Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Dubai

If you visit Dubai, there are several places to spend your night. Some of these places are affordable and offer quality services while others are quite expensive. They contain different departments like Dancing halls, drinking and many others that clients require. Let us have a look on some of best nightclubs in Dubai. Top ten of them are listed below with full information that you should know before visiting.

List of Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Dubai in 2017

10. Zero Gravity

zero gravity, Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Dubai 2017

Zero gravity is a popular club situated in Dubai that can never disappoint. It has nice venues that will always give you an experience to be remembered. Gravity contains a 39 meters glass pool forming a nice beach beyond. This nightclub has more than one can ask in terms of drinks, enough and spacious venues that are expanded as people continue increasing. Zero Gravity is a swanky club or beach that is full of fun, excitement, unlimited dancing and music. People who attend gravity are always free in any of their activities.

9. QDs

qds, Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Dubai

QDs make a great contribution to my article for taking position nine. It has all requirements needed to appear here. For those people looking for place to do their celebrations and having fun should consider visiting QDs. Some of things offered in this club include Shisha, cocktails, air swirling and drinking of favorite drinks. Modern Arabic music is always heard playing loudly from QDs. Popular DJs is available in almost every night and bring every good feeling and relaxation. This club is among beautiful and best clubs that is located in Dubai. Many people never get enough of visiting here.

8. Uptown Bar

uptown bar, Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Dubai 2017

Uptown bar is an up roaring and sophisticated place in ever in Dubai. Among luxurious places ever mentioned in Dubai this one cannot miss to be one of them. Venue is uniquely designed to accommodate more of Arabs for they love doing their own live compositions. Visitors and business people who come to pick goods and business items from Dubai visit Uptown Bar. All they receive from this nightlife is normally relaxed feeling, excitement and fun at all cost. Every Friday is a night to celebrate unique and new music in market as various artists perform on stage.

7. Atelier Pier 7

Atelier Pier 7 Top Most Popular Nightclubs in Dubai 2018

This is just more than a club or restaurant. It is among luxurious venues that one can ever have in history of Dubai. Atelier Pier 7 contain 3 main floors that promises fun wherever there. Food that is served in Pier 7 cannot be compared with any other place. Varieties of drinks are served immediately after food for those interested with getting more fun. Atelier forms a second business center. It has been ranked in that position due to services, food and drinks served in this place. Young people and old can never get enough of Atelier Pier 7.

6. People by Crystal

People by Crystal Top Most Famous Nightclubs in Dubai 2019

People by Crystal is a popular ad glamorous club found in Dubai that cannot be left out in an article like this one. This club forms a very good view of Dubai city from its large windows. Seats of People of Crystal club are comfortable due to Leather cushion materials attached to it. Dancing floor is spacious enough for music funs. What is more to get from crystal? People can never get enough of his destination. There is more to be experienced than what I have just explained in this place.

5. Story Rooftop Lounge


I have been hearing of people taking of this club until I made a decision of doing my own research. There is enough information now that needs to be looked at. Story Rooftop Lounge is a relaxing place that is more than what we can always imagine. Large parties like birthdays can always be featured here since its space can support quite large number of people. Attractive walls, outdoors and indoors makes it more amazing when compared to other club venues that are located in and out of Dubai. For more information, visit them one of these weekends and experience what we are talking about. This is amongst the Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Dubai 2017.

4. AL Dawaar


Al Dawaar is among existing nightclubs in Dubai. From this venue, one is able to have a view of Blue gulf waters and Dubai city in general. If you are looking for a spectacular place in Dubai, then Dawaar makes to be one best destination for visitors. Evenings and nights are best to spend than any other time that one can imagine of going. Some of services offered here include food, drinks and dancing activities. Large rooms are essential in providing accommodation after a long day for relaxation.

3. Kris with a View


This is another Dubai destination that cannot be left out at all in such completion or articles. Kris with a View is a popular club that was established with an aim of helping people attains business sit out meetings, having fun with friends by drinking, getting nice meals and dancing. All selection of music varieties are played starting from Arabic tastes to modern western music tracks that are enjoyed by people from all places. You will meet people from foreign countries making their way here with an aim of relaxing and having fun at large.

2. At. Mosphere


This is a very big club located in Dubai. Its reputation has been always kept after being gained from it taking a space of 1,030 square feet altogether. Mosphere has its entrance from Armani hotel. One thing that you should know about this club is its expensive nature. However, people are never stopped by that fact. They are able to have fun and handle all types of high bills. This club has just entered in books of records for having quite good services, food and drinks.

1. 3600


This is best of all clubs featured in Dubai. 3600 is impressive and has quite variety of activities that go on during nights. It has been ranked in first position for having quality features that meet requirements of club fans. This club is Dubai favorite because of having spectacular and good view of mega city. You can have fun in dance floors and enjoy good service of Cocktails and other kinds of food.

These are best nightclubs in Dubai 2017. Service offered by them is always soothing and will attract you next time you feel like having a good time while in Dubai. You will get Hospitality and your favorite drinks altogether.

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