Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After College

Checkout the list of Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After College in the world as of 2017. These places are some of the greatest places to go after you get out of college.

List of Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After College in 2017

10. Turkey

Turkey, Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After College 2017

They have monuments that are beautiful to view and the food is awesome. This country has a mixture of Europe and Asia for the characteristics. The landscapes are gorgeous because you get to see the Mediterranean coasts. You are going to get more opportunities as a tourist in Turkey than just important cities. The best part is that the more cities you travel to and they have less people, the prices are going to be lower which will be great for your pocket. Turkey is the less expensive country to visit and you will get to have insight into the lives’ of its locals. Not to mention the experience you get from eating the middle eastern foods.

9. Bulgaria

bulgaria Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After College 2017

The place has a ton of mountain landscapes with plenty of views of forests. There are villages that are off in the country and will leave you breathless with their beauty. The sandy beaches go on for miles. If you enjoy walking and hiking then this place is going to be perfect for you since they have hiking trails. If you want to play some winter sports then it is also a great country to travel to. You are going to get a great price for hotels and dining. The traveling while on the land is going to be perfect for someone that is on a budget.

8. Peru


They seem to have a more mystical characteristic in this country that is going to keep you curious with all of its old stories and the mysterious places. When you go here you are going to be close to the Amazons and close to the Andes, these are two places that are said to be the world’s most exotic areas. When it comes to traveling, you will be better off the get local transport to take you to the areas that you want to go. This possibly will be a good thing since you will get to meet new people and make tons of friends. Plus, the reason for doing this is to keep you traveling but on a budget.

7. Cambodia


They have a mixture of cultural and historical climaxes and immaculate natural vistas. Because the country is just getting started with tourists coming through, the pricing is actually pretty decent for sleeping arrangements, food to eat, and the openness. Sites to see here are things such as the lovely temple of ruins of Angkor Wat. If you are more of a water person then hit up the beach and enjoy the sun while relaxing. If you want more of an experience then walk around exploring or go on a bike ride.

6. Indonesia


You are going to have plenty of things to do and see while traveling in this country. They have beautiful green rice terraces and then the jungle, not to mention all the georgeous exotic wildlife. The beaches here are pretty as well. The most favored spots in Indonesia are Bali, Jakarta, Lombok. They are all pretty decent on the transport values plus it will be easy to get around in their taxi’s. All of the foods, sleeping areas, and shopping are going to be cheaper on you so if there is a budget you need to stick to then it will be easy to do that.

5. Sri Lanka


You will want to go here to see the landscaping and all the wild life. When you get out of college you just want to take a break and go away from the world. Go here and relax and see the wilderness and the wonderful beaches. Such a friendly place to go if you want to see elephants. They have a huge elephant orphanage. The rocks are such a stunning view to have. It is very small but there is so much there that you will get to see a lot before leaving and coming back home to a job.

4. Ireland


If you went to college for literature then visit this place. It is known for the literature. This place is also great for the nightlife. If you want to get away just for a week or two come here and get in a few nights of no sleep because you are out partying. The music is great and ever has a high spirit. Very easy to get to but you will not want to leave. While here make sure you do not forget to attend at least one of the music festivals. The castles here you will want to see because of the history behind them all.

3. Dubai


If you have the money then this is the place for you. Yes it is a little expensive but why not spend a little money on yourself. You will be shopping and seeing the nightlife will make you want to stay up every night. You will not regret the time you spend here. If you are a traveller then they open up and make it budget friendly just so you are not wasting all of your money. The hotels are nice and you will be enjoying the fact that you do not have to clean or make your bed. You can get online and pay with all of this with a credit card making it easier for when you go.

2. Netherlands


If you love tulips you will see that this is the place for you because they are famous for tulips. The charm that comes from this place will pull you in when you start looking to vacation. The hotels and other things are a great price so you are not completely broke when you leave and go home. If you do not want to stay in a hotel you will be able to stay in a country house or even as farm house. Farm houses are so pretty and give you so much fresh air. If you want to go before you get out of college then you will get a discount because of being a student.

1. Thailand


The most affordable place you will be able to go before you start living the life and working. The food is great and the women there dance for shows and things.the shopping you will be doing will have you get keepsakes from this area so you can store them in a box and keep them forever. Pull them out and remember the nightlife that happened. You can enjoy the sun during the day and all the fun happens at night. Going here will get you value for your money so it is worth buying and it is low priced.

These above are the Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After College 2017. They will be the perfect vacation for before entering the adult world and getting a full time job. Once you start working, more than likely you will not have time for traveling so why not take a week or two long trip so you can explore and see some of the world before your career takes over.

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