Top 10 Richest NFL Owners

It is no secret that you have to break the bank for you to own an NFL sports franchise. Being an owner means you simply call the shots and your word is gold, otherwise, why spend the billions? The famous saying you can buy players but cannot buy class does not hold water anymore. Money talks, or in this case plays and wins, and no one knows that better than the billionaire owners of NFL teams.

List of Top 10 Richest NFL Owners in 2017

10. Robert McNa

robert mcnair, Top 10 Richest NFL Owners 2017

When Billionaire Robert McNair took over ownership of the Texans, his intention was to take them the whole way, to the Super Bowl. He brought in quarterback Brock Osweller and it looked like the billionaire would manage to get his hands on the trophy. That is clearly not happening. Whether he uses the same formula in 2016 remains blurry but one thing is for sure, if money talks, then Houston are not far from the Bowl.

9. Jimmy Haslam


Three and a half billion dollars is a lot of money. If you decide to invest some of it in an NFL team, expect things to go both ways. Nobody knows this better than Jimmy Haslam. The Cleveland Browns are playing basic football. Enough to win a championship (at least) time will tell. Another thing time will tell is if he will finally bring in a genuine starting quarterback. Any Houston fan will tell you a quarterback Is all the Browns need.

9. Steve Bisciotti


Much of The Baltimore Ravens’ recent rise in form is much more of a reflection of what goes on in Steve Bisciotti’s boardroom than what the players do on the field. Visionary Ozzie Newsome and mentor John Harbaugh have turned the Ravens’ financial woes up-side-down and the players are happy. The starting lineup has taken a major facelift, and the fans would say it is about time.

7. Terrence Pegula


Choosing to invest a third of your fortune on an NFL franchise seems off, given the richest man in the world has 20 times your cash. Nevertheless if you buy the Bufallo Bills, something good can happen. You can get your money’s worth and live happily ever after. The 67 year old’s oil fortune is fuelling the Bills and NHL’s Buffalo Sabers ($189 Million). Who said you cannot double your chances in sports and you are worth over 4 billion dollars?

6. Jerry Jones


Jerry Jones is as much a celebrity as his players. He did his business early and bought the ‘’America’s Team’’ for $150 million back in 1989, well try buying one player now from them with that amount. The most valuable team is now worth over 4 billion dollars, not bad Jerry! The Cowboys went on to win the Super Bowl 6 years later, a fete they have not repeated just yet. He was severally been accused of being the reason behind a dismay run of form. This does not stop them from being the wealthiest franchise, clearly. He is one amongst the Top 10 Richest NFL Owners 2017.

5. Robert Kenneth Kraft


Robert Kraft is a visionary. He just donated $6 million to the development of the Kraft Family Sports Campus; in, wait for it… Israel! He is a businessman worth his salt. His investments span from private equity, paper and packaging and evidently, sports. His winning philosophy has uplifted the New England Patriots’ NFL status by a mile. The team looks rejuvenated and they have the Columbia University alumnus to thank.

4. Shahid Khan – $6.9 billion


The Pakistani-American business tycoon is the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is also the owner of car suppy company Flex-N-Gate. The billionaire who made his fortune selling automotive parts had one dream, owning an NFL franchise. Well, let’s just say if you usually put three commas when declaring wealth, that dream is, well not that far-fetched. He is a true definition of self-made and the fans and players alike better call him boss.

2. Stephen Ross


In 2008, high profile businessman Stephen Ross acquired 50% of the Miami Dolphins, for $550 million. He also bought the Sun Life Stadium and surrounding land, talk about settling in! The real estate mogul has been hitting headlines for the wrong reasons with controversial statements and firing people at will but he still remains the one and only owner, enough said. He said he has found the ‘’right man’’ in head coach Adam Chase and he couldn’t be more right, surprisingly. Whether or not Adam will last long enough to tone down the need to hire and fire coaches, only time will tell.

2. Stan Kroenke – $7.4 billion


The St Louis Rams have an owner in Stan Kroenke. In 2010, he became principal owner after being part owner for 16 years. He also owns somewhat successful English Premier League club Arsenal, the Denver Nuggets (NBA) and the Colorado Rapids (MLS). He is a fan delight for his community efforts and his heavy involvement in the NFL as member in the Workplace Diversity Committee and the Broadcast Committee. Generally he is a nice guy and a man of the people. He demands the best from everyone, a philosophy he carries to all the teams e owns, and they are a couple.

1. Paul Allen


Microsoft Billionaire Paul Allen owns the Seattle Seahawks and NBA’s Portland Trailblazers. The college dropout from Washington State University programmed his way to his billions and has two high profile sports franchises to show for it. I stand corrected but his love for aviation borders on the excessive. He funded Spaceship 1, the first private spacecraft to successfully orbit space. He is also a geek. He has spent over 500 million dollars to the Allen Institute of Brain Science. His 400 foot yacht, The Octopus can hold a 10-man submarine and two helicopters. It is safe to say he loves his toys.

These above are the Top 10 Richest NFL Owners 2017. These billionaires have taken their love for sports to a whole new level. Why not when the richest team is worth 4 billion dollars? A football franchise is a worthy investment, because Americans love the NFL, they will love you even more if you own a whole team in there. We expect new entrants to the list in 2017, although it is not a guarantee, especially the number 1 spot.

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