Top 10 Best Zoos in The USA

In the past, wild animals have been poached for their skins, horns and game meat. This has led to a rapid decrease in their population and extinction. To save the animals, various measures have been undertaken by the government together with the non-governmental associations to save this endangered species. Animal orphanages as well as zoos have been set up to serve that purpose. In the USA, zoos have largely been put in place and below are a list of the best zoos in the USA.

List of Top 10 Best Zoos in The USA in 2017

10. Phoenix Zoo

phoenix zoo, Top 10 Best Zoos in The USA 2017

Phoenix zoo is home of the most beautiful herbivore in the world, the zebra. It houses quite a number of them and the thing that makes it among the best is that, the zebras are trained to do unique things. On the picture, we see a mother zebra called Masika selecting a name for her foal from three treat bags. All the bags were given Swahili name.

9. Lowry Park Zoo


The zoo is known for accommodating pelicans. This zoo has protected very many pelicans from diseases that result to their death. They also die because of lack of food but the zoo attendants have ensured that food is sufficient for them for their survival.

8. National Zoo

National Zoo Top Most famous Zoos in The USA 2019

Elephants are known to be very heavy. To maintain their bodies, they have great appetite that will result to them eating eat food, which is almost double their weight. That thing makes them become very hard to keep in zoos. The National Zoo is the one that has gone against all odds. It is the home for the Asian, Ambika, Shanthi and right elephants. They are fed in an enclosed area. The zoo intends to expand its territory and bring in more elephants to give back to Mother Nature.

7. Audubon Zoo


If you are wondering where the home for the world’s tallest is then visit Audubon Zoo. It is a zoo located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Apart from the giraffes the zoo also accommodates various species like the elephant. The problem that the zoo faces is natural calamities like hurricanes, which leave great havocs as well as death of animals if severe.

6. Woodland Park Zoo


Another home for the Africa’s best. The Woodland Park Zoo, which is located in Seattle, is the home of quite a variety of species. However, the thing that makes to be among the best is that it is the home of the quadruplet’s lion cubs. This has made many people want to name the cubs. The two pint sized cats acquired name suggestions from the fans of the zoo. This took place at a naming contest that took place all over the state. The attendants allowed suggestions of names from the native names, mostly the Zulu or Sotho names since the mother lion came from South Africa. The names that the cubs acquired include the following. The females got the name Rudo meaning love in Zulu. The males on the other hand are Busela meaning Happy and independent.

5. Bronx Zoo


It is located in New York. This zoo, based on the wildlife conservation society is the home to quite a number of species. In our photo, we get to see a family of white cheeked gibbons, with their offspring at the middle. This clearly suggests that the zoo provides a good environment for the different species that live in the zoo. The photo of the white cheeked gibbons was provided by the wildlife conservation society. This is another body that is entrusted with the need of conserving wildlife.

4. Columbus Zoo

Columbus Zoo Top Most Popular Zoos in The USA 2018

Just as the name suggests, the zoo is home for our cousins, the apes. The Columbus monkeys dominate this zoo. It is also home to the Lowland gorilla called Collo, whom in 2012 was 56 years old. The photo shows Collo celebrating his 56th birthday. He was born at the same old place back in 1956. If you have that desire to know all species of apes, then visit the zoo. Besides being the home of apes, it is also an aquarium.

3. Saint Louis Zoo


The zoo is well known for being the home of the black rhino. In 2011, the zoo ushered in a new member. It was a baby black rhino. This is a great blessing because rhinos are endangered species and if they give birth to an offspring then there is great hope. The international conservation union alleged that the western rhino is a species. This organisation mainly deals with conservation of wildlife.

2. Henry Doorly Zoo


The great Henry Doorly zoo is the home of Africa’s fiercest cat, the lion. We all know that it is the king of the jungle. The attendants also say that in that zoo it is not an exception. The lion is the one that greatly attracts many people in the zoo. In the photo that was taken recently, we get to see a lion cub cuddling its mother. It was just recently when the zoo announced the names of the five lion cubs. It was achieved through a contest in a Facebook page meant for a group.

1. San Diego Zoo


Just by a look at the photo, you cannot help but notice that this zoo is a safe haven for all the wild animals that reside there. You will realize that the animals are very jovial. This indicates that they are in great health and they enjoy the home that they live in. the polar bear shown at the picture is a 12 year old. We see her rolling in the fresh snow, which donors made it come to a reality. They have generously given funds to cater for the wild animals in the zoo.

These above are the Top 10 Best Zoos in The USA 2017. These zoos are regarded as the best because they provide the best conditions necessary for their survival. This makes them increase in population and as a result, nature is conserved. Hope for the endangered species is also a reality. This is because of the zoos. They have greatly impacted in our conservation of wildlife.

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