Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich

Zurich is a place known for their fine dining experiences and the lovely flavors of their perfected Swiss cuisine that most of the restaurants serve. Have plenty of entertainment also when visiting this wonderful place. Below are the top ten best restaurants in Zurich.

List of Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich in 2017

10. Les Halles

les halles, Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich 2017

The building was a factory at one time but was remodeled into a restaurant. Not only is it one of the most vibrant places in Zurich but they also rely on self service to have a more uncomplicated and relaxing time. On some nights they have a live band for customers to enjoy music while eating out and then on other nights they have table football. There is pieces of furniture and bikes hanging from the ceiling, giving the place an eclectic design. The have a little shop inside that sells Italian and French delicacies. The pricing is actually really good and this business have more business from younger crowds than anyone else.

9. Kronenhalle

kronenhalle, Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich 2017

This restaurant focuses on regional dishes and will be a perfect spot to visit if you want some really great Swiss food. On their walls they have original Picassos and Miros so you are going to be comfortable but before you go into the restaurant, stop at the bar and grab a drink and relax for a few minutes. They have a remarkable reputation and are the locals long time favorite place to have a bite to eat.

8. Italia


It has one hundred percent genuine Italian food and they make sure it is some of the traditional items. Their menu is small though because they focus on a few choice specialities. You are not going to get any pizza if you decide to eat here and they make all the food homemade. They have a great choice of meats and cheeses that are all imported from Italy. Their pasta is traditional and have some of the best seasonings put in it. If you are one that enjoys Italian food and want a really awesome dinner that is going to have plenty of fresh flavors then Italia is going to be your place.

7. Volkshaus


They have traditional swiss recipes that have tons of flavor and you will love it but they also host all kinds of concerts and exhibitions. When you are here, the service is more of a old school feel but they are all really professional in this classy and private place. It is a typical swiss restaurant but they do not like to be a tourist trap. The place is 100 years old but if you want some great food then be on the lookout for the place.

6. Iroquois


It is more of a contemporary place to be at for eating but they serve hamburgers and quesadillas so who in their right mind would turn this down. On the inside, they have walls that are a light wooden color with bleached out floors and a rustic interior so when you get here, you will feel more like you are standing in a country house instead of inside a great restaurant. Next door to the restaurant is the Iro Grill which serves the meat specialties and they are more of a takeout place than anything else. Just take a stroll to this place enjoy a night of sports and burgers or even a club sandwich. There are prices in a great budgeted range along with the flavors that are in each dish on the menu, all of the combined has an atmosphere that is vibrant but wonderful too.

5. Fischer’s Fritz


This place is right on the lake. They sometimes even get their fish from there. It goes from the ocean straight to your mouth, of course after being cooked. You get the French taste but you can also get the German taste. When you go to this restaurant you will be able to eat fresh, have great wine and be able to look out at the lake. Taking someone on a date here is one of the best things you can do. They will enjoy what is there plus the view. Even if you are taking your wife for a night out no matter what they will enjoy themselves. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich 2017.

4. Maison Manesse


You can go to this restaurant for a simple meal or you can go for a fancy. The fact that you can go for a modern meal or an fancy makes it so much easier when you do not know what you want to eat. If you want something simple you can get it. You love the food but want something fancy you can still go to this place because they are open for pretty much anything. That is their motto so they follow it. They have other foods that are exciting and some of them are unusual. They dishes they use have a very unique look to them to. If you go in the evening you will get to try six to seven different dishes because they do each time of the day different than the other. Nothing is the same each time you go back.

3. Raclette Stube


If you are a cheese lover you will want to go to this place each and every night. Some places do not stay open this long so go here because they stay open all year round. They are said to serve the best cheese. If you have never been then you will fall in love with everything they have to offer. You can eat as much cheese as you want and you can enjoy a nice cold glass of wine. Sit back and relax and enjoy the lovely things in life without worrying about anything else. Know someone who loves cheese to well invite them and make a date out of it. The atmosphere is comfortable and it would be great for dates.

2. Bebek


If you love Mediterranean foods you will love this place. They serve foods that you will enjoy and want to go back for more later. It has a laid back vibe and being able to eat and relax at the same time makes it that much easier. No more stressing over what to cook for dinner or who wants what this place gives you a variety of what you will love and want. They have a bar on the top level for adults to just relax after a long day of work. When you order cocktails they use fresh herbs, and a special homemade syrup, and they have the best seasonal fruits that make it that much better. The dishes they make are organic and they will leave you full and ready to go home and get a nice night’s sleep.

1. Gartenhof


The menu changes each week so no one is ordering the same thing constantly. The surroundings are relaxed and you can have Swiss cuisine or you can choose French. Go here during the summer to get a nice cool drink that will cool you off. The sauces are amazing and they make you want more and more each time. Change the taste up so you can taste each and everyone of them. If you do not feel like cooking because a long day at the office or you have been cleaning all day then load the family in the vehicle and go have someone cook you something that you will enjoy and be full off of. No more having to lay everything out and take hours to even get it done. They will have it done so fast the kids will not have to wait to long to enjoy it.

These above are the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Zurich 2017. Overall, these eating places are awesome and worth trying if you are on vacation here or even a local. Many people have reviewed the restaurants and say they are happy with the service and food at each of the businesses. It would be worth it, just give the places a try.

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