Top 10 Famous City Squares in The World

These places were built well and look amazing. The structure will show just how important they can be to people who live there. A lot of things happen during the day and night people use these places to sell their items and make lots of money. They use the squares so they can get their business out into the world. The buildings are used for other things such as dancing or shows that will bring attraction for visitors and the people who live there. No matter what you will not end up bored while being in these places.

List of Top 10 Famous City Squares in The World in 2017

10. Zocalo, Mexico City

zocalo mexico city Top 10 Famous City Squares in The World 2017

This is called Plaza de la Constitución. It is a symbol of the Mexican culture. The history on this place traces back to Aztecs. Surrounded by multiple buildings with architectural importance and history. The Metropolitan Cathedral is one of those and the National Palace. In the middle of the square is a Mexican flag that is raised and lowered each and everyday. It is used for many public events.

9. Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech


This is a square of the African continent. The long history goes back to the twelfth century. You will be able to see the microcosm of the culture here. During the day it is very crowded. It acts as a marketplace for the people who live here. You can see magicians and also snake charmers. Dancers are big to. Sellers gather during the day time to sell the items they have and have beautiful showcasings.

8. Piazza del Campo, Siena


This is located in the Italian town of Siena. Built in medieval times and is shell shaped. You can see the Town hall and the tower of Torre del Mangia. It is occupied by the Fountain of the World that is magnificent. Twice a year a horse race happens. The place is huge and all the buildings are pretty much the same color all around. The middles has a design that looks weird but is there for the races.

7. Old Town Square, Prague


Located between the Charles Bridge and the Wenceslas Square. Several buildings surround it and it has the oldest existing clock there. At night the nights are beautiful to see if you want to stand in the middle and just spin and see them all. In the center of the square a statue sits that is of religious reformer Jan Hus. It has a building that stands very tall and is almost like a castle with the towers that are built on the top of it.

6. St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City


It is an ellipse in shape. Pretty much it is round in shape and has four columns. Believers gather here to get the blessing from the Pope. it is huge in size and you can walk around it all day. The columns look pretty cool and you can tell it took a while. The light color looks like the material has faded but it is suppose to look like that. The design that is on the ground just shows you how well they built it.

5. Tiananmen Square, Beijing


This is one of the largest and famous places in China. It was named after the gate and was separated from the Forbidden City. Government buildings and various monuments surround this square. Many events have taken place right here in the middle. In nineteen eighty nine a bunch of people started to protest against the government. When the government seen this things got aggressive and it resulted in a massacre between hundreds of people. The pretty orange color stand out.

4. Trafalgar Square, London


It is located in the city of Westminster. It was built for the victory of Lord Nelson. This was against the navy of Napoleon the battle of Trafalgar in eighteen of five. In the center of the square there is a statue of Nelson and it has four lions around it. It also has a series of fountains around it to. Other statues of famous people are around the place to. On a dark gloomy day it looks evil.

3. Rynek Glowny, Krakow


In two thousand and five it was voted the best city square. Built in the thirteenth century and is the oldest square in existence around. The people who walk the streets can reach the square thirteen different ways. Around the square there is townhouses and buildings. One of those buildings are the Cloth Hall and also they have the St. Mary’s Basilica. It holds many celebrations and festivities.

2. Red Square, Moscow


It is linked with the city’s history and culture. It has had plenty of historical events that have happened over time. It is called the red Square because the buildings around have a lot of red color on them. You will be amazed at the buildings around it because of their designs. They look like palaces and castles. A State History Museum is on the border with a few other ones that you would probably love to go see while you are visiting.

1. Times Square, New York


This is in the United States of America and it is so huge that so many things happen here. When it is New Year’s Eve they watch the ball drop. People gather here to watch so they can spend the time with their other half. So many people walk these streets that it is crowded and can be very busy at all times. People walk her and go to work every day like normal people. Most of everything that happens is on a build board. The dropping of the ball began in nineteen oh seven.

These above are the Top 10 Famous City Squares in The World 2017. These squares are great for people to go and celebrate or just to go and wander around to see what is going on. New York has always been big for the square and it has so many different things going on that you will never get bored. Just do your research and get ready to find out a lot out about history from some of these places. They look beautiful and are amazing to go and see.

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