Top 10 Best Shopping Centers In America

Many good shopping centers are located within America. Finding an appropriate one is not an easy task. This article will give you a complete guideline of where to get good shopping destinations. Respectable people worldwide, shop in some of these centers. This is just unimaginable. Let us check on top 10 best shopping destination that are reliable to many people in America. They obviously contain quality brand of goods and have quality services and Hospitality.

List of Top 10 Best Shopping Centers In America in 2017

10. Honolulu Shopping center


Honolulu is one of the largest and busiest cities in America. It holds a title of most populous city located in Island of Oahu. This area serves as a major financial center of most Islands of Pacific ocean. Due to high population of Honolulu, many businesses have been established hence making it a better place to shop. Major high-end stores such as Chanel are located here. Apart from shopping, Honolulu earns a lot of money due to many tourists that make their way here to see beautiful islands. One example of Tourist Shop is Hawaiian Island Creations.

9. Houston

Houston, Top 10 Best Shopping Centers In America 2019

Houston is described as large city located in Texas. It is best known for having high population amongst other cities of United States of America. Texas and Gulf of Mexico are major destinations that surround this state in America. High population influence economy growth of any state. There are many businesses that are growing at high rate in Houston city. Popular and successful Malls like Baybrook are located here. This mall contains all you may need in your home. It has more than 30 new retail sites and 10 restaurants.

8. Westfield UTC in San Diego

Westfield UTC in San Diego, Top 10 Best Shopping Centers In America

This is another popular and one of best shopping center in San Diego. It was opened in 2012. Their dream is to complete second phase of this mall. Expansion of Westfield UTC will be a major development for it will be able to accommodate more than 2000 people in one single day. Second phase will attract an additional area of 330, 000 square feet. This will be so spacious and luxurious place to be. Department of food and dining areas will be increased by 10 units. More is therefore expected from this shopping center In America.

7. Westfield Century City

Westfield Century City, Top 10 Best Shopping Centers In America 2017

Westfield century city is located in Los Angeles, United States of America. Many people might confess a shopping center with that of San Diego discussed in number eight above. New premium stores in this place make it to appear in this list as one of best shopping centers in America. More than 100 stores have been newly opened. These stores are mainly categorized into Shopping and dining departments. It is so impressive and pleasant to have a walk in Los Angeles for best of goods and food at large.

6. Village of Westfield Topanga


Village of Westfield Topanga is an exciting retail Development situated in San Fernando Valley, USA. It was opened by fall of 2015 and has been successful to date. Many people find their way here especially during festive seasons and holidays. There are local, national and international brands of goods available. Other important features include visual stunning site that is well planned and high level of landscaping. Large business shops like spa, Yoga Studio, gym and other retail shops are located in this one center. This major village covers an area of 2.7 million Square feet.

5. New City


New City is another shopping destination that is making major contribution to this article. It is one of the best shopping centers in amerce. New city was opened 2015, Chicago, in United States of America. Main area that we are referring to is located in Lincoln Park area. Tenants occupy the rooms in this mall that top or high-class brands. Examples of these brands include Victoria’s secret, Pottery Barn and Apple that makes quality electronic products such as phones and computers. Availability of dining options, stores and entertainment grounds make New City one package to shop easily. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Shopping Centers In America 2017.

4. Liberty Center


Liberty Center Site is a 64 acre of land that is located in northern part of Cincinnati. This is a home of all quality brands of goods. Liberty is a complex and its grand was opened in 2015. There is a mixture of retail space, entertainment options, residential place, office units and a variety of dining options. Center part of this shopping destination covers an area of 67, 000 square kilometers. Here is where cinema for entertainment is located. Dining area is approximately 98,000 square feet and is appropriate for people in conferences to share meals together.

3. Maxwell Shopping center


This article could not have been complete without featuring this shopping destination located in Chicago. Maxwell has made its way here for having large stores and retail shops. There are many popular shops and companies contributing to its growth in Business. Some of them include Noodles, Pier and Men’s Wear house that deal with quality clothes for men. Companies like TX Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory and Verizon are located here. A few other stores that are not very popular were opened in 2015 and are doing quite well. Several other businesses are opened every making shopping much easier.

2. Gloucester outlet Mall


This is a brand new project in South Jersey that was delivered into market in 2015. Gloucester Outlet Mall is located in Black Horse Pike and Route 42. It covers an area of 413,000 square feet. There is an extra land of 32, 000 square feet. This is a big development for America and its residents.

1. Westfield Montgomery


On top of our list, we have this successful project of Westfield. It is situated in Washington DC, United States of America. It is located in east Cost of part of Washington. Cheesecake factory and other famous stores are located in Montgomery. Dining Terrace in Westfield is open for 24 hours. Montgomery is most popular and best place to have full shopping done in United States of America.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Shopping Centers In America 2017. I wrote this article with an aim of helping people find appropriate shopping centers in America. It is of much help especially to visitors and tourists. If you feel that you need more information about them, then you should follow those using links that provided in the internet.

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