Top 10 Best & Most Famous Historical Places In France

France is among the major countries in Europe with major historical places. It is always good to be a witness around these historical places to experience the feeling around them though not practically. France enjoys major foreign income due to these historical sites and places that define most of the country’s history. There are many historical places in France and famous that can keep people wondering and desiring to learn about them. Some of these places are listed below as the top ten.

List of Top 10 Best & Most Famous Historical Places In France in 2017


THE DUNE OF PYLA, Top 10 Best & Most Famous Historical Places In France 2017

Located near the great town of Bordeaux, around 40 miles from the main town, the dune of Pyla is a splendid work of nature. Comprising of smooth sands and a gentle slope, this is the tallest sand dune in the whole of Europe. The dune is historical due to its nature of increasing and occupying the land. Also referred to as the great dune of Pilat, it is enormous in size and length. It presents a spectacular view from above and due to that, it has attracted millions of tourists from all over the world just to have a feeling of this great dune. It is absolutely beautiful and amazing and anybody would fall in love with the amazing natural attraction.


LUXEMBOURG PALACE, Top 10 Best & Most Famous Historical Places In France 2017

A royal palace built in 1625 with a classy architecture of the 17th century that was meant to be a royal residence. It is made with absolute class and finish, this one of the extra ordinary palace with much to desire. Complete with enough space and rooms, the outside of it is another treasure. It contains a garden full of all kinds of flowers and beautiful plantations and an orchard consisting of fruits such as apples plus pear trees. It has a park for children to play in plus a playground and a puppet theater. With ponds around people plus children might enjoy boat rides around the water ponds. The scenery is further lit with band concerts from time to time and that has made it a major tourist attraction site.



It is a singled out town in southern France with executive features and exotic buildings. It is a hilltop town full of fortresses and towers more especially watch towers for specifically security reasons. A double wall that mainly is to prevent easy penetration surrounds it. The town is composed of a major castle within the city that offers different services. It highlights archaeological exhibitions and a tour in the castle brings it home. The town also comes in handy with luxurious hotels and buildings compounded by wine making and a robust tourism attraction sceneries.



Also referred to as chateau de Versailles, this is a royal palace with fantastic and amazing atmosphere. Located 12 miles from the main town Paris, it attracts many tourists annually and has become France’s foreign earner and historic monument. It has a U shaped structure completely furnished with high class accessories and apartments. It includes several high-level apartments meant for royalty and nice long balconies and walls decorated with a golden finish. It also has stone tables one of which includes the kings table and many statues comprising of the former emperors. It comes with fountains and water parterres that offer magical view as you are offered a grand tour across the monument. This is a place to be.



As the name suggests, this is a church for the Roman Catholics, a big and public monument that has attracted millions of tourists from across the world just to have a look at the infrastructure. Dating back to the old centuries, the cathedral boasts of its record as the largest church if not the only but among in the world. Made of stained glass it comprises of different classy and amazing rooms for the many catholic relics in the cathedral. It also boasts of being in possession of the true cross and one of the great holy nails. It has statues on the outside that are decorated in a fantastic style and comes with an old Emmanuel bell. Lastly, it has a suitable view point at the top of the cathedral accessed through the spiral staircases.



A battlefield used by the French against the Germans in the First World War. It has been preserved and maintained for the purpose of commemoration and celebrations. Tourists throng the fields for a special feeling of the memory; and it is indeed a worthy visit. It is located on a very beautiful rural landscape which is characterized by a river Somme passing through its valleys. It also contains museums that might sound and prove interesting, a cemetery specially preserved for the soldiers who died in the then battle. Surrounded by towns around, the tourists might find accommodations around as they enjoy the scenery of preserved trenches and craters that were used in the battle as hiding shields. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best & Most Famous Historical Places In France 2017.



Situated in Normandy France, this is an island of exception. Just 600 meters from the main land, the island is composed majorly by farmers and fishermen. Although it offers a lot of other services, tourists throng the beautiful island on a daily basis for research and exposure. The infrastructure was constructed in a way that that it symbolized the social and religious beliefs of the people of God above and man below him. It is occupied by people with structured and well organized settlement. It is a place to be since it offers vast range of hotels and restaurants for accommodation for visiting tourists.



It is one of the best villages in France and a tourist attraction centre. It has been noted as being among the best organized villages in the world. With plenty of hotels and restaurants, it offers plenty space for accommodation to the tourists who spent most time visiting this village. It is known for its production of good wines across the whole of Europe. Visiting this town gives you a new experience and one to cherish.



It is a very beautiful resort of extreme color and smartness. Located at the base of mount Blanc, this is the place to be especially if you are a skiing fan. It is known for its best and famous skiing platform from the past and is regarded as the major skiing grounds plus mountain climbing. It offers fascinating views from above towards the towns and the amazing glazier bases. There are numerous villages surrounding the area and winter sports are major attraction to the region with a thousand tourists visiting the amazing scenery. It also embraces the technology of cable cars up and about the heights of this great mountain.



The ‘mother’ of all towers in the world, it is the most amazing monument that France has in possession. Located in Paris, it was named after the engineer who helped built it. With an amazing structure and shape, it is the most visited tower in the world. The major reasons for its development was to serve as an entrance during the world fair that happened in 1889. It is very tall measuring up to 324 meters high. Most tourists have at least taken photos of this amazing monument.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best & Most Famous Historical Places In France 2017. History is a part of us and these places hand us the chance to the memory of the past. Embracing and maintaining these places will ensure generational acknowledgement. In case you get a chance to visit France, make sure you visit the above historical places and be assured that you will learn something new.

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