Top 10 Most Expensive NFL Teams 2017

National football league (NFL) formerly known as American professional football association (APFA) is a league of professional American football. American football is also known as gridiron. APFA was organised in 1920 which was changed to NFL in 1922.One of the four major professional sports league in North America is NFL. NFL conducts a 17 week regular season that starts just after Labour Day and ends a week after Christmas.

NFL consists of 32 teams and every team plays 16 match. NFL has a merged itself with AFL (American football league) in 1966. A super bowl match is now played between champions of AFC and NFC. AFC stands for American Football Conference and NFC stands for National Football Conference. Of any professional sports league NFL has the highest average attendance in the world. Top 10 expensive NFL teams are as follows.

List of the world’s top 10 most richest and expensive NFL teams in 2017

10. Green Bay Packers (Price $1.95 Billion)

Green Bay Packers expensive NFL teams 2016-2017

They are professional American football team. They compete in NFL as a member club in the leagues National Football Conference (NFC) north division. IN NFL Green bay packers are the third oldest franchise in the league. This is the only team that is owned by a non-profit community in United States.
Green bay packers were established on August 11 1919.Coached by Mike McCarthy the packers have a record of 13 times world champion titles. Packers’ are the only team that has won three consecutive NFL titles. The team has founded an organisation named Green bay packers foundation in the year of 1986. This organisation assists for many social affairs like, human service, health service, civic affairs etc.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (Price $2.4 Billion)

Philadelphia Eagles expensive NFL teams 2016-2017

They are professional football franchise based at Philadelphia Pennsylvanian. Eagles are competing as member club of the leagues National football conference (NFC). Trained by Doug Pederson the eagles have won three NFL titles and have played in two super bowl games. As a replacement for the bankrupt Frankford Yellow jackets, Eagles were formed in 1933. This team has an intense rivalry with New York giants and it is the oldest in NFC east. They are one of the tough teams of NFL.

8. Chicago Bears (Price $2.45 Billions)

Chicago Bears expensive NFL teams 2016

Competing as a member club of leagues NFC Chicago bears are professional American football team in Chicago Illinois. The team was founded in Decatur Illinois on 1919. And then it shifted to Chicago in 1921. Coached by john fox the team has nine NFL titles and one super bowl and has the pro football hall of fame to its credit. Bears have a long standing rivalry with Green bay packers. Lake shore drive in Chicago is the current home ground of Chicago bears.

7. Houston Texans (Price $2.5 billion)

Houston Texans expensive NFL teams 2016-2017-2018

Team Houston Texans are professional American football team based in Houston Texas. They compete as a member team of American football conference (AFC) in NFL. Under coaching of Bill Obrien Texans has achieved 5 playoff berths in the NFL. They are the youngest franchise in AFC in NFL match and do not have a historic rivalry with any team as they have been in the league just since 2002. But 5 playoffs show that they aren’t a dull team.

6. New York Jets (Price $2.6 billion)

New York Jets richest expensive NFL teams 2016-2017

A professional American football team situated in New York metropolitan area, New York jets is members of American Football Conference in National Football League. This team was founded in 1959 as Titans of New York an original member at AFL later this franchise joined NFL when it merged with AFL. Todd Bowels as the head coach the team is one of the most scared teams in NFL. They have great rivalry with Buffalo Bills.

5. San Francisco 49ers (Price $2.7 billion)

San Francisco 49ers expensive NFL teams 2016-2017

San Francisco bay area that is where, San Francisco 49er is located. It is a professional American football team. It is competing in NFL as a member of NFC. It was an original member at AAFC. This team was formed in 1946 and the present head coach is Chip Kelly. The team has its rivalry with major teams of NFC west.

4. New York Giants (Price $2.8 billion)

New York Giants expensive NFL teams 2016-2017

This is no 4 in the list of the most popular and top expensive NFL Teams. NY Giants Professional American football team located at a New York metropolitan area. This team competes in NFL as a member of NFC. MetLife stadium is the official home ground of New York giants. They were one of the five teams that joined NFL in 1925. They are a longest established team in NFL. Ben McAdoo is the present head coach of this team. Philadelphia Eagles have an arch rivalry with this team. This team has a total of eight championships to its name.

3. Washington Redskins (Price $2.85 billion)

Washington Redskins expensive NFL teams 2016

Located at Washington DC metropolitan area Washington Redskins are one of the richest teams of NFL. They are competing in NFL as a member of NFC. Jay Gruden is the present head coach of this team. They have played more than 1000 games since 1932. The Redskins have 5 NFL championships to their credit. They have rivalry with Cowboys. This team was formed in 1932 at Boston as Boston Braves but in 1937 they shifted to Washington. They are one of the top teams not due to their team value but also due to the power packed players that they possess makes the team one of the best in NFL.

2. New England Patriots (Price 3.2 billion)

New England Patriots expensive NFL teams 2016

Great Boston is the region where New England Patriots are located. They compete in NFL as a member of AFC. New England Patriots is one of the richest and one of the most powerful teams in NFL. They have been in the NFL playoffs more than three times. They have 8 AFC championships to their name. Bill Belichick is the present head coach of this team.

1. Dallas Cowboys (Price $4 billion)

Dallas Cowboys expensive NFL teams 2016-2017

They are Team that play professional football. Located at Dallas Fort worth metropolis they compete in NFL as the member of NFC East division. They are the first sports team to be valued at $ 4 billion. They have 5 league championship and 5 super bowl championships to their credit. They also have 10 conference championship and 221 divisional championships to their credit. Jason Garrett is the present head coach of this team.

So this is the list of top 10 most Expensive NFL Teams. NFL or National Football League is one of the most supported leagues in America. American football is the most favorite game of Americans hence they have a strong fan power which earns NFL a huge amount of revenue which return makes these NFL teams richest and expensive NFL teams in the world.

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