Top 10 Cheapest Flights in The World

When we were kid, we had a fantasy about the ‘noisy-bird’ that used to fly far over our head through the blue sky creating a white line on that canvas. As we grew up, we came to know it was nothing but an aeroplane that people avail to journey from one place to another location. Now many of us fly to our destinations sitting in the air-conditioned cabin on a flight, for which we pay an enormous amount of money.

But, besides these, there are also some cheap airlines that provide the same facilities like the costly Airways offer. You are going to save some extra penny if you book your flight choosing from the list of Top 10 cheapest flights 2017 that matches your destination.

List of the world’s top 10 cheapest flights in 2017

10. West Jet (Lowest fare $250 per head):

West Jet Top 10 Cheapest Flights in The World 2017

West Jet is one of the oldest airlines founded at the 1990s. Recently it has spread its service to 100 terminals in 20 countries. It mostly travels between Canada and other North American countries. Other than that it has daily flights to European countries. The ‘in-flight-entertainment’ service utilizes the network of BELL TV satellite to operate the channels in it. The Panasonic’s entertainment system includes games, movies, magazines, USB and the Wi-Fi. The special livery in the aircraft is customer service called ‘care ante.’

9. Norwegian (Lowest fare $120 per head):

Norwegian Top Popular Cheapest Flights in The World 2018

Norwegian air shuttle is one the low-cost flight in Europe and the second largest airway of Scandinavia. Frequently flights depart from Scandinavia and arrives the airports of Finland. It also covers the business destinations like London. Its long-haul destinations are some countries of USA and Singapore. Norwegian flights have a red nose with a white body which is distinguishable from the other airlines. It features on board Wi-Fi which may be very useful for the passengers. One may earn points for purchasing tickets and next time he/she may afford the flight using a certain amount of the points. This program is known as frequent flyer program which became a popular one.

8. Azul Airlines (Lowest fare $110 per head):

Azul Airlines

Azul is a Brazilian airline that provides affordable service on air throughout the country. Brazilian David Neelman established this airline in the year 2008. This third largest airline of Brazil has 17% domestic and 7.8% international market shares. Azul serves all total 109 terminals in Brazil, Portugal, United States, and French Guiana. The main hubs of Azul Airlinesare situated in Belo Horizonte Confins and Campinas. The slogan of this Azul is there is Brazil for the passengers up there, which is a significant one.

7. Easy Jet (Lowest fare $95 per head):

Easy Jet

Easy Jet is a British based low-cost airline carrier that is located at London Luton Airport. It was founded in 1995, and it has its operation of domestic and international scheduled facilities in 32 countries on over 700 routes. The easy jet was broadcasted on ITV series ‘Airline’.

6. Tiger Air (Lowest fare $90.5 per head):

Tiger Air Most Cheapest Flights in The World 2018

The three places mainly where the Tiger Airways operates are – Singapore, Australia, and Taiwan. It controls its operation within 120 destinations including the previously mentioned three countries. This aircraft offers food on purchasing it on board. The program is called ‘Tiger-Bites.’All types of beverages, instant noodles, sandwiches are available food that you can afford the travel. Passengers can pass their time by reading the free in-flight magazine.

5. Ryanair (Lowest fare $90 per head):


It is an Irish-based low-cost airline which has its head quarters in Swords, Dublin Ireland. It has it primary operational bases in London Stansted and Dublin Airports. It was founded on 28th November 1984 and commenced its operation by 1985. By the year 2013, it was considered as the largest airline in Europe as it was scheduled as the busiest international airline by passenger numbers. Ryanair is a massive company as it operates over 350 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. It also has a single 737-700 as a backup plane which is maintained over a roster and few other planes for pilot training. This airline service is characterized as the result of airline deregulation which further led to rapid expansion of the business of the aviation industry. Ryanair serves over 32 countries in Europe,Middle East, Africa with about 192 destinations.

4. Virgin America (Lowest fare $69 per head):

Virgin America

It is one US based airline which started its service on 8th August 2007. This flight has dual class service. The seats inside the aircraft enjoy entertainment from Panasonic’s personal system which is run by touch screen technology named ‘Red’. The first class cabin seats are wide enough to rest on, and each of the seats owns power ports and comfortable headrests. One can watch their favorite movies or shows during the travel by paying the least amount of money.

3. Jetstar Asia (Lowest fare $55 per head):

Jetstar Asia

It is another Singapore-based airlines which control its operation to regional destinations inside the Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. At Singapore Changi,airport airline’s hub is located. In the eastern Asia, it flies to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Jetstar cafe menu is present there to serve foods and beverages to the passengers. You may also purchase the meals online while booking the ticket.

2. Air Asia (lowest cost Rs $20 per head):

Air Asia Top Most Cheapest Flights in The World 2017

Air Asia is that airline which operates with the lowest unit price of $.023 per seat per kilometer. You can discover Asia and also Australia flying with these Asian airlines. Air Asia offers the passengers over 120 destinations covering 24 countries to travel to Asia and Australia. Among all the destinations the cheapest tickets one can get are- Singapore to Hong Kong, Singapore to Langkawi, Malaysia to Thailand, etc. Pack your bags and enjoy the journey.

1. Indigo (Lowest fare $13.70 per head):

Indigo Top Most Popular Cheapest Flights in The World 2019

Indigo is an India based flight, and its primary hub is located at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. This second largest low budget airlines of India manages 679 flights per day to between 40 national and international destinations. In the year 2006, its first aircraft departed and began its service a month after that. Per Indigo aircraft accommodates 180 passengers of only Economy class. You will get Hello 6E magazine choosing from where you can buy your choice items.

So, as everyone has gone through the list of airline services which are cheap, and it would not be an issue in selecting an air service to go to the different destinations.

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