Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions In USA

When people decide to travel they usually decide to go places that have plenty of entertainment and things to do. There would be no point in traveling to a destination if you are just going to be bored and have have nothing to do but sat inside your hotel room the entire time so that is why the list below can help narrow down your options for where you may want to spend your next vacation.

List of Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions In USA in 2017

10. National Mall and Memorial Parks

National Mall and Memorial Parks, Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions In USA 2017

Known as the National Capital Parks-Central. It is on over a thousand acres of land. Each year around a million people will go and visit this place to see the museums around it. You do not have to pay anything to go and visit it. You will learn so many things just by going to see this place. You can exercise outdoors and just enjoy the sights that are around the area.

9. Denali National Park


This is the highest mountain in North America. Denali means the high one which makes it the perfect name for the sight you will see. The mountains are white and beautiful to look at. It protects the wildlife around it like the grizzly bears and so many others like moose and wolves. They do this so the animals do not die off and we no longer can enjoy the sight of them when we go and see this place. It is so wonderful to look at that you will want to go back time and time again.

8. Florida Keys


This is a hundred and twenty miles long of tropical islands that go around the Florida peninsula. It is connected to the mainland by bridges. People go here to enjoy a tropical vacation and they do not even have to leave their own homes. The bridge that is there, Seven Mile Bridge, has been used to film a few different movies that include Fast 2 Furios and True Lies. it is one of the best known areas around.

7. Kilauea


This is a volcano that is in the Hawaiian Islands. It is one of five that is active the most. These five make up the island of Hawaii. This is not like the normal volcanoes it is not a peaked one. It is flat on the land. It was starting to visited by people in the eighteen forties and still is being seen till this day. Two men named George and Benjamin built hotels that are based at the rim so people would have sleeping arrangements when traveling here.

6. Niagara Falls


If you have ever seen this wonderful waterfall then you should know it is one of the greatest waterfalls in the world. It is between New York and Ontario. It is three different falls and you can even get close to them if you get on the boat. Over fourteen million people will view this each year because of how wonderful it is. They give out a valuable source of hydroelectric power. Get close enough that you will feel the water spray you and most of the time you get a raincoat when you enter the boat to go close enough to touch the waters.

5. Golden Gate Bridge


This bridge runs from San Francisco and Marin County. When it was competed back in nineteen thirty seven it was one of the longest bridges to be built. It is one that helps San Francisco and California be recognized. When they decided to build the bridge they used a orange red color so that the boats can see it through the fog that will hide most bridges while it is harder to see them and can cause some problems. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions In USA 2017.

4. Yellowstone


When you go here you will be expected to see different things such as the geysers and the hot springs. The fact that it is right over a spot that hot mantle rock flows is why it will shoot up and cause a wonderful seen of steam. In eighteen seventy two is when was announced that it was one of the world’s first national parks. If you take a camera you will be able to see the deer and the bison and so many other animals and they stay close to the border so they do not get hurt when the geysers do decide to go off.

3. Las Vegas Strip


When you hear of the strip you will have several things come to mind. The first thing will be the fact that you can do a lot of gambling here. This is where most of the casinos are going to be found. Make sure you have money in hand so you will be able to have some fun and spend money. Some of the casinos you will notice has romantic names or mystery names. This is to catch people’s attention so they will see what all the talk is about and they will go in and spend their money.

2. Grand Canyon


Found in Arizona and is one of the greatest tourist attractions. It was carved by the Colorado River. It is two hundred and seventy seven miles long and the depth is i mile. It may not be the biggest or the deepest but a lot of people will want to go and see what is so special about it. It is on the list of Seven Natural Wonders of the world.

1. Times Square


Everyone knows where Time Square is of course it is in New York City. the fact that three hundred thousand people pass through it daily will show that it is popular. Eighty percent of the people who will go and visit make it a point to go see the Time Square. The theatres and cinemas are big attractions when you do go and see them. The super signs are amazing to look at and you will notice it plays everything from advertisements and the news.

These above are the Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions In USA 2017. Overall, even though most places are not perfect it seems these listed above are almost one hundred percent perfect. They are going to not only be a great way to learn things about history, in some places, while others are going to give you some great ways to relax and be stress free by the time you get back home.

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