Top 10 Largest Waterfalls in The World

Nature has many wonders from mountains, to lakes, creators, to lagoons, deserts to highlands and among them waterfalls. You might be wondering how on earth was waterfalls formed? But let me take you for a short lesson on geography. A waterfall is formed when the soft rock is eroded more quickly than the hard rock. The value that man gets from a waterfall is divided into economical and health benefits. Since a waterfall has the aesthetic qualities in it the scenery improves the moods of a stressed up soul and relaxes one’s mind. The economic value that waterfall has to humans is that it’s a source of energy (hydroelectricity) and industrial scale production of food. Below are the world’s largest waterfalls in this list of top 10 largest waterfalls by width.

List of Top 10 Largest Waterfalls in The World by width in 2017

10. Niagara Falls

niagara falls, Top 10 Largest Waterfalls in The World 2017

One of the famous and largest waterfall by volume is located in North America. Its popularity it’s attributed by the fact that it’s featured in Hollywood more often. Annually the falls gets close to twenty million visitors just to photograph its scenery and has earned itself the accolade of the most photographed waterfall on earth. The falls consists of three parts namely American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe is 3950 feet wide making it on the tenth position

9. Chutes Wagenia


Also refereed as Kisangani falls or Stanley falls. The name was as a result of the colonial era in African continent by the British. wagenia falls stretches 4500 feet the whole width of Lualaba river and drops down just 30 feet in the democratic republic of Congo. This waterfall is the reason the river has low volume of water and it impedes river navigation.

8. Victoria Falls


Among the seven wonders of the world Victoria falls is in the list since it’s the greatest falling curtain of water on terms of length Victoria falls is considered to be the largest although not the widest or the highest but when we look all the scopes inclusive of flow rate its concluded that Victoria falls is the biggest curtain of falling water on the world beating Iguacu falls and Niagara falls as well. Its 5600 foot wide, 344 foot tall and you can find it in Zambezi River Zimbabwe.

7. Vermillion Falls


Even though Vermillion falls doesn’t drop that impressive height since it falls only 15-20 feet it’s one of the largest waterfalls in the planet in relation to width as it extends 6000 feet across. You will find the waterfall in Peace River in northern Alberta Canada. The volume of Peace River makes the waterfall a noteworthy site to visit. Although it’s isolated from the world since it’s located in a rural set up and doesn’t receive many tourists it’s one of the impressive sites one can visit

6. Mocona, Saltos del


Also referred to as Saltos de Yucamã the waterfalls are located in the border of Argentina and Brazil although the viewpoints are in Brazil the majority of the falls are on Argentina side. This is one of the world’s Top 10 Largest Waterfalls 2017. The falls are about 10 metres high and has an average of about 6700 feet in width. It’s one unique waterfall in the planet since it curves into a basaltic formation and transverse to the course of the water but its longitudinal hence the visitors who stand on the opposite view the waterfall in 180 degrees view.

5. Iguazu Falls


Iguazu falls also known by many as Cataratas del Iguazu, cataras do Iguacu is one of the largest waterfalls in south America 2017. River Iguazu is the source of this cataract which is located on the border of Argentine province Misiones and Brazilian state of Parana. The river is the main symbol of the boundary between Brazil and Argentina and although the river flows through Brazil most of the falls are located on the side of Argentina. The waterfall is 1.5 miles in length and drops 269 feet.

4. Kongou falls


Kongou or largely known as the Koungou is one of the biggest waterfalls in Africa and it’s found in Ivindo National park in eastern Gabon. The source of the falls is the Ivindo River. The cataract is about 3 miles wide and it’s on the record of one of the cataracts in the world with a very strong flow of water which its average speed is 900 cubic metres per second. In central Africa this waterfall is presumed to be the most beautiful cataract.



Between the bolder of Paraguay and Brazil their exist a series of waterfall in the Parana stretches in width 15,840 f00t wide and the total height of the falls are 375ft. sadly the falls have been destroyed by the construction of a dam ( itaupi dam) which is the largest hydroelectric project on the planet

2. Salto para


One of the tributaries of Orinoco is Caura River which flows through a 5 million hectare rain forest. Just halfway along the river their exists the iconic Para Falls in the region of Venezuela. In a similar shape as half-moon the water drops almost 200 feet and the fall stretches 18400 foot wide.

1. Khone Phapheng Falls


Also known as khone chutes De is a series of waterfalls found on the Mekong River in Ban Hang Khone province in Laos country. Khone chute de are the largest falls in south East Asia and they measure 10 kilometers in width making them the widest waterfall on earth. They are the main reason why Mekong River is not fully navigable into china. The falls have many islands, innumerable waterways hence the name Si Phan Don meaning 4000 islands.

So, these above are the Top 10 Largest Waterfalls in The World 2017. Waterfalls are wonders of nature and as much as humans want to exploit them for economical purposes like hydroelectricity governments should consider preserving these natural physical wonders for the generations to come. We should follow sustainable development that meets the need of the current generation without compromising the ability of the next generation to enjoy the same benefits. Let’s put the future generations into consideration.

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