Top 10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around The World

Ever wanted to take the kids somewhere they can enjoy just as much as everyone else. These places are just what they need.the top ten places to take the kids are amazing and will have you wanting to be a kid again. No more boring history or old fossils because these are made just for the kids. Take your teenagers and trust me they will have just as much fun as everyone else. Some places have water and some places will let the kids build things. Show your imagination just as well as the kids.

List of Top 10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around The World in 2017

10. Fantasyland Hotel

fantasyland hotel, Top 10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around The World

Found in Canada. You can find apartments and rooms that are North American style. Inside one of the largest amusements parks that are inside. Galaxyland is on the inside of the building. You will have fun be able to relax at the same time. The kids will love the swimming that is inside the building and is has seventeen different slides. You can decide which one your child will be able to get on by the advancement of how they can swim. You can skate at the ice rink. Playgrounds for everyone.

9. Adventure Suites


This hotel is one of the best. It is a theme hotel and is best for children. Couples love to go here also. Take your kids on their birthday and let the parents relax. You can pick the cave apartment so the kids can explore and so many other themes that will keep the kids going and they will never get bored. Sit back and let the kid have fun while you watch and relax at the same time.

8. Nick Hotel


Everyone wants to go here because it is the theme park for Nickelodeon. Let the kids go to the water park that has some of the characters here. If you look up you will see spongebob sitting high up on the slides watching down on the kids. It has seven different slide that will never get old to the kids and you can even get on and have fun with them .boys can go watch the Ninja Turtles show. Take your kids to see their favorite people on the shows.

7. White POd


You can find this in Switzerland. Fifteen different domes will have you wanting to stay in the snow longer and longer each time. Learn to ski and have fun. The kids will love the snow and they will love going down the slopes and having fun. The mountains are wonderful to look at and have fun while you forget about the work life and just enjoy your friends. You can do it as a group or you can let the kids have the fun while you watch and capture the pictures.

6. Artist Residence


Eleven rooms in a guest house. You can go as a family or romantic couples can go to get away. The kids will love the style and the history behind it all. They can use their imagination. The room that is white downstairs has art in it that was done by a British artist. The style in the rooms will have you wondering where all the items came from and if they really are from certain people around the world and people in history.

5. Aqua Fantasy


This place is in Turkey. When you go you will notice that at some points there are anywhere from hundreds to five thousand people at a time here. It has slides and wave pools. It has castles that the kids will love and the style makes it look amazing. It was built mainly for the youngsters and they will be able to have fun and learn new things as they go. Different rooms for different things. One room is for sleeping at lunch time, another for kids to show their imagination and then you have the one with all the playgrounds. The slides are the main thing in this place. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around The World 2017.

4. Cavallino Bianco


When you get online to book this place you will love the look and feel of it. It is a four star hotel and the staff will take the kids and have about thirteen hours of fun. The kids can dress up as pirates and just play their little hearts out. The staff will teach the kids how to cook and they can play with legos. The kids can have ice cream when they want and they can get drinks anytime they may be thirsty. Candy is another thing they will have access to. There are lots of fun things and they can listen to stories and take a nap if they want.

3. Holiday Village Rhodes


A ship and water is nothing but fun. The kids will be pirates on the ship to nowhere land. It is in Greece. Kids will be able to play football and learn how it is all done. The teens will love this vacation because they have certain things they can do also. Shooting a bow and volleyball. If you do not go here and you have teens then you will be missing out and the other places may be fun but this has more for older kids.

2. Disneyland Park Paris


The castles are everywhere and have the most beautiful structures. It has five different lands that the kids can go explore and find new adventures. It has one shopping center for you to buy some cool things that can be taken home and put away so you will always remember the stop you made here. Games that will help the kids with make believe and there are some scary places to for the teenagers. Take pictures with characters that will be signed and your kids can even hug them.

1. Legoland


Who does not like to build things. The buildings look like someone built them to be small pieces of the kit. It has ten different zones that will take you more than just one day to explore. Activities for the young ones but also everyone else. It was built with twenty million lego pieces and the children will be able to act like adults for the day. They will learn to drive and get their license well at least they think they will have them. They can use the license inside the park only but they only get them if they can drive well. Let your kids become pirates or they can even be hunters.

These above are the Top 10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around The World 2017. These parks are so much fun you will wish you was still a kid so you can get in on the action. The fun never ends and the kids will hate to leave. Staying busy most of the day will have them sleeping at night and waking up early to start all over again. Some of these places are amazing and you will not leave without pictures of certain things. If you do not believe what you are reading you should really follow up and see what they have out there because these places are a dream come true. No more boring locations.

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