Top 10 Best Places for Honeymoon in India

Before you decide to tie the knot, many couples prefer choosing a honeymoon destination prior to saying their vows. This is much easier to do first since there is so much other important things that are more than likely on your mind instead. If India is one of the places you have always wanted to visit but neither you or your partner know exactly where or what can be done there then that is why this list below is going to help you tremendously.

List of Top 10 Best Places for Honeymoon in India in 2017

10. Darjeeling

darjeeling, Top 10 Best Places for Honeymoon in India 2017

It is often called Queen of Hills and is located in West Bengal. This is one of the most peaceful places for honeymoon in India. Their weather is cool and the skyline is beautiful. Things to do include visiting the Rock Garden, watch the sunrise that comes from Tiger Hills, Batasia Loop, Peace Pagoda, the Singamari Ropeway, and a lot of other fantastic attractions that are placed here. You are able to go rock climbing or even try out paragliding. Even get a tour of UNESCO. The summer months are when most people are recommended to go but if you enjoy the winter then take your honeymoon to Darjeeling then.

9. Himachal Pradesh


There are two different cities located in this area that are going to be a perfect honeymoon spot for you and your partner. Shimla, the capital, is always going to be the most popular because of the romantic vibes, hills, snow peaks, architecture, mall, all the temples, and the view of the beautiful churches. Of course, Kulu and Manali are great places as well. These are more for the couples that enjoy sports that are adventurous such as skiing, paragliding, biking, river rafting, hiking, and many others. But, you are going to want a trip here during the months of October through February so that all of the activities can be enjoyed.

8. Rajasthan


If you want to feel like a beautiful royal then this is the place to go for your honeymoon. They have palaces, havelis, and temples that are located in rustic areas. You can float along the lakes or ride on a camel and elephant. The best months to visit are October through February but remember that the Desert Festival is always going in January, that lasts for three days and is so much fun.

7. Tamil Nadu


His one is known for their architecture they have, the great food, classical Indian dances that are a part of the culture, and the Carnatic music. There is a variety of festivals hosted here for many different occasions and you should to experience just one if you are able to. Many tourists enjoy sightseeing and visiting all the temples that are located here.

6. Kutch


There is plenty of history, architecture, and culture for any guest that wants to come here. The place is so pretty and colorful which is what makes it a perfect honeymoon spot for newlyweds. It is the number one spot to go if you are a couple that enjoy shopping. At night you will here folk music playing all around you and the environment is just so peaceful but it is fun as well. The desert is colorful and has white sand that is so pure and pretty.

5. Goa


This place is a mixture between fun and beauty. Enjoy the sun and the beaches. Spend time with each other laying in the sun and just relax. The foods you will eat while staying here are great blends of seafoods. If you love the taste of certain foods then you will see that everything here is cooked so different you will wish you could get the flavors they got with cooking it. Do not eat meat? Well they cook vegetarian foods for you. They will help you out but you get so much more with the seafoods. The refreshing foods are zesty and colorful. Go in the summer or winter it will be great either way.

4. Uttarakhand


Take a honeymoon here in the November- March time and go skiing and visit the workshops. Going during the winter lets you show each other things one might not know and the other does. Show your girlfriend how to ski who get showed up cause she already knows how. If you want to go during the summer then you will still enjoy it the same just in warmer weather. A place called Mukteshwar is a great place to visit and they have great fruits such as apples, plums, peaches and they all come a farm or a orchard. Go to Mountain Trails and taste the great chocolate they have.

3. Jammu and Kashmir


The lakes here have waters that have sparkling ripples that run through them. The valleys are heavenly to see. Complete with house boats and gardens that are wonderful to walk through. The capital Jammu offers forts temples, and even caves that will relax you and give you time alone with each other. When you visit do not forget to go and pick pashmina shawls. Great to go to during October and March.

2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Want somewhere private? This is the best place to go to. It is very private and exotic. You will get to see sunken ships and the colorful fish that can be seen from the edge of the shore. Sit in a hammock on the beach with each other and cuddle after a long day of adventures. Want to be fun and get out and do something go water skiing or windsurfing. When you get on a boat more and likely the bottoms are glass so you will see what is under you. Just sit and watch for hours while you go from place to place.

1. Kerala


You and your lover can enjoy sun baths. Take one of the many houseboats out and explore the lakes, canals and the rivers around. Discover the treasures around Kerala. Enjoy the sun bath at the Kovalam Beach. Having the access to travel while being here will make it that much more romantic. You can go in the summer or winter either way it is still one of the best places to visit for your honeymoon.

These above are the Top 10 Best Places for Honeymoon in India 2017. When it comes to getting married you will want to have everything planned straight down to the honeymoon spot. This is suppose to be the most romantic spot you can think. Something that you will remember for a very long time. Somewhere just for you two. Go away to an island or to a private place to get away from the world and forget about the job you have to get back to in the next few days. Take lots of pictures and get souvenirs to store away to show the kids when they grow up and want to know what happened when you got married.

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