Top 10 Cheapest Cities To Live in Europe

After the cheapest cities to live in the World, it is time to narrow our vision a little in focus on each major part of the world. This article is about the cheapest cities to live in Europe based on the cost of living index which was determined in the economic situations of 2016. The cost of living index in a country is calculated by comparing it with other cities or countries of the same zone. One city is taken as the base and thus assigning it a simple value like 1 or 100 and the other cities are compared to it. Here the base city is Prague, and we assign it a value of 100. So if we say a city has a Cost of living index of 125, which means the other city is 25% more expensive than Prague.

So, if you are planning to live in Europe for a while for business or pleasure, and yet you are on a budget, or if you are a middle-class person who wants to retire in a quiet European city, from this list you can get the idea of the top 10 cheapest cities to live in Europe that featured in the lists of 2017.

List of top 10 cheapest cities to live in Europe 2017

10. Sofia- Bulgaria (Cost of Living: $1578.77 for four people)

Sofia- Bulgaria Top Popular cheapest cities to live in Europe in the World 2018

It is not only one of the largest cities in Bulgaria but also one of its best. Sofia is also one of the most important trading centers. Since it has an awesome tourism package, it is also a hotspot for backpackers. The rent per month is as low as $380 for a one bedroom apartment. The transportation cost is $35 per person.

9. Yekaterinburg- Russia (Cost of Living: $1477.08 for four people)

Yekaterinburg- Russia

Yekaterinburg is the fourth largest city in Russia. It is located in the Ural Federal District and is the industrial and cultural hub was named for a little Sverdlovsk after the communist leader of Russia Yakov Sverdlov. The name Yekaterinburg was named after Catherine, the wife of Tsar Peter the Great. It was also Russia’s foremost industrial city.

8. Cluj- Napoca- Romania (Cost of Living: $1481.49 for four people)

Cluj- Napoca- Romania

It is the second largest and populous city in Romania and is also one the four cities of Romania that are on the list. It has a low rent rate and transit cost. You can get a full meal for a month at the cost of dining in New York in one night.

7. Skopje- Macedonia (Cost of Living: $1474.59 for four people)

Skopje- Macedonia

The only thing in the city you need to spend a little more than the other cities is food. The rent for a one person apartment is $ 225, and the transportation cost is as low as $ 25 per month. It has awesome natural scenery and thus looks like a poster perfect European city with mountains in the background, hills on its borders and if you are the young person who needs a vibrant lifestyle the city has its colorful nightlife.

6. Iasi- Romania (Cost of Living: $1420.47 for four people)

Iasi- Romania Top Most cheapest cities to live in Europe in the World 2017

The city had settlers streaming in as early as 14th century and has a population density of about 3092/kmsq. It is the capital of the Principality of Moldavia. It was also the capital of Romania for two years from 1916 to 1918. It is an important economic and business center of the country.

5. Timisoara- Romania (Cost of Living: $1413.36 for four people)

Timisoara- Romania

Timisoara is a beautiful city of Romania which is rich with heritage buildings. It is the social, economic and cultural center of the western Romania. Timisoara is also the capital of Timis County and one of the most populous cities in the country. It is the capital of the reign of historical Banat. It was discovered as far back as 1212.

4. Tirana- Albania (Cost of Living: $1335.95 for four people)

Tirana- Albania Top Most Popular cheapest cities to live in Europe in the World 2019

It is known for its beautiful natural scenery and thus it is one of the famous cities of the country of Albania. It provides has rooms of a cost as low as $ 580 and the transportation cost as low as $ 14 USD.

3. Kiev- Ukraine (Cost of Living: $1144.17 for four people)

Kiev- Ukraine

Kiev is the cheapest city for travelers in Europe, and that is only possible because the cost of living is so less. However, it is beaten by Sofia, Bulgaria in this list. Therefore, we know it has a better package for tourists that it has for its residents. However, it is still one if the expensive lease cities are known in Europe which can be considered a cosmopolis or at least a metropolitan city. It is known to give the traveler an entire overview of the European culture in that space. The rental for a standard two bedroom apartment is as less as $ 570.

2. Minsk- Belarus (Cost of Living: $1183.80 for four people)

Minsk- Belarus Most cheapest cities to live in Europe in the World 2018

It is one of the best and most beautiful locations in Europe, and one of the cheapest to boot. It was, however, a lot difficult to reach until recently. Until the 2000s it was almost unreachable except a few times a year. It is the city located on the Svislach River. The average rent for a one person bachelor pad is $ 380 per month and the average transit fare for a month in $ 13.50.

1. Chisinau- Moldova (Cost of Living: $1138.44 for four people)

Chisinau- Moldova Top 10 cheapest cities to live in Europe in the World 2017

It is the most affordable city in the entire European continent. The rent for a single room bachelor pad is almost as low as $ 265 and the transportation cost of the $ 6 for a month and the cost of eating a basic meal in a normal restaurants $ 22 a month. If you are planning on moving to Kiev from a costly city like London or Paris, you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of living, though it does not have the same colorful heritage.

Maybe not all of the European cities have a very high standard of living because of the economic conditions that has put them on the list, but still, it is more affordable to the not-so-rich-third-world-citizen to settle in.

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