Top 10 Most Amazing Glass Buildings in The World

Over the years architecture has changed so much. There is a more modern style to almost everything now and that includes glass covering the building being one of the most popular looks now. There have been quite a lot of numbers in buildings that are being redone to a more updated look. The ten listed are some of the most awesome glass buildings that have been built in today’s world.

List of Top 10 most Amazing Glass Buildings in The World in 2017

10. The Botanical Garden of Curitiba

The Botanical Garden of Curitiba, Top 10 Most Amazing Glass Buildings in The World 2017

It opened in nineteen ninety one and is one of the biggest attractions for tourists that come to that city. The greenhouse makes up the garden which is where a lot of different plants are grown. The material of the building for the greenhouse is made from glass and metal. There is waterfalls and fountains that are surrounding the place. It is over four hundred and fifty square meters in size so the place is quite large.

9. Kanagawa Institute of Technology Workshop, Tokyo


It was built on the campus of Kanagawa Institute for Technology and is one of the most see through buildings there is here. Junya and Associates are the ones who designed the building and made it nothing but glass and steel columns that are white in color. It is one big room that is about two thousand square meters in size and the columns are different sizes and shapes too. The entire thing was made to give you a familiar feeling of it being a forest, not a building.

8. The Farnsworth House, Plano


The best look of this building is the see through feature that it has. There is an intimate feeling that has you feeling a lot closer to the nature than you ever did before. With there only being one entire room throughout the whole thing, that makes it unique. The building was finished in 1951 so that Dr. Edith Farnsworth could have a retreat away into a rural area. Now they have it as a museum and in the year 2006 it was made to be a National Historic Landmark.

7. Basque Health Department Headquarters, Bilbao


When you get a glimpse of this building you are probably going to be thinking that it is a museum or even an art gallery with how beautiful and unique the building is. It is actually not either one of those, this office building is thirteen stories high and is the main building of the Basque Health Department. Apparently it is one of the most iconic spaces in Spain. On the side you will get plenty of natural light and be able to admire the views outdoors but on the outside it looks more like you are seeing into a mirror. That is thanks to the glass being polyhedral. Tourists love viewing this place when they are visiting space just because of how beautiful it is.

6. Hotel W, Barcelona


This is one of the Top 10 Amazing Glass Buildings in The World 2017. The spanish cities are known for both their medieval styles and the modern one that they like as well. This hotel that is located in Barcelona is the most prominent designs of the modern age. Ricardo Bofill made it and finally completed the building in 2009. The five star hotel is made of glass all over it that reflects the natural light on the inside. This place is in the shape of a sail and that is the reason it has the nickname Hotel Vela which means Sail Hotel. Anyone that stays here is going to get a terrific view of the Mediterranean Sea that is on the back side of the glass made walls.

5. Netherlands Institute For Sound and Vision


It is built in the shape of a cube and the colors it is covered in are cast glass panels. You will see the mix of different colors from the outside. Blues and oranges and whites and yellows all shine bright and make you wonder what the inside looks like. When you realize it is all glass then you may worry about being inside if something bad happens during your stay. Ten floors of nothing but glass, half of them underground.

4. Louvre Pyramid, Paris


When you go here you will be able to tell that it is made of all glass. When it first opened so many people showed up that it was like throwing a party for the new baby. Built in the nineteen hundreds it is one of the best attractions in the world. It is the structure of the museum inside of it. Go inside and look around and see what you think. If you are kinda scared at first well that is completely normal with the roof being glass.

3. 30 St Mary Axe, London


It is the tallest structures that is in London. It was just finished in two thousand and three. It looks wonderful. Forty one floors in this building will have you wondering where to go. If you are scared of heights you will want to stay far away because of the way it looks from the top. You will be able to tell the build was constructed very well and planned out so nothing could happen to it.

2. Dancing House, Prague


One thing that will stick out to you will be the shape of how it was built. It looks like it could fall at any second of any day. It won the design of the year award in nineteen ninety six. It is built this way because of the name. It looks like the place is dancing. If you look close enough you will see how they made it to look like two people are really dancing together. The arms and legs really show.

1. National Centre For The Performing Arts, Beijing


The National Grand Theatre is huge and you can see inside with little fight. It is made of glass and if you see a reflection of it on the water it looks like a full circle. Built in two thousand seven and made of glass and titanium. People call it the giant egg. The lake surrounds it but that will not stop you from getting in the door. Go to the opera house or any of the concerts that will happen there.

These above are the Top 10 Amazing Glass Buildings in The World 2017. These may be simple buildings but trust me when i say they are all made of some kind of glass. The structure is built to last and they are gorgeous. No more boring old walls. Look out on the lakes or at other places and the lights. Enjoy the view while you can.

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