Top 10 Extremely Weird Museums in The World

Ever wonder what happens to all the things that did not make it to the world’s best museums? Well this is where they all go. They go in museums that make no sense and well they are just extremely weird. If you think these place are weird then just go see them and see how well they made everything look after they destroyed the picture or the food. Who places burnt food in a room to let people look at it.

List of Top 10 Extremely Weird Museums in The World in 2017

10. Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House, Top 10 Extremely Weird Museums in The World 2017

This home was built back in the eighteen hundreds and is still standing. Some people say when the two people died Sarah came into contact with ghosts who killed the two. After this she started building and spent six million dollars on a hundred and sixty rooms and thirteen bathrooms. She built this on a hundred and thirty eight acres of land. This all stopped when she died in nineteen twenty two. When she was alive she would sleep in different rooms so the ghost would be confused at where she would be asleep. She built stairs that went nowhere and she also had doors that when opened they led to walls.

9. Museum Of Broken Relationships


This was built back in two thousand and six by a couple who made it a place for people to come and grief for their lost relationships. It was going strong with forty thousand people visiting over the year each year. It had items that was part of a relationship and it showed the length of each relationship or the type of the relationship. It was said to be the Most Innovative museum in two thousand and eleven. It had bras and shirts or just pretty much anything that would have to do with the relationship. The couple split and it just kept going.

8. Museum Of Bad Art


This was finally made in nineteen ninety four. It was made so people could put art in it that was horrible but way to horrible to be ignored. It was made because of a picture of an old woman that was laying in a trashcan. There is six hundred pieces of art in the museum. Some people say it is a mockery of real art. If you think your artwork is horrible then you should see some of the work that is in this place. These people could just not draw at all. Just think we all see pictures that make no sense but now we can see pictures that make sense but they are just not very good drawn.

7. Cockroach Hall Of Fame Museum


This museum was found by a exterminator. Michael Bohdan started this in his shop but expand it out. In nineteen eighties he held a contest to find the biggest roach and this is where he would get his ideas from. Some of these roaches are dressed up and made to look like a scene from real life. It is like a miniature museum for insects but it just has roaches in it. They have the roach that has a white cape on it that has the name “Libercoachi”.

6. Museum Of Burnt Food


We all know that one person who can not cook worth a flip. They usually under cook something or they over cook it and burn it. One of the popular foods that is included inside the museum is sweet potatoes that have been cooked for over five weeks and was cooked by a pilot light. Some of the work that is in this museum are sometimes loaned out for some reason. Who would know that burnt food would find a way to show off in the world. It all started with a hot apple cider that got burnt because of a call that Deborah Henson-Conant.

5. Paris Sewers Museum


It was first constructed in the year of 1370 and is the very first sewer to have vaulted walls. It goes for over fourteen hundred miles and the wares are dumped off into a stream. It was first opened to the public in 1867, back when The World’s Fair was first known. Different types of transportations such as boats or gondolas were suited up in order to give tours that would never compete with this underground area. But, the museum has since been closed to the public because of security issues.

4. Museums of Questionable Medical Devices


This place had tons of instruments that was used in the twentieth century that was used for curing maladies. The most popular one was the foot powered enlargement pump for the breasts and one that would shock the person using it with the hope that it would increase masculinity. They also had a device called the buster brown which was suppose to let people see the inside of their shoe to know how well it would fit the foot while it was on. The museum closed in the early part of the 2000s and now is living on by being a part of an exhibit in a museum that is in Minnesota.

3. The Cat Museum


The chief minister is the one who created this museum and it has over two thousand artifacts that includes cat’s. One of the artifacts is a five thousand year old cat that has been mummified from Egypt. The felis badia, which is one of the most rarest cats in the world, is on display in this museum too. That particular cat usually lives in the borneo rainforest and according to the museum they have the only one left in the world. With all of that said, that is why this museum is one of the most popular ones.

2. The Museum of The Holy Souls In Purgatory


This is a museum that is inside of a church. It is just a small room of items that has been said to have been touched by souls in purgatory. It was found after a fire burned the church down and a guy named Victor Jouet. He said he found objects that had faces scorched in them and made them look like lost souls trying to show themselves. One of the items that are in the museum is a book that has a hand in it was said that it was the priest’s hand no one will ever know. It would be a really cool place to go to if you are ever in the area and want to see the items.

1. Beijing Museum of Tap Water


The items in this museum are linked to China. It is items that helped get water and are related to some form of tap water. The museum is built in China on the first ever water plant. It is cool to go and see how people use to have to get water before the sewer was even thought of. They have so many different items and there is over a hundred and thirty different ones.

If you know someone who would like the history of each and everyone of these then take them so they can have a laugh with you or so they can see how bad things can be. If you think you are bad then you have not seen nothing yet. These pictures or foods can be so horrible you turn your nose because of how bad it really is.

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