Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains In The World

To help save time and get people places faster, the cars were invented. Then airplanes came along and trains. Nowadays the trains are way more advanced than they use to be though. All the luxuries you get are much cooler and you are possibly even safer. It is crazy how far technologies have come in just a few short years.

List of Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains In The World in 2017

10. THSR 700T


It is located in Taiwan but was made from Japan in the year 2007. The train runs between the cities of Taipei and Kosyung. The speed of this bullet is three hundred miles per hour and has made it to where the trips are no more long and boring but only about ninety minutes. This invention has made a big difference for the people that have to travel to destinations between the mentioned cities.When traveling in a car the trips would take over four hours. There are thirty of these fast trains and it cost a mere $3.4 billion dollars to get the project done. When this takes off, it only takes fifteen minutes for it to reach the maximum speed.

9. ETR 500 Frecciarossa

ETR 500 Frecciarossa Top Most Famous Fastest Bullet Trains In The World 2018

This one does have the ability to go sixty miles an hour more than the THSR but generally is ran at only 300 miles per hour. A trip between Rome and Milan will only take a little over two and a half hours. There is twenty eight of these beasts and each one has plenty of luxuries that everyone will be comfortable. They have climate controls, sound insulation, and ergonomic seating. There is four different cabins such as standard, platinum, business, and executive classes. Every one of the cabins are soundproofed and come with the ability to connect to free wifi.

8. TGV Double Decker


The trains were made between the years 1996 and two thousand and four. They came out to the track in 2011 though. The max speeds these run are 300 to 320 km and can carry five hundred and eight people at a time. They can sit in the upper or lower birth and for right now they are being ran at to about 230 different places in France. Mostly they go between Paris and Masiley.

7. Alstom Euroduplex

Alstom Euroduplex Top Most Fastest Bullet Trains In The World 2017

These are big and can hold up to one thousand and twenty people who want to go to their destinations. It goes from country to country which is the main cause as to why people prefer to travel on this train. It goes to a lot of different European cities such as France, Germany, Luxemburg, and Switzerland. This train is an upgraded one to the Double Decker and is also operated by the company NSCF. They run at similar speeds too. People can check the time and distance that is left of their trip by looking at the screen that has been put into their cabin with the information on it.

6. Shinkansen Hayabusa

Shinkansen Hayabusa Top Popular Fastest Bullet Trains In The World 2019

This is currently one of the fastest trains that Japan has right now. Shinkansen in the Japan language means bullet train. While the train was being tested it clocked at going at a speed of 400km but they only run it at the speed of 300 km. The front part of the train looks the way it does because it was designed to help it run better and give an extra leverage to be better than all the rest of the trains in today’s world. The length is approximately fifteen meters and has an air spring to keep any jolts from happening because of the pressure of the air while the train is going. Everyone loves that the train is risk free which means that there is an automatic system on it for if the driver makes a mistake it will be corrected. That feature lowers the accident rates.

5. Talgo 350


This train is in Spain. It can reach speeds up to three hundred and fifty. It has two driving cabins and twelve different passengers cabins. It is designed to handle air pressure. You can pick between four different seating facilities. You can sit in the club class, the bistro class, also they have a first class and a coach class. It does not matter what seat you decide you will be able to watch audio video screens. It makes traveling more fun. You will be able to catch time information on the screens that are attached to the cabins doors and seats. This is one amongst the Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains In The World 2017.

4. Siemens Velaro E/ AVS 103


The train goes as fast as four hundred and three miles. But to be careful it will only go as fast as three hundred and fifty. In two thousand and eleven it was ordered by Spanish railway. It only takes about two and a half hours to cover five hundred and four kilometers. With the fact that they have eight passenger cabins four hundred and four people can be on the train at a time.

3. AGV Italo


In two thousand and seven the train hits speeds of five hundred and seventy four. It will only get up to three hundred and sixty at a time so that it is safe for the people who are riding on it. It was made in a French company named Alstom. It only takes this train about an hour to get from Napoli and Rome. this distance is a hundred and nine point seven. The train can be recycled with the material it is made of. Ninety eight percent can be recycled which makes it accomodating to the environment.

2. Harmony 380 A


This is in China and is used everyday. It hit records of running as fast as four hundred and sixteen point six. It was first used in two thousand and ten. The material used is a lightweight aluminum metal. It looks like a fish on the front. It will carry four hundred and ninety four people and they will not feel any of the vibrations that could be caused at high speeds. Each person that rides get a reading lamp and a power port to charge your phone or whatever you are using plus a electronic display.

1. Shanghai Maglev


The fastest train in the world. It will run up to four hundred and thirty but the average that they will run it is two hundred and fifty. It opened for public in two thousand and four. The price to ride this train is eight to sixteen dollars. It will carry five hundred and seventy four people at a time. It is operated by a company called Taisen and Siemens Maglev Development Co-operation.

These above are the Top 10 Fastest Bullet Trains In The World 2017. These trains are so fast some people will wonder if it is safe to even go that fast. No more worries of being late because they will get you where you need to be in no time. It is the second fastest transportation. The first is Aeroplanes. They keep the environment safe so that no one worries that they are killing the cells in the world. The look and build look amazing and they can hold a lot of people on them while they fly down the tracks with no worries in the world. Some cost a higher price than some but you will love the fact you are not late to where you need to be.

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