Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel Alone in The World

Taking a vacation away from your comfort home is always the best way to relax your mind and body as well. Everyone needs time alone away from family, workmates and friends to rejuvenate and able to think of themselves peaceful. You do not need to be rich to travel around the World, there are many affordable destinations capable of giving you experience of a life time. While traveling alone you need to take precautions as tagging your luggage correctly and not in many boxes or bags, your money and bankcards very safely and avoid taking foodstuffs from strangers. Here is the list of the best destinations you can travel alone.

List of Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel Alone in The World in 2017

10. Hong Kong – China

Hong Kong – China Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel Alone

You should learn to entertain yours and visiting Hong Kong will give you experience of a lifetime. The reason why you should consider this city is that despite being the biggest city in the world is the safest city you could ever be in the world. While in Hong Kong, you will be able to relax at their beautiful gardens and Tai Chi classes offering Zen moments. Language barrier holds back many people from travelling, but in Hong Kong saves you all that as it mix both Eastern and Western and English dominating.

9. Bali – Indonesia

Bali – Indonesia Top Most Famous Destinations to Travel Alone 2018

The culture of Bali is a wonderful one with friendly and hospitable people; you cannot resist yourself from taking a vacation in this city. Being a spiritual place, gives you a chance to practice yoga that helps you relax your mind and body. You can never go wrong with their cuisines from organic eateries and take your time relaxing in their white beaches. You can never feel solo as the people are extremely friendly, and monkey lovers can visit Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud.

8. Costa Rica


You will be alone but never lonely at Costa Rica, due to its abundance exciting adventures to embark on. This is the most peaceful country in the world with no record of political unrest or revolutions as experienced in other Latin American Countries. For those who like having great adventures of their lives, this is the best destination with volcanoes and many recreation activities.

7. Malaysia


Malaysia is so big like two countries all together full of wild jungles of Borneo and experience space age high rises in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is an all time tour destination full of colorful and exhilarating life experience events and festivals celebrated all year long. It is a modern city technology taking tall in every way making things easier and more or less on schedule to visitors and locals. This city is ideal for solo travelers as it is a well-deserved reputation for being safe and stable Muslim Country.

6. Cusco – Peru


Get your mind ready be blown off by the fascinating archaeological site and their traditional clothing. Whether looking for a unique cultural experience and a serious adventure, this is the place to be. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel Alone in The World 2017. For years, Cusco has served as a famed capital of the ancient Inca Empire and Mecca visitors. Some of South Americans know Cusco for the indigenous population and a home.

5. Aran Islands


Europe has much to offer than just gorgeous men but awesome places to travel with Irish experience. The home to impressive Iron Age and the Arans islands three in number located off the West Coast of Ireland. If you are a cyclist and wish to have a getaway experience this is your destination, with no fears of insecurity as Aran Island is very safe and the locals are very friendly.

4. Alaska


Believed more than twenty percent of Alaska tourists every year are solo visitors. The natural wonders of Alaska make it a great choice for solo travelers. Everyone aspires to visit Alaska to watch the whales entertaining people. Glacier carved fjords will also fascinate you, snow capped mountains and majestic icebergs.

3. Bhutan


Tired from bustles and hustles of daily life, visit Bhutan for an experience of a brand new cultural. beautiful with fresh air and the cleanest city with no liter from plastic bags or tobacco smoke and filters. You will feel safe as you loam around, for your own personal guide from the booking office will escort you. Gangkhar Puensum is a sacred mountain and the highest unclimbed peak in the world. Bhutanese government banned mount climbing on this sacred mountain.

2. Thailand


You do not have to be filthy rich to visit Thailand; it is the cheapest destination in the world especially in the north. This is the only place you can never mind over gender, being a Buddhist mindset community, that promotes equality among sexes gender. The reason behind Thailand being a great choice for solo travelers is that Thai people are very friendly with lots of hospitality. Thailand has a lot to offer from the party- central Bangkok with modern restaurants that you can book online. Enjoy a breathtaking walk in the tropical jungle and relax in their sandy white beaches. Commuting from one point to the other is easy by use of backpacking trail.

1. Melbourne -Australia


If you do not know how to entertain it will be hard for others to, and for starters, Australia should be your first consideration. Australia is the safest destination and being an English speaking country, holds even international travel more so many solo travelers. Due to its high security, anyone can move freely from one point to the other, either walking or using bike. Melbourne is a great and hot spot for any tourist and you only need to be there to experience their beautiful sandy beaches and a bustling city life.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel Alone in The World 2017. Some times in life, we lack someone to journey with, maybe to his or her tight job schedule, family business or lack of enough money. The solution to some of these is to go alone, the destination of your wish and the best thing is getting the chance to discover yourself and adventure. The above destinations are the best and safe to consider while choosing your destination.

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