Top 10 Best Airports in The World

Most of the time, when you arrive at an airport you are going to be at least two hours early so you can get checked in and everything well before the lines start to strain and get hectic. During that amount of time, most people fall asleep because they are so bored they do not know anything else to do but with the ten below you will have no more worries about any of that since they have so many amenities that will sometimes even compare against one of the best featuring hotels.

List of Top 10 Best Airports in The World in 2017

10. Doha Hamad International Airport

Doha Hamad International Airport Top Best Airports in The World 2017

Over thirty million people use this airline a year. Before it was thirty thousand it was twenty thousand so the numbers went up high. It opened in two thousand and fourteen. It took sixteen billion dollars just to build this airport and it gets used someway somehow. The architecture is said to the most luxurious in the world. It looks amazing and is great to use for biggest airplane landing.

9. Kansai International Airport

Kansai International Airport Top Famous Airports in The World 2019

With only twenty million people using it and before that only twelve thousand it went way up in numbers and is still rising. You can look out the windows and watch the planes come in and go while you wait. Some people will go and just watch the planes for the great view. It is located over an artificial island. It is major the Japan and ANA airlines so it gets a lot of business from these people who have to travel a lot.

8. London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport Top Popular Airports in The World 2019

This is just one of the largest airports in London. It is very busy having seventy three point four million people each year. The fact that it is used so much will have you wondering how they get so much business. It is one of the largest ones so people tend to use the bigger ones so they do not have to wait as long with the small ones. It has a skyview so you can feel the sun on your body as you walk through the building.

7. Zurich Airport


The number one thing you will notice when dealing this airport is the chandeliers that are hanging from the ceiling. It takes twenty five point five million passengers a year to where they need to go. You can rent bikes and inline skates from the airport making the overlay more enjoyable than just sitting and waiting for so long. This helps when you have kids and do not want to sit for too long.

6. Central Japan International Airport

Central Japan International Airport Top 10 Best Airports in The World 2017

Built on Ise Bay and carries over nine point eight million people. This is the main focus when you need to travel because of how big it is. The sky deck that is near can be watched while you wait. It is a thousand foot long so you will not miss a thing if you are watching. You can even take a relaxing bath while you wait in the bath house so you can be clean before getting on the plane and you will be relaxed enough to enjoy the ride and not be so jumpy if it is your first plane ride. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Airports in The World 2017.

5. Hong Kong International Airport


Built off the island of Hong Kong and is the most popular here. It is very busy at all times of the year. You can go to terminal two and play some golf before you even take off. Make sure to listen for your flight so you do not miss it from playing and enjoying yourself. The planes here have seen sixty three point one million people each year so a few more will not make a difference.

4. Tokyo Haneda International Airport


This place is not from the heart of the Japanese capital. In one year around seventy two point eight million people have been on the planes to travel. The fact that they carry so many people has them still in business and I do not see them shutting down anytime soon. It is the fourth busiest airline in the world. It is very clean when you go so no worries of your children getting dirty or having trouble sneezing or coughing. You can also go shopping while you wait and enjoy some cool treats. The children will love the adventure and then after all the shopping they may just be too tired to give you a hard time on the airplane.

3. Munich Airport


In one year’s time this airport typically receives about thirty eight million people that are passengers for the planes. It is usually a very busy place and will give you excellent design views while you wait since the place is made up of architecture that is glass. There is a park near here that will be great for the ones that are experiencing a layover and want to play a round of mini golf or take a look at the aircrafts from history.

2. Incheon International Airport


The colors in this airport are amazing. They really put the time into make it so much better. It is on an island off of South Korea. It is a very busy airport making it to the twenty fourth spot. They carry around forty one point seven million people in just one year. That seems like a high number but the numbers can go so much higher than that. You can shop while waiting. You will be able to grab a bite to eat before you get on the plane because of the great food they have. If it is your first time you might want to lay off the food till you know how you will feel before you get on the plane.

1. Singapore Changi International Airport


This place gets the most passenger traffic at fifty four million. This one has been listed as the best airport for the last four years and it very well deserves the title. It is not only a very pretty place but the operation of it is efficient and they have a tremendous amount of luxuries that are going to make you so happy to take a flight out from this place. You can do things from eating in a dining establishment or go shopping while you are waiting. Go to a movie theater or spa while you are here too, which is something many people really enjoy doing to pass the time quickly.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Airports in The World 2017. The ten airports listed above have made it on the list for being the best because they all operate on the focus of keeping their passengers happy and comfortable. A lot of people hate dealing with an airport staff or they just dread flying anyways because of being bored during layovers. But, by flying out from one of the ten listed above you are going to have plenty of entertaining things to do while you are waiting for your flight to be called.

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