes featured in this article of 2017 review. Scientists say that Lake Ridonglabo is actually mysterious and nobody understands its origin. It lies on 5,801 meters above sea level. Research that was conducted 30 years ago by professionals said that this wonderful water body was formed due to glacier that melted. This gives us a reason why this place is always engulfed with global warming.

7. Aguas Calientes Pool


We are now featuring second water from Chile. Lake Aguas is another high lake that popular for many people because of its wonderful ad beautiful natural features. These features are centre of attraction for many tourists that come to have good times in Chile. Mountaineers love visiting this place to experience cool breeze as they watch neighboring volcanoes. These volcanoes and other natural features capture attention of many people from various countries worldwide. Sometimes you will hear people referring to this lake as Simbad. Volcanoes near this water body are dormant ad not expected to erupt any time soon.

6. Lake Licancabur


It is Chile again making in position six of this article. This shows us that this country is amongst highest nations worldwide. Lake Licancabur is high as well hence featured in this list of highest lakes worldwide. It is situated just a few meters from dormant volcanoes that were explored by one famous team known as SETI. This lake is near to Poquentica Lake but is totally different from it. This one sits at 5, 916 meters above sea level. Lake Licancabur is another tourist attraction.

5. Acamarachi Pool


Acamarachi Pool is found Chile. It is located near attractive volcanoes called Cerro Aguas Calientes. It is featured in fifth position of this article and is amongst highest lakes of Chile and worldwide. Lava from these volcanic mountains flows towards lake waters. This scenery is interesting to watch. Acamarachi sit at 5,950 meters above sea level. It forms an exciting pool where swimmers come to cool themselves especially during hot conditions. Tourists love capturing snap shots in this beautiful destination for future reference. Lake Acamarachi is a historical site and has entered Guinness book of records for its physical features that differentiates it from others.

4. East Rongbuk pool

East Rongbuk Pool Top Most Popular Highest Lakes in The World 2019

On fourth position of this article is East Rongbuk Pool, which is found in Tibet. This lake is seasonal but wonderful to look at. It was named East Rongbuk because of glacier with same name melted to form it due to high temperatures. Graham Hoyland is a great man who explored this water body when he was travelling from one adventurous point to another. East Rongbuk Pool dries up when temperatures are high but again gets back when temperatures get moderate. It is always important to mark appropriate time to visit this place.

3. Changtse Pool

Changtse Pool Top Most Popular Highest Lakes in The World 2018

This lake is also found in Tibet and is amongst highest lakes worldwide. Changtse Pool is a wonderful water body that sits on 6,216 meters above sea level. It is situated near Mount Everest and can be clearly seen in Topological maps. This is a lake that you need to visit with your family during holidays.

2. Lhagba Pool


It is Tibet again providing this beautiful water body ranked in second position of this article. This amazing lake sits on 6,358 meters above sea level and is located near slopes of Mount Everest. This is highest mountain worldwide. Lhagba is therefore amongst highest lakes worldwide hence featured in our article today. Such a beautiful lake cannot be omitted in lists like this one.

1. Nevado Ojos Del Salado


Nevado Ojos del Salado is found in Argentina and is highest of all lakes featured in this list. this amazing ad wonderful water body is 6,390 meters above sea level. Many people do not know how to call it because of having such a big name. Are you looking for an impressive place to visit with your family especially during festive season? Try touring Nevado Ojos. You will get best experience ever.

The above list shows ten highest lakes worldwide 2017. They sit in high meters above sea level. According to my observation, most of these water bodies are from Chile. Highest lakes form beautiful sceneries that attracts many visitors worldwide.


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