Top 10 Best Shopping Centers in Istanbul

Istanbul is popular state in Turkey well known for having big shopping malls and destinations. Tourist and clients are observed in this place for shopping. It also serves as a tourist attraction center. Roads and street of Istanbul are fully equipped with businesses. This gives us a good reason as to why many business people flock there for shopping. There are specific destinations like malls where you can get all goods under one roof. Let us check on the list below.

List of Top 10 Best Shopping Centers in Istanbul in 2017

10. Istinye Park


This is a popular shopping destination in Turkey, located in Istinye in Sariyer District. It has been ranked in tenth position because of being reliable to many people in Turkey and neighboring states. It is in this park where you will purchase quality goods under one roof. Istinye Park has a new way of shopping and covers an area of approximately 240 square kilometers. Some of goods sold here include Fashion and beauty items, home equipments such as fridges, microwaves, televisions and radios. Stuffs are affordable in Istinye.

9. City Shopping center

City Shopping center Top Most Famous Shopping Centers in Istanbul 2018

City shopping destination is another popular and best place to buy stuffs. It is located in Central Turkey. Many people from different places and countries come to do their shopping here. Business men and women have made City their place of collecting quality goods for business. In other words, it has contributed a lot to many people’s success and establishment. Tourist visit City to purchase variety of items that they require. There are variety of clothes and accessories to fit your lifestyle. Prices are relatively low when compared to other destinations in Turkey.

8. Forum Istanbul

Forum Istanbul Top Most Popular Shopping Centers in Istanbul 2018

Forum is composed of many big and popular stores such as sports store Decathlon, Praktiker and IKEA. Both of them offer quality services to visitors and business people who come there to buy goods. You can get several commodities from Forum Istanbul. It covers a large area of about 495 square meters. However, part of this center was grabbed by ice museum magic ice and gigantic aquarium Turkuazoo of Turkey. Build in 2009, Forum has gained a lot of success and fame to date hence appearing in this list as one of best shopping centers in Istanbul 2017.

7. Metrocity Shopping center


Metrocity has been successful ever since it was established. It is located near finance district of Levent. Having more than 130 stores, you can buy many things than expected under one stall or center. Metrocity has made shopping easier. Some goods sold here are children accessories, men and women clothes, beauty and fashion products, Kitchen stuffs and electronic devices. For bridal decorations, this center rocks out by being reliable. You can get all you want to decorate your wedding party. It lands in seventh position for having quality stuffs.

6. Akmerkez

Akmerkez Top 10 Best Shopping Centers in Istanbul 2017

It is one of oldest shopping centers in Turkey. Akmerkez received a big title and reputation in 1995 after being ranked as best shopping destination in Istanbul and entire Europe. In 2006, international council for shopping centers (ICSC) ranked Akmerkez as best shopping destination among others studied in this article. There more than 200 reliable shops for textile and clothes. Goods found in this place are shoes, clothes, electronic devices like phones, radios and televisions, toys and stationeries. Many people flock here to purchase goods for home use and business. Akmerkez is a place to be.

5. Istanbul Cevahir

Istanbul Cevahir Top Popular Shopping Centers in Istanbul 2019

This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Shopping Centers in Istanbul 2017. More than 250 shops are located in this great shopping center. Istanbul Cevahir serves millions of clients in Turkey and other surrounding states. It is among largest and best malls to be in entire Europe. Apart from shopping, you will get luxurious restaurants and enjoy delicious foods especially when tired and hungry. Games for children are also available. Cevahir covers an area of 620,000 square meters. Building located her took like USD230 million to be constructed. All finest clothes, accessories, electronic devices, delicious meals, shoes, beauty and fashion products are found in one center. Shopping here is much easier than expected.

4. Istanbul Sapphire


Many people in Turkey and entire Europe are now aware of Istanbul Sapphire for having stuffs full of hospitability and humility. Guests and clients are attended with a lot of care. Sapphire is so beautiful. More goods are manufactured and sold to interested clients. Unlike other malls where goods can be expensive, this mall sells quality goods to people but at an affordable price. They care about your pocket and life ahead of you.

3. Astoria


Astoria is best known for centralizing Europe and surroundings. People from these states are connected to this shopping destination in such of goods of their own choice. Many shops for clothes, shoes hair products, jewelries, electronic devices and textiles are all found here in one center. After shopping your favorite stuffs, you will stop for delicious foods in one of cafes and restaurants. Astoria has international Cuisines. One thing that you cannot forget about this mall is big clubs that offer swimming facilities. It is a worthy place to be.

2. Kanyon


Kanyon was established in 2006 after constructing beautiful buildings and shops. It is urban and large covering an area of approximately 300, 000 square meters. Luxurious offices and more than 200 residents are located in this place. Goods are sold at a fair price. For gym and fitness people, a spacious fitness center will make your day in Kanyon. Bridals are not left out with accessories and beauty products. What I know is that you cannot miss anything of your kind in 160 stores found there.

1. Galleria Shopping center


Galleria is best of all shopping destinations found in Istanbul, Turkey. It received support from Prime minister of Turkey, Turgut Ozal. It has been successful and popular ever since it was established. Galleria got inspirations from shopping malls found in United States of America, Texas and Houston.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Shopping Centers in Istanbul 2017. Are you planning to visit Turkey or more specifically Istanbul? This article is more important to you for equipping you with required information. Shopping malls and destination discussed above are well known for offering quality goods at an affordable price.

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