Top 10 Best Film Museums in The World

These museums hold a lot of information. You can see everything you will want to know about. Wondering how it all come about? Well if you go you will find the history of how all the advancements started to come along. The very first films was made with some of this technology and trust me when i say it was not easy. Movies now are not like movies then. Some even hold some of the cars from the movies or the costumes that some people wore. This would be a great history class project but you will not learn anything if you do not pay close attention to what is being showcased.

List of Top 10 Best Film Museums in The World in 2017

10. Australian Center For Moving Image, Australian


This center is for Moving Image. It is one of the premier film museums in the world. Founded in nineteen forty six. It has two different theatres. It venues to the regular film festivals. It is huge and the design looks weird but if you look at it closely it has so many different colors and shapes that you will wonder how they come up with the design. Looks like pieces are missing but it was just how they decided to make it look. It has historical cinema artefacts.

9. National Media Museum, UK

national media museum uk, Top 10 Best Film Museums in The World 2017

It is part of the National Science Museum group. It was established in nineteen eighty three. This is formerly known as the National Museum of Photography, and Film and Television. Housing about three point five million objects that are related to cinema and other media. Also includes first photo negatives and footage from early TV. has several film festivals each year.

8. Hollywood Museum, USA

hollywood museum USA, Top 10 Best Film Museums in The World 2018

Displays a large collection of American cinema. Perfect place to learn about history. Various film sets that you will love. Has four different floors. It has costumes and a bunch of old cars that you can go and see. It has the Hollywood Walk of Fame. when you go you better be ready to learn a lot about history because you will learn so much stuff that you will be amazed. It is mainly history of Hollywood. The sign they have in front is really cool and will

7. German Film Museum, Germany


It holds German film culture. It has a bunch of glass cases inside that you will see the journey of everything changing. You will see what first started out and then you will see how it all advanced in the technology. It has replicas of film sets and a magnanimous library. You will see so many different things and wonder if it ever really got easier down the road of film making. The technology we have no is way different from what we had back then.

6. London Film Museum, London


Located in the Covent Garden. You will see some of the costumes that was being used and also some of the film sets themselves. One of the pieces are dedicated to James Bond which is called the Bond in Motion. You will enjoy this museum if you love James Bond and other movies around that area. It was found in two thousand and eight so it is not that old but it will show you advancement with all the things that has happened.

5. Museum Of Cinema, Ukraine


This is placed in the Odessa filming studio. They have a bunch of different heirlooms that have been placed in the museum for people to enjoy seeing. The main focus of this place is showing how cinema has expanded in the Eastern areas of Europe. The one room that is the best area is the one that shows how a cinema was invented which was long before the Lumiere boys. Film students are going to really love this place and all of the very rare books they have along with the antique videos as well.

4. National Museum Of Cinema, Torino


The museum was formed in 2008 and is based on the collection that film lover Maria Prolo had. In this place, they have a variety of film articles such as posters and film reels. There is also costumes but most of them are from the Italian cinema. This museum hosts a lot of different film festivals every years and that includes the Torino festival.

3. The Museum Of Film and Television, Berlin


They are located just a little ways away from where the Berlin film festival is held each year. It is a considered to be one of the leading museums in the entire world. They opened their doors in the year two thousand and the place shows off all of the film history out of Germany, especially the ones made in the era of the Nazi government. There is archives and a library along with thousands of pictures, movie props, and tons of costumes worn by the actors and actresses.

2. Museum of Cinema, France


This country has one of the most affluent film civilizations in the world. This museum is based out of Paris and shows tons of history from the French cinemas. They have been established since 1936 and have one the biggest archives there is of movies and object that are related to films. The library and film programs are what adds more eminence to the place. There has been many famous faces visited this museum such as Robert Bresson and Jean Luc Godard.

1. China National Film Museum (CNFM)


Based from the city Beijing, it opened up in 2005 to celebrate the centennial of Chinese films. They offer a lot of different things you can see here that are the history of films made from China. There is about fifteen hundred prints and thousands of pictures along with other material that is related to the subject as well. The land of the museum is over 65 acres and they have 20 exhibition areas. They have a six screen theatre and an iMax theatre. Almost one million visitors come to this place each year.

These above are the Top 10 Best Film Museums in The World 2017. If you want to get the history on films that you love then going to a film museum would be something that is perfect for you. Many people every year are attending places like these and learn so much about movies that no one has heard before. Getting that hands on feel of the films will be an incredible experience that you nor anyone else would want to miss out on.

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