Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas

A nightclub is a venue meant for entertainment with a bar for serving alcoholic beverages and usually operates during the night hours. Many like partying in these venues, as they are also installed with quality music systems to give their customers what they deserve. When you talk of Las Vegas, you talking of the home of entertainment and fun city, found in Nevada the most populated city in US. People around the world travel to Vegas to enjoy the kind of entertainment offered in Vegas nightclubs. Below list includes the best of them all.

List of Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas in 2017

10. Hakkasan

hakkasan, Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas 2018

This night club is a world class venue located at MGM grand. Have a very big dancing floor, perfect lounge and spacious bars to enjoy taking your drinks. This prestigious club has a section for VIPs offering a nightlife experience and gets entertained by highly qualified DJs around the world, knocking down of your feet with nice music. Need to take dinner before clubbing; Hakkasan has a restaurant just adjacent to the club. It operates on weekends but Thursday too it operates. If you like to be in open space, then this will not suit you; do not have an outdoor space.

9. Hyde Bellagio


After a hectic day, this is the place to be when the sun has gone down, sipping your drink while viewing the stunning fountains. It is located in a five star Bellagio Hotel and Casino and operates from five in the evening to one in the morning. This classy club is the epicenter of nightlife, getting entertained by rotational DJs with large lounges to hold 40 VIP tables. Need to have your birthday with a style, or wants to have a bachelorette party, take it to Hyde and you will never regret.

8. Drai’s and Drai’s After Hours


This is the best in Vegas to throw your money with no pain by the end of the night. Nightclub is situated upstairs with a classy style and a good view of the city. Over the years this club has been delivering quality vibes and intimate concept of nightlife. Have spacious lounges, designed with a vintage mansion taste, nice finish on its walls printed with animals, palm trees and embossed booths. Its nickname name after hours, explains to well, when the lights are on, the mood in the club is so cool never even wish to be out of dancing floor.

7. Foxtail


It started as a small hotel that operated once a week, but has transformed to be a big and most famous nightclub in Las Vegas. An added advantage of this club is pool, many travels from far to get this experience at Foxtail Nightclub. The interior of this club was designed by genius Philippe, giving an exclusive atmosphere, elaborated chandeliers to bring life and is installed with LED technology. Live performances are normally done at sunny pool stage.

6. Marquee


It is located at Cosmopolitan, spacious club with many different rooms including library to do your studies. Marquee operates throughout the week; it is a twenty-four hour club with a pool area. This the busiest club in Las Vegas around the year, and expect to queue to get inside. However, that should not worry you; their services are spectacular, nice music from famous DJs around the world spinning the music. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas 2017.

5. Light


Cirque du Soleil is the man behind this exclusive crazy club, with giant wall installed with light designed like hammers. You will be fully entertained by revolving DJs mostly DJ Bauer, operating on Wednesday and the whole of weekend. Light also have acrobats dangling on the ceiling, offering a big show of a life time and a big LED screen.

4. Sayers Club


We cannot forget the less energetic age group and are still clubbers; this is the coolest place to be with live music performance with chill mood. After scorching in the sun, go relax yourself at their swimming pool with your friends and still enjoy your drink. They are friendly while holding your party at Sayers club with a reputation they have held many parties for various celebs and prominent notable people. The whole of your weekend can be rocked with local and international hip-hop and jazz music.

3. Omnia


Those behind Hakkasan now have come-up with an extraordinary crazy nightclub advancing more in technology and better service. It’s a dream to come true being in this nightclub. It is an interactive nightlife experience with global hospitality, seductive spacious lounge and rocking music. It was awarded in the year 2015 as the best new nightclub by Vegas Magazine Awards, and operates Tuesdays and weekends.

2. Tao


While in this club, you will be able to understand why Vegas is famous for being the home of the best nightclubs around the world. The interior of Tao are glamorous well decorated and perfectly lighted. The rooms of this club are installed each with different music, customers enjoying every minute they spend here. Asians love this club as the restaurant offers them with their favorite cuisines. You will be lucky to be entertained by Snoop Dogg in person who loves to launch his new albums from here. Their girls will get yours glued on them as they dance in bathtubs covered by flower petals.

1. XS


This is the most prestigious and most expensive nightclubs in Vegas, with its interior finished with gold everywhere. It is planned with an outdoor pool to get a good atmosphere while taking your drink and socializing. You will be fully rocked by top famous DJs around the world, the likes of Avicii, Zedd and Deadmau5. It is the only club with a casino within, being an advantage to its customers in case they want to change venue. Sundays are night swim you can never wish to miss.

A good nightclub should have a spacious dancing floor, well light and open ground for cool and clean atmosphere. You love to party and going to clubs; the list above will take you through the best nightclubs in Las Vegas 2017.

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