Top 10 Best Summer Music Festivals in US

These are just some of the festivals that you can attend. They will have you wanting to listen to the music that much more. The bands really have you enjoying the feel around you. Having the warm air around you will have you swaying and jumping to the music that flows around. The other people that will be there will not even care that you are a stranger just jump in and start singing and enjoying the festival like you would any other time. These bands do this all for their fans and to get their music out there more and more each year.

List of Top 10 Best Summer Music Festivals in US in 2017

10. Summerfest

summerfest, Top 10 Best Summer Music Festivals in US 2017

It is said to be the world’s largest music festival and they always have tons of stuff for everyone. It lasts for eleven days and they have eleven stages that ends up with over eight hundred acts performing on them. The ticket prices are really affordable so that is one of the main reasons everyone should visit Milwaukee, WI in the summer time. There has been many well known artists that has performed here such as Luke Bryan, Kacey Musgraves, and tons more that we all have heard of. Always go in with a plan of attack or you are going to become overwhelmed and really confused as to what you should do first.

9. Bonnaroo

bonnaroo, Top 10 Best Summer Music Festivals in US 2017

Located in Manchester, Tennessee and is for the one who love rock n roll. Many great bands play here, like over the summer of 2016 Pearl Jam was one of the headliners at this music festival. Most of their major acts are some of the biggest rock names in the industry and we have all grew up listening to them. So, if you want some major entertainment this is the one to be at.

8. Pitchfork


It is held in Chicago’s Union Park and has been there for eleven years so far. The line up for performers is some of the best up and coming artists that are well known and loved. From Anderson, Paak, Free Nationals, Carly Rae Jepsen. They are worrying about equal opportunist line ups now and all of their acts will be placed in alphabetical order and have not one word mentioned for headliners.

7. Lollapalooza


This is another great music festival hosted in Chicago but it is held in Grant Park and has a diversity of acts that perform every year. From the Red Hot Chili Peppers to a youtube starlet named Lindsey Stirling. There are no headliners here and all the artists get a chance to show their excellent talent up on a stage in front of hundreds of people. Over the summer of 2016, this great entertaining music fest got to celebrate their twenty five year anniversary and had a big turnout. They had Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Halsey, and a ton of other excellent acts on their stages this summer as well.

6. Sasquatch


The location of this music get together is a wonderful spot that everyone is going to enjoy being in. They will be happy and find quite a bit of serenity while there. It usually happens over Memorial Day weekend and will last for three to four days. They have five stages and get music acts of all different Genres. Sasquatch mainly focuses of the Indie Rock scene and Singer Songwriters though. All the stages have different names such as Sasquatch! Main stage, Bigfoot Stage, Banana Shack, Yeti Stage, and the there is Uranus Stage. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Summer Music Festivals in US 2017.

5. Coachella


In two thousand and twelve Rihanna performed in Sahara. It use to be at sixteen percent place now it is at twenty seven percent in two thousand and sixteen. The music is great and the people who go there are wonderful to listen to and enjoy the area. This is the first electronic music headliner. It is one of the places you should really visit so you can get the feel of how everything goes and how much fun it really can be to go.

4. Osheaga


This place is located in Montreal. It does not happen all in one day. When it was staged in two thousand and six there was about twenty five thousand people that attended. In two thousand and fourteen forty thousand people showed up and each day it had about that many people. When you go to this festival you will see they have now included games and a small carnival that you can enjoy while you listen to the music going on around you. You can cash in things for prices. Around a hundred bands show up to play during this festival.

3. Firefly


Go to Delaware to enjoy this great place. You can listen to people like Mumford & Sons, some Kings of Leon. your kids may enjoy this kind of music also. Go here for a little phone. The connection that you will feel bring everyone together and no fighting should happen. Listen to the band Earth,Wind and Fire. the fact that it has so many different bands to listen to will have you go more often than you would before going here. The connection will have everyone around you feeling more like friends than strangers.

2. Panorama


A lot of the big time names perform for the other seven that has been listed but this music festival has one thing that the others do not have and it is one of the best things ever, Kendrick Lamar is that thing. This one is hosted just a few weeks before the Governors ball but this one will definitely still be a big ordeal. All of the best things are going to be used for this particular fest and everyone who is anyone will enjoy it very much. A lot of people have been anticipating going to this one just as much as they are waiting for the Governor’s ball to happen.

1. The Governors Ball


This is the number one festival on the list because it is viewed as a lot better than most of these on the list. There is different types of music along with a ton of ones that you will want to see. It has been going on seven years since the music festival began in Randalls park in New York city and is the most appropriate escape from the city. Many people love the wistful feeling when they are here and even though some of the artists that perform here were majorly popular five years ago, they are actually just as popular now as they were then.

These above are the Top 10 Best Summer Music Festivals in US 2017. Everyone loves music, whether it be rap or country or even rock and roll. We all have particular tastes but some just love listening to anything no matter what it is. A music festival is a great way to hear some of your favorite music along with getting to see some of your favorite artists. If you are a die hard fan of music then go to one of the ten festivals listed above because they will definitely be an experience that you will never forget.

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