Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville

Are you planning to visit Seville and you wanted to ensure that all the 12 hours during the day are spent well? Alternatively, you have been facing a challenge on choosing the places to go in Seville since there are numerous places where you can go. You need to check out below the best and great day tours of Seville.

Just to get you back a little is found in Spain and is one of the places you need to plan a whole day schedule allocating different hours to different activities. You will need to prepare in advance on the places you need to go to. In this review, you will get to know how to plan your day from morning until in the evening in that order. Below are the top ten best and great day tours in Seville.

List of Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville in 2017

10. Morning Breakfast

morning breakfast, Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville 2017-2018

You can start your day by ensuring that you get the best breakfast that will ensure you are ready to go for the whole day. You need to get delicious breakfast that may include eggs, burgers or bread or dish-serrano ham. But you need to take your breakfast in the right place in order for it to be a tour. The best restaurant will be Horno de San Buenaventura Café. Start your day energized.

9. Torre Del Oro


After you have started your day with a heavy breakfast, you can start the tours by going to Torre del Oro also known as tower of gold. It is very affordable to pay in order to pay in order for you to get into this place. Once you are on the inside you will get an opportunity to learn about the traditional history of this wonderful place. Caution is to be taken when climbing the tower to ensure your do not ruin your tour due to an accident.

8. Viewing the Beauty of Seville


After you have made it to the top of the Torre Del Oro tower, you will be amazed to see how the city of Seville looks incredible from the top of this tower. Just relax as you enjoy the sun while you take photos from your camera. Do not be in a hurry; spend as much time as possible on the towers. Get to observe and capture the beauty.

7. Visiting the Museum


When you are done viewing the city, you can now make your way to the several churches and museums found in this city. You will get the opportunity of a lifetime in learning the rich historical and traditional value of Seville. You will find it very easy to navigate from one museum or church to another. In the churches, you will get to experience the religious heritage of this place. This will give you the best feeling.

6. Roaming in the Street


By the time you are coming from the churches and museum, you will be feeling that you need to walk outdoors. You can walk along the bridges, parks, buildings, beaches and get to see a spectacular view of the beauty of this city. Even if you walk on the same street, you will be surprised to find something new in store for you. You will be able to enable your mind think as you move around.

5. Time at Granada

the amazing granada, Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville 2017-2018

Granada is located near Sierra Nevada Mountain. Granada is another place where you get the opportunity to view the beauty of Seville. At this place, you will enjoy some refreshments and get a chance to rest for some times before getting into your car or catching a bus that will take you back to the city. If you visit this place you will not bored as every weekend people flock here to enjoy themselves.

4. Trip to Cordoba


Going to this culturally rich mosque will take you the shortest time possible. It is located on the east of Seville and to reach there you will need to catch a speed train. The experience of being ferried to this place on a speed train is memorable enough to keep your day going. Once there you will get to learn how this mosque is traced back to the Roman. It is an incredible tour venue and you can capture a few photos to remember this place.

3. Meal Time


By the time you are at Cordoba, you will already be feeling hungry and you want to ensure you get your supplies before embarking on your trip to the city. Ensure you try the star dishes of Salmoreja, pork loin rolled in ham and cheese. Along the way from the place to the train station pass through the Gourmet market called Mercado de la Victoria. No trip is complete until you have done some shopping.

2. Visit to Merida City


It will be almost end of the day by now and you need to end it well by visiting this largest city of Extremadura. You will get the opportunity to view the Roman ruins of Aqueducto de los Milagros, Temple of Diana, Roman Theatre and the National Museum of Roman all of which will be the best scenes to take your photos. You will enjoy visiting all this places.

1. Dinner at Extraverde


By this time you will have visited so many places and you want to enjoy the rich food of Seville community. The best place where you can enjoy your dinner is at the Extraverde, named the most visited place in Seville. You will not only be able to enjoy your meals but you will get a chance to do some more shopping in the shops found here. The mouthwatering dishes served here are sure enough to leave you feeling full.

Finally, as I conclude these are the Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville. The order I have listed them can be altered meaning you do not have to visit the place in that order; it will depend on your preference. Enjoy yourself while you are at Seville.

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