Top 10 Coolest Hotels in The World

These ten hotels are the coolest you will find. Take your time and do your research and pick the best one. You will have so much trouble trying to figure out which one to stay at with your family. Some go by night and others go by person but it is well worth the price and the stay.

List of Top 10 Coolest Hotels in The World 2017

10. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge(Tanzania)


You are by a lake and inside a old volcanic crater. Enjoy the view and the experience that you will get from it.While eating outside you will see the zebras, giraffes and other animals roaming around at free will. They are wild so they do as they please. Take a drive and see the large cats and elephants. The roofs are woven and it has a uncanny sense of style. In order to get a room you will have to spend a thousand dollars a night during the off season and about fifteen hundred during the summer time. If you need a room for a large family be ready to spend at least thirty five hundred to fifty five hundred a night.

9. Jade Mountain Resort( Saint Lucia)

Jade Mountain Resort Top 10 Coolest Hotels In The World

The view is amazing. It has some of the coolest views in the world. If you want to be at this place do not be afraid of heights. It sits on a cliff side. The private infinity pool is jaw dropping. If you want to arrive in style just pay a little over two hundred to ride in a helicopter. The standard suites cost close to fifteen hundred and for the fancy ones you will pay about three thousand. But it is way worth it.

8. De Glace Ice Hotel(Quebec, Canada)

De Glace Ice Hotel Top Most Popular Coolest Hotels In The World 2018

Made of snow and ice that has to be rebuilt each time it starts to melt. Throughout the hotel you will see forty four themed rooms. They have an ice bar. When you order your drinks you will be able to drink out of ice glasses. Over the base of the bed they lay a mattress and blankets so you will not stay cold when you are visiting. While you are staying at this hotel why not enjoy the snowshoeing and hiking on the trails. You have to pay per person costing at a hundred and ninety nine dollars. If you do not want to stay but just visit for the day you can pay eighteen dollars and an extra ten will get you snowshoes for the trails.

7. Londolozi Tree Camp (Kruger National Park, South Africa)


Use to you could only go here if you was the president or if you was a princess. Take you morning bath and enjoy the elephants strolling by. After you are ready for the day then you can go on an afternoon safari to see the leopards that are very rare and very large cats. The tree houses and lodges are very nice to retire to after a long day. When you pay the eight hundred and fifty dollars you get to stay one night which includes meals, drinks, and the games that happen in the mornings and afternoons. Kids get half off the price of the activities. This is per person.

6. Kelebek Cave Hotel (Goreme, Turkey)


They resemble fairy chimneys. This happened after the volcanoes covered the lands in ash then the wind and rain curved them this way. Use to be used for the monks as a chapel. Ride hot air balloons and enjoy the view. It is one of the cheapest only spending seventy five to a hundred a night. A Turkish bath is nearby for you to relax and enjoy the nice feeling. You will be able to see the chimneys from above when you are in the hot air balloons.

5. Dhara Dhevi Resort (Chiang Mai, Thailand)


The layout looks more like a palace. Get ready to feel the royal treatment. With a hundred and eighteen rooms you will sure have a spot when you call and reserve your spot. The rooms have either a view of the rice paddy or the lush tropical gardens. The pool feels more like a spa that you can enjoy while you stay. Cook with a chef, ride a water buffalo, or go watch a live shows. Arts and crafts that teach you how they make things. The kids can go to the kids club and learn to dance and the music, games, rice planting, and so much more that they will enjoy. Rooms around a thousand or a little over will have you enjoying yourself more than ever. This is one amongst the Top 10 Coolest Hotels in The World 2017.

4. Ashford Castle(Cong, Ireland)


When they say it is a castle they are not lying. You will be staying in one of the Medieval castles. Was built in twelve twenty eight. Thousand of trees are planted all over the grounds. It was changed into a hotel in the nineteen hundreds and till this day you will be able to enjoy it and the land. Do activities such as horse ride, lake cruising. Clay shooting, and so much that you will not forget. No room is going to cost over six hundred a night and go as low as a hundred and thirty. Go to the spa for a massage, body wrap, get your nails done, waxing and so much more that you will want to visit again soon.

3. Anantara Golden Triangle(Sop Ruak, Thailand)


Go here for the honeymoon because it is the most romantic hotel you can visit. Walk down jungle paths and enjoy the beautiful view. Visit the nearby temples to go back in time. The elephant and mahout trainers will take you out on treks for a private picnic. When the resort has baby elephants they will brought to your breakfast area to greet you in the mornings and love to sit and watch you enjoy breakfast. Pay anywhere between nine hundred and eleven fifty to stay and enjoy all of this.

2. Conrad Hilton (Rangali, Maldives)


When you go to bed at night you can look up and enjoy the view of the fish above you and beside you. Some of the rooms have beds that rotate with the sunset. Pay a small fee to have the restaurant converted into a underwater hotel room. Choice from eleven different places to eat. If you love wine they have twenty thousand bottle underwater wine cellar. And it has cheese. Take a dive with manta rays, snorkel with whale sharks and so much more with the love of your life. If you want to stay on the beach its nine hundred but if you want a water villas then its twelve hundred.

1. Giraffe Manor (Nairobi, Kenya)


Here is the place that is known for The Big Five of African Wildlife that includes the lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros, and cape buffalo. Now with all those you also get the giraffes. Ten of the rooms watch the sunset. You can wake up in the morning have giraffes sticking their heads in to eat breakfast with you. Feed them and enjoy the fact you can relax and not get hurt. If you want to stay it is going to be a thousand a night and if you decide to stay longer than a day or two you get discounts that help out a lot.

So, these above are the Top 10 Coolest Hotels in The World 2017. These hotels are so amazing. You will enjoy the day and night life. Go for walks or play in the snow. They have everything for you plus the kids. Learn about the places you are staying. Their prices are high but you get so much to do while you are they. Never get bored again.

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