Top 10 Richest Football Players In Germany

Football, arguably the most watched sport in the world, rakes in lots of cash. Over the past century, Brazil has been known as the hub of football stars, but Germany is fast overtaking it as the hub for fast and clinical style of football. It is no wonder that they won the FIFA World Cup in 2014. Germans have over the years rewritten the concept that is winning games, recently humbling Brazil 7-1 during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The Germans are not looking to slow down any time soon and today we look at the top 10 richest football players of German descent.

List of Top 10 Richest Football Players In Germany in 2017

10. Miroslav Klose – Net Worth $25 Million

Miroslav Klose Top 10 Richest Football Players In Germany

He might be recently retired but he has more than earned his place on this list. He last played as striker for Italian club Lazio and the German national team. He is the all-time World Cup top scorer having won the title in 2014. He retired immediately after winning the World Cup. Germany never lost a game while having Klose on the score sheet. He is currently a member of the German’s national teams coaching staff.

9. Toni Kroos – Net Worth $29 Million


He is a midfielder currently playing for Real Madrid. He is well known for his composer and creative style of play. In 2014 he was promoted to the FIFA Team of the Year as well as World Pro XI. He is also a winner of the UEFA Champions League trophy. He just won the Fifa Club World Cup with Real Madrid. It is still a surprise how Bayern sold this midfielder, but hey, the lad is playing for Real Madrid, isn’t he? Tony’s work rate is admirable, able to pick out the attacking trio in Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Christiano Ronaldo at any time with unimaginable ease and precision.

8. Lukas Podolski – Net Worth $30 Million

Lukas Podolski Top Most Richest Football Players In Germany 2017

Lucas Podolski plays for Turkish side Galatasaray. He is best known for his strong left foot, his technique and lethal attacks from the left side flank. He scored the second fastest international goal in 9 seconds during a friendly against Ecuador in 2013. He retired from international football in 2016. When Arsene Wenger let Podolski go for apparent ‘’competition for the number 9 jersey in the team’’ you would think the Frenchman had more than enough firepower in his Arsenal. Well, if you are going to let a world class German striker go, at least back up your decision with results. In this case, it is Arsene Wenger, enough said.

7. Mats Hummels – Net Worth $40 Million

Mats Hummels Top Famous Richest Football Players In Germany 2019

The center back plays for German side FC Bayern Munich. He was famously known as the ‘Wall of Dortmund’ during his time as a Borussia Dortmund player. He has 53 caps for the German national team internationally. Hummels owes his popularity to Dortmund and Jurgen Klopp, the then Borussia Dortmund manager. And even though he is an unwanted man in Dortmund for moving to bitter rival club Bayern Munich, he is still respected for having the German back line tight as ever, together with Philip Lahm and Manuel Neuer, all at Bayern.

6. Mesut Ozil – Net Worth $50 Million


Mesut Ozil is one attacking midfielder any coach would want in their team. He can provide assists for his fellow teammates and has been compared to the legendary Zinedine Zidane. His transfer to English side Arsenal was recorded as the highest fee paid for a German player. He is of course, alongside Chilean Alexis Sanchez, MVP at Arsenal. Given the stingy nature of Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, we have to wait and see how long such talent will stay in the team.

5. Manuel Neuer – Net Worth $52.8 Million


He is a professional football player who plays for German side Bayern Munich and the German national team. He is a goalkeeper of remarkable strength, shot stopping accuracy, reflexes, command of his area and control of the ball. He is arguably one of the best goalkeepers of our time. If you are going to fend off interest from top clubs for your goalkeeper, you better pay him well. He pockets around 8 million dollars each year, and has never played for any other team. He is one among the Top 10 Richest Football Players In Germany 2017.

4. Marco Reus – Net Worth $57 Million


Marco Reus currently plays for Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund, as an attacking midfielder. He is currently one of the best midfielders in the world, for his technical ability and ball control at high speed. He is so good he made the FIFA 17 video game cover, and any football fan will tell you, this is a nifty achievement, given the fete has belonged to Lionel Messi for the past four years.

3. Sami Khedira – Net Worth $60 Million


When Sami Khedira signed for Real Madrid in 2010, he received a lot of criticism as fans decided he was not worth his price tag. Now, for a player who had to earn his spot at Real Madrid, of all teams, he ahs done a pretty commendable job for himself. He began his career with German side VfB Stuttgart before moving to Spanish side Real Madrid. He currently plays for Italian side Juventus. He won the FIFA World Cup in 2014.

2. Bastian Schweinsteiger – Net worth $80 Million


Barbarian Bastian Schweinsteiger currently with many honors under his belt both at club and international level. He currently plays for English side Manchester United as a midfielder. He has an impressive passing ability, work rate, and terrific long shots. During his spell at German side Bayern Munich, he was an important first team player. Fast forward to no, he barely makes the bench in Manchester. Talk about wrong transfer decisions! Did I mention he was the skipper for the German national team? Well, after that wrong move, the spot fell on Philip Lahm and later to currently Manuel Neuer.

1. Philipp Lahm – Net Worth $100 Million


He might be short, but he is a brick at the back. Philip Lahm is considered as one of the best full-backs of his generation. He plays both as a right back and defensive midfielder of his side Bayern Munich. He captained the side to a treble in 2013. He is known for his stamina, pace and precise tackling abilities. His small stature earned him the nickname ‘Magic Dwarf’.

These above are the Top 10 Richest Football Players In Germany 2017. When you watch Germany play, it is not just the end to end action that captures your attention; the accuracy and team synch is a delight, and the total football display will make you feel bad if they fail to score, and even worse if they lose. The local league the BundesLiga is dominated by two teams, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, and if you noticed on the list, most players prefer the local league, and boy do they shine!


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  1. Klose has won some close matches for the team. He was spectacular in the world Cup Win. He scored some crucial goals in the tournament. He follows good trends in hairstyles. He is good looking and very dedicated player.

  2. Neur is a highly skilled goalkeeper. He is so defensive in nature and never let’s opposition to sneak in to the post. He is quick and very active in the field. He plays for Germany, and bayern Munich.

  3. Khadira and Schweinsteiger are great soccer players for Germany at the moment. Both being excellent mid fielders have contributed a lot to their team.
    Both of them play for other leagues also that earns a lot of wealth.

  4. Bastien Schweinsteiger is a top class soccer player, when it comes to skill and precision. He has scored some key goals for the team Germany. He has had over 10 years of career and has proved very successful.

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