Top 10 Best Cleanest European Cities

In this world there are millions of cities all around but some of them do not take care of their area and it is nasty and people just do not want to even be there. But, some cities take great care of their homeplace and want people that visit to come back more than a couple of times. That is why a lot of places have taken to turning their cities more green and efficient for the economies. Listed below are the ten cities that are the cleanest in Europe and they are all great places to travel to if you decide you want to go someplace more efficient.

Lit of Top 10 Best Cleanest European Cities in 2017

10. Bristol, United Kingdom


It is an historic city with a future that is going to be great because by two thousand and twenty five they have planned to become the green capital of Europe. They have already made two wind turbines in hopes of making fourteen thousand megawatt hours of energy. Between the years of 2005 and 2009 they had a decrease of carbon emissions of fifteen percent less. The domestic energy that is used in the city also dropped numbers by sixteen percent between two thousand five and two thousand and ten.

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

copenhagen denmark, Top 10 Best Cleanest European Cities 2017-2018

They consider themselves to be one of the world’s best forward thinking places for cleantech and green solutions along with ambition. By the year two thousand and twenty-five this city wants to be carbon neutral completely. They want to use biomass instead of coal and have one hundred wind turbines. They want seventy five percent of travel to be done by walking or using a bike or the transits around the city. They plan to put sixty thousand M2 of solar panels on the buildings there as well.

8. Nantes, France


Their tram networks are completely electric and the city has been working towards lowering the need for vehicles and making the amount of pedestrians and cyclists higher. These things along with other policies have all made the CO2 reduced down to 4.77 tons. They want to have seventy-five hundred homes built that are more energy efficient by the year of two thousand and twenty. This will happen on the island that is placed close the the center of the city.

7. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain


All of this towns people live close to open green space and a survey that was taken recently showed that fifty percent of travels here are done on foot which helps greatly with lowering the carbon emissions. They have become involved in reducing the energy consumptions and want to pay more attention to renewables. Their main focuses will be on the wind, geothermal energies, solar, along with biofuels that will be made from waste.

6. Hamburg, Germany


With having 1.8 million people living in this place, it is the second largest city in Germany. They have set themselves up for cutting out CO2 by the year of 2050. Their authorities have made a plan to make a green network so that the locals will not need to use their own vehicles for traveling within the city. They are going to have paths that are interconnecting by 2034 which will go over approximately forty percent of this city. The carbon will be lowered and all of the people that ride bikes and the ones that walk everywhere will be able to get around without worrying about vehicles coming in their way.

5. Stockholm, Sweden


This city houses about one thousand parks and many of the locals live very close to them and if they are not living near the parks then they are located by the beautiful waters that are all around the city. The buses run on fuels that are renewable so that it will keep pollution down and the since the city wants to become more independent of fossil fuels so they can lower the pollution this is a perfect thing. The cars are also considered clean cars because they also do not release pollutants into the air so if you are traveling here you will be breathing some of the freshest air in the world because of how clean the city is. This is one of the Top 10 Best Cleanest European Cities 2017.

4. Zurich, Switzerland

zurich-switzerland 2017-2018

This city is mainly known for their public transportation because of how efficient and clean it is, There is trains, buses, streetcars, and boats available to be used for traveling at any moment if you need to get somewhere within the town. With the different options of travel, the ones chosen are to help lower the fuels that get let out into the air like most vehicle normally due.

3. Bern, Switzerland


In order to gain tourists, this city relies on how pretty it is and because of that the city authorities have taken an initiative to always make sure the city is clean and up to par so when people are visiting they will get the best experience and will also be impressed by how clean it is. That will make travelers want to return a lot more than once.

2. Freiburg, Germany


When visiting this city you will see all kinds of green hills all around you with tons of flowers that are blooming in the most beautiful colors. They have gardens that are fresh and parks that have been taken care of tremendously. The roads have beautiful views of tree since they are lining them on both sides. If you just want to get away from your hectic and boring everyday life then visiting this city will be a perfect vacation for yourself to get some relaxation.

1. Paris, France


It is considered the biggest city round the world and is also the most loved city for all people in the fashion industry, even people that love to shop for high end fashion prefer to be in Paris than any other city. Their roads are clean and some of them even have an easy to clean carpet so that it makes the city more presentable. Their system for the traffic is organized very well so there is no traffic jams and exhaust fume going up into the air causing horrific pollution. All of the attractions such as theme parks get cleaned very good regularly. Many tourists choose to visit France every year because of its beauty and because of how clean the city is.

These above are the Top 10 Best Cleanest European Cities 2017. Cities all have pollutants in the air but at least these all are trying to reduce them and make their air a lot cleaner and the town a better place to be whether it is for the locals who live there or the tourists that travel to the city for a vacation.

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