Top 10 Biggest And Best London Theatres

London is a large country that is best known for having best and largest theatres worldwide. These cinema and live performance destinations were constructed and officially opened many years ago by directors that are currently long dead. London Theatres have ability to hold many people than expected. Let us focus and study on some of these theatres in London. Go through the guideline below.

List of Top 10 Biggest And Best London Theatres in 2017

10. Shaftesbury Theater


This theatre is big and amongst trusted one in London. It is referred to as Grade 2 system and is situated in near a large buildings found in Holborn. Shaftesbury theatre was established many years ago and holds many things that can be told. It began working officially in 1968 and has been offering quality services to many people. This amazing theater can accommodate more than 1400 people comfortably. It is best to choose in Oxford.

9. Palace Theatre


Palace theatre is positioned ninth in this article. It is big and amongst best in London. Palace Theatre is situated a few meters from Shaftesbury theatre studied in tenth position above. This destination holds 1400 people just like that mentioned above. Large and interesting musicals are experienced in Palace. It was opened in 1891 and these are many years ago. Back then, many people called it as Royal English Opera House. It holds a record of hosting more than 2000 performances in 1960 and it is due to this reason that Palace entered Guinness book of records.

8. Adelphi Theatre


Adelphi Theatre has been offering quality services to people for 200 years now. It can hold more than 1500 adults and children. One can enjoy many quality performances in this particular place. This theatre is highly recognized by government of London. Actors of Adelphi theatre are talented and qualified. They are well trained professionally and therefore sure of what they are to perform on stage. For this reason, there is no any empty seat left during any performance. Speakers of this destination are big enough and can be heard from a far.

7. Victoria Palace theatre


This theatre in London is famous among many others and offers quality services that are appreciated by many people. It is known for holding different shows since 2005. These shows are pleasant and are held in every night. Audience members are faithful and you cannot miss them in such events. For those 200 years that Victoria has been offering their services, many positive reviews are always received in their suggestion boxes and social media pages. It was established many years ago with an aim of entertaining and educating people on certain issues of life.

6. Prince Edward Theatre


Prince Edward theatre is another well performing theatre in London. It is featured in position six of this article and is among best ones to attend. They indeed have many stories to offer to people and that remains to be their motto to date. This amazing theatre destination can hold more than 1500 people comfortably. It was given this name after the death of Edward VIII. This man was a king who was abdicated in the name of love. Some of important things to note about this theatre is that it can host 3000 performances years and president of Argentina loves attending its shows together with his wife.

5. Dominion theatre

Dominion theatre Top Most Popular Biggest London Theatres 2018

On fifth position of this article is Dominion theatre. This cinema destination has been ranked in this position because of various reasons that have contributed to its growth. Dominion has many fans than all those ranked in several positions above. You will find this theatre in Court Road of London. This is on your way to transport Link of London. Main aim of this cinema destination is to rock people with entertainment to kill boredom. Its building was built in 1929 but it started working a few years later.

4. Lyceum Theatre

Lyceum Theatre Top Most Famous Biggest London Theatres 2019

This article could have partially incomplete without featuring this amazing theatre in London called Lyceum Theatre. It is situated in Lyceum pillars of London and they were built in 1834. However, some other kinds of theatre were aired in same place in 1765 but they were not common to many people at that time. There are various varieties of shows that one can come and enjoy watching. Different talents are portrayed here from different people. Adults and children of less than 14 years find their way to lyceum for great performances.

3. Theatre Royal


Theatre Royal is ranked in third position of this article. Unlike other cinema destinations featured in this article, Royal is very different and cannot be compared with any other. It is situated in a building that is not very long. Royal has a capacity of more than 2000 people daily. There is no seat left empty in every occasion held at royal. Andrew Lloyd Webber owns this cinema destination.

2. London Palladium


London Palladium is amongst other best and big theatres that are located in various parts of London. It was officially established in 1955 and gained popularity in 1967. It is said to have millions of viewers that are always available in very event that happens at night. These viewers have contributed greatly to the success of London Palladium. Several musical events are also held here.

1. Apollo Victoria


Apollo Victoria is best and largest of all theatre destinations that are located in London. They are responsible for offering quality services and more specifically entertainment to many people. Victoria theatre is very beautiful and holds more than 2500 in a single event. This center is located few meters from Victoria Palace center. It was opened officially in 1930 and has always remained successful and famous ever since that time.

These are the best and biggest London theatres 2017. Most of them were build several years ago but still have a legacy that one can hold into for several years. Adequate information has been provided above for article readers.

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