Top 10 Best And Most Famous Safari Parks In The World

There are many places located in the world, where one can visit and have a good time with family members. Let us look on some of these fantastic destinations worldwide. Follow guideline below.

List of Top 10 Best And Most Famous Safari Parks In The World in 2017

10. Pyrenees Mountain Region

Pyrenees Mountain Region, Top 10 Best And Most Famous Safari Parks In The World

Pyrenees is a range of mountains situated between Spain and France. It has species of birds from European countries. This amazing safari park was named after a popular town found in Celtic Europe. Large number of mountains and absence of lakes makes Pyrenees a good place to be in Holidays. Many waterfalls are found here with largest fall being Gavarnie falling to a depth of 1,115 feet or simply 462 meters. Other notable features are mineral springs and Hot springs. Having a cool climate, tourist this place will give you best time ever.

9. Alice springs Bush

Alice springs Bush, Top 10 Best And Most Famous Safari Parks In The World 2017-2018

Taking a look or image of this particular place, you might even think that there is nothing much to talk about. However, I really want to prove you wrong. This is another great and best place to be during holidays. Alice Spring Bush is located in Australia and best known for having Bush Safaris. It is just an ancient land taking part of a National Park known as Uluru-Kata. This park has more than seventy two species of reptiles. There are also Lizard, pythons and moles in that same place.

8. Africa’s Rift Valley


Touring Africa is a great opportunity of seeing many natural features. Rift valley in Africa is an example of natural feature comprising of depressed land. As a result of land being spread apart by natural forces, there are a large number of trenches, lakes Mountains and deep river. Some mountains are volcanic and hence form a nice place for Touring. An example is Mount Longonot (Kenya). Lake Naivasha in Kenya is an example in natural feature in Rift Valley. Other touring parks and game reserves include Maasai Mara (Kenya), Serengeti Park (Tanzania) and many others.

7. Lower Zambezi


Lower Zambezi is located in Zambia at a place known as Chinua Camp. It is a unique place best and very Luxurious to spend time. There is various places and tents to park and spend time comfortably. These tents are said to be modern and convenient to many people of all classes. Guests and tourists are invited all time to have a good time in nature walks, Canoe Trips, fishing and viewing drives. Lower Zambezi is eco friendly among many other safari parks that are found in Africa. Available Guiding teams are available to show people around.

6. Micato’s


Micato is a unique and popular Luxury Safaris that offers best for India and Kenya. It was once ranked as winner of best World safari Outfitter. This company is approximately 50 years and comprises of reliable air transports and accommodations together with six legendary destinations. Some of these destinations include City of Kenya, Singita Kruger Park that is located In South Africa, Livingstone in Zambia and resort Cape Town. Micato can be considered as a perfect gateway to entertain couples on Honeymoon, people who want to tour adventures and young or natural lovers. Micato is promising to give you quality time that cannot be compared with your pay. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best And Most Famous Safari Parks In The World 2017.

5. Camp Luangwa


Camp Luangwa is another amazing place found in Zambia, Africa. Africa has made a great contribution to this article for producing many Safari Parks. Camp Luangwa in Zambia makes a great deal between government and tourists. It is more than an award-winning place. Availability of luxurious lodgings and upscale Camps makes everything appropriate and attracts many guests. Walking tours were introduced to enable guests have a casual speed from one camp to another. With that, a great experience is gained. There is an amazing Wildlife Adventure to keep you entertained always.

4. Zafara Camp


Zafara Camp is an Exotic and Luxury Resort with a gourmet restaurant that is found in Selinda Private Reserves that is found in Botswana, Africa. There many natural feature to view in Selinda including Lagoons that are viewed mostly in early mornings and evenings. Good thing about this Camp is that they have a well-trained team required to take guests around with no cost at all. Wild creatures are only seen during nights ad there is much protection and security offered. There is no worry of forest accidents.

3. Singita Serengeti House


Singita Serengeti House is a famous Safari Park in Tanzania, Africa. It comprises of a national reserve Known as Grumeti, amazing swimming pools and a private tennis court where guests come to enjoy. Grumeti Reserve is situated in a Hill known as Sasakwa that covers an area of 350,000 acres. Guests enjoy seeing wild animals like Leopards, Lions, Buffaloes, snakes and cheetahs. Some people may get afraid upon seeing these dangerous animals around but there is always security and protection offered. Singita Serengeti House is a good place to be hence making to be among top 10 best safari parks.

2. Island Tropical of Borneo


Borneo is a very big and rugged island found in Southeast parts of Asia Continent. It is shared by Malaysian States such as Sarawak and Sabah states. Island Tropical is a good place best known for ancient beaches, rainforest and wild animals. Many guest flock in this place with an aim of entertaining themselves, Children and entire family during Holidays. Elephants and monkeys are interesting creatures to see especially when they are playing. This is a true wilderness destination waiting for you.

1. Florida Everglade


On top of our list we have America’s best safari Park Known as Everglade found in Florida. This is a home of natural swamps full of crocodiles. I know that many people get afraid when they here of Crocodiles. However, there is no worry because a well-trained team in this place offers protection and security. What makes things more interesting is when you see these crocodiles with their red and big eyes in water.

This article comprises of best and most famous safari Parks in the world 2017. Africa continent is taking a good numbers in this list with best Safari Parks.

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