Top 10 Most Expensive Baseball Cards 2018

Baseball cards have always been the hot collectibles for American citizens especially youths. Many elite class people are ready to spend any amount to get hold some rare, valuable cards. Collecting baseball card is often described as the America’s one of the best pass times. Over the years there are ample amount of changes in the baseball game, but the love for the cards has never depleted. In today’s generation, there are many American who still collects baseball card.

Nowadays, these baseball cards hold some serious values, and there are ten most expensive baseball cards in the world, but it will make a deep hole in the collector’s pocket. Many years ago baseball cards were given as a reward for buying cigarette or gum but at those times they were not worth much. But today those base cards worth huge amount of money. Here is the top 10 list of most expensive baseball cards 2018:

List of the Top 10 valuable and most expensive baseball cards in 2018:

10. Eddie Plank (Price – $188,000)

Most Expensive Baseball Cards

The Eddie Plank 1909 – 1911 cards is at the number 10 spot on the most expensive baseball cards list, and this is mainly due to the rarity. Eddie Plank started his career as Major League Baseball player in the Philadelphia Athletics and at the end St Louis Browns. In the beginning, the card was easily available, and it was either given free or sold at a small price. But due to its increasing scarcity this card now cost $188,000.

9. Joe Jackson (Price – $199,750)

Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Joe Jackson often known as Shoeless Joe is a Major League baseball player and he was quite renowned for his gameplay. He also became famous for its involvement in Black Sox Scandal so his Joe Jackson 1910 T210 Red Border Old Mill Cigarettes Edition also became a worthy piece. This card holds the 9 Th spot on the expensive list, but it is not only because of the player. The mint condition of the card has compelled the price bar to reach $199,750 mark.

8. Joe Jackson (Price – $204,000)

This is another Joe Jackson card that has concealed the 8th spot in the expensive list, and this card is known as the 1914 Boston Garter. This card is still the most famous among other Joe Jackson card list and this popularity escalated due to his lifetime ban. He is often termed as the best hitter of all time, and he also holds the third spot in highest career batting average. All this fame has paved the way for this card to reach $204,000 mark.

7. Honus Wagner (Price – $219,000)

Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Honus Wagner is Major League baseball player belonging to Pittsburgh Pirates team, and he holds the record for eight batting titles. He had an excellent speed on the field, and he was also known The Flying Dutchman. His Honus Wagner 1910 baseball card was famous at that time and its worth increased due to his increasing popularity. Today the net worth of this valuable baseball card is $219,000 which holds the 7 Th spot in the expensive baseball cards list.

6. Ty Cobb (Price – $273,000)

Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Ty Cobb was an American Major League Baseball outfielder who played 22 seasons for Detroit Tiger at the beginning but at the end, he played for Philadelphia Athletics. In 1936, Inaugural Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, he received most of the votes of the player. His 1911 baseball card is a rare fortune and due to this, it cost $273,000.

5. Lou Gehrig (Price – $275,000)

Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Lou Gehrig is Major League Baseball player who played for New York Yankees, and he was the first baseman to play 17 seasons. He was very famous for his super ability, and this popularity gradually increased the price of the card. This card has the PSA 10 certification, and this is another reason for its hefty $275,000 price tag making to reach in the 5 Th spot in the list of antiques and expensive baseball cards.

4. Mickey Mantle (Price – $282,000)

Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps card was not a common rookie card; it was most traded card during the 1950s thus making it a most recognizable card. People used to spend a lot of money to get a hold of this card. Now this card cost $282,000, and it holds the 4 Th spot in the expensive baseball cards list.

3. Joe Doyle (Price – $329,000)

Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Joe Doyle played for New York Highlanders and Cincinnati Reds as a pitcher and was also known as Slow Joe. His Joe Doyle T2016 card from American Tobacco Company was an exceedingly rare card, and very few of these cards now exist in the world. This scarcity paved the way for the card to become the third most expensive card with a net worth of $329,000.

2. Babe Ruth (Price – $517,000)

Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Babe Ruth is considered as one of the best baseball players with 714 home runs and at the beginning, he played for Baltimore Orioles. This popularity increased the demand among collectors and now it is second most expensive card and some people are still ready to pay $517,000 to add this card to their collection. According to some unofficial sources, there are only ten cards in the world and only a few are in mint condition.

1. Honus Wagner (Price – $2.8 Million)

Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Honus Wagner T206 1909 card is the most expensive baseball cards in the world, and his popularity in the baseball world is one reason for this position. According to collectors, it is most valuable as well as the rarest card to own and it has a PSA 8 grade which is the highest among this baseball cards. One reason for this scarcity is that Honus Wagner ended the production of this card so that children won’t have to buy cigarettes to get his cards.

For any esteem baseball card collector, this is more than just a habit because for some it is a passion. These expensive baseball cards are their prized possession, and there are few collectors who would not sell these cards even if someone doubles their prices.

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