Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city known for having very big clubs for people to party. These clubs only open during midnight in 2000hrs to 0200 hours. If you planning to visit Bangkok and have no idea of where to have fun, then the list below will be of much help. There is no need to worry about security issues. Visit Bangkok and experience for yourself what you have been hearing for a long time.

List of Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok in 2017

10. Glow

glow, Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok 2018

This is a very popular club in Bangkok. It has risen very fast and within a short time. People with desire of hearing underground dance music never miss to visit this place. Glow is built in a way that there are two ways to reach venue place. One is by use of stairs. Mostly very important people use other way. Main activity happens downstairs especially dancing. Famous Dj and artists have been in this nightclub. Many people have turn up here frequently. Glow nightclub opens 2200hrs and closes at 0300hrs.

9. Beam

beam, Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok 2017

Beam is best known in Bangkok for having nice and unique sound system in town. It is as if speakers are placed underground. You will hear your legs being moved by bass from instruments. There is a dim light to reduce amount of darkness in that club. Hip hop kind of music is only played downstairs while other kinds of music are played in other rooms. Hip hop fans are many and seem to enjoy all through that particular night. Some famous events have happened in Beam and various celebrities involved. Their time of opening is 2000hrs.

8. Insanity

insanity, Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok 2019

This club was launched in Bangkok with an aim of entertaining tourists who are mostly men and few girls. From their own mouth these people have confessed that all they come to do in Insanity club is to have unlimited fun. Insanity’s turn up is always high each night. Young men come to witness sexy dancers who are also young girls. Insanity will always surprise you with everything. All activities will catch your attention. Good thing about this nightclub is that they do not entertain under age people. Their entrance fee is 300 baht.

7. Demo


Demo is another nightclub in Bangkok that is located in middle part of this city. Street where demo is situated is always busy day and night. These same people turn up at night to have fun. University students and professionals are clients of Demo. One rule of this nightlife is that one must have a national ID before being allowed to enter. In other words, children are restricted from going through some kind of behavior. During weekdays, one is required to pay 500 baht before entering. It is however free to enter during weekends.

6. Live RCA


This is one of those latest built clubs of Bangkok. It is located in a big and famous street known as royal City Avenue. Some RCA’s main activities include singing and dancing. Because of all that, there are several DJs employed to mix music of choice. Their dance floor is so huge and therefore can accommodate a large crowd. Apart from such kind of activities, drinks of all type are sold here. Live music and dance is expected during weekends mostly. It can also be heard on Holidays when many people are free from working. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok 2017.

5. Route 66


Route 66 is a club in Bangkok that is suitable for young people. Music from this place will definitely get all of them down to this place. Several rooms available in Route 66 are to place different kinds of music. One has to go a place of his or her choice. Hip hop kind of music is most dominating in this club. This gives us reason why young men enjoy having their time here. These same people will turn to drinking their best brand of alcohol. Foreigners are supposed to pay 400 baht but citizen should go free.

4. Levels Club and lounge


Level Club and Lounge was established to accommodate tourists and Thais. So called special events happen on Wednesday and Friday when a week is about to end. If you are looking for a cool club with o much noise and dances, then level club and Lounge is of its style. From a distance you cannot realize that people are in their and having their good time slowly. Cool music played in Levels club is based on western tastes only. Opening hours of this club is 2100 hrs and closes at 0300 hour.

3. Sing sing theatre


This club cannot miss to be identified because of its unique design. Mixture of complicated music will be heard playing in high volumes. Sing theatre opens at 2000 hours and closes 0200 hours. Research shows that this is among busiest clubs in Bangkok and makes a profit of so much money in one single night. Just as its name suggests, what goes on in here during nights is special events and pure music from popular artists. Celebrities of Bangkok have been spotted having fun in such kind of a place. Visit their website to learn more of their services.

2. Onyx


Onyx club is located in a popular street in Bangkok known as RCA. Local and foreign music are all played here. Total number of club members that can be accommodated here is more than 2000 currently. Some of its features include large dance floor to accommodate many dancers, standing tables and stool for comfort feeling. You will find famous Djs like Booth. You will need 400 to 500 baht in order to enter.

1. Ce La VI


This club used to be called Ku De Ta before changing to Ce La vi. It can be described with its high profile that has been maintained ever since it was introduced to market. Music change is only experienced there is a lot of change. Opening hours is 2000 to 0200.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok 2017. We can ever experience these cool and best entertainments on earth. Most of them operate mostly in middle of nights and excuse people to freshen up first. Security in this clubs is guaranteed. There are no bad cases reported ever since they started operating.

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