Top 10 Richest Cricketers in Australia

Cricket is an important and extremely important sport in Australia. The sport is played almost equally in all the regions of the country. The country has a history of playing cricket for over 210 years. Cricket is Australia’s biggest participant sport.

The history of cricket in Australia dates back to the early 19th century, in 1803, in Sydney where the first match was played. Also, all the handsome cricketers of the country have made a tremendous amount of money from the sport and its fame.

So here we have a list of the ten richest cricketers of Australia in 2017.

10. James Faulkner

James Faulkner Richest Cricketers in Australia 2017

James Peter Faulkner is an Australian cricketer. He is an all-rounder. He is also named by his fans “The Finisher” because of his performance and to close the innings and steal the victory. He also played in IPL as a part of the team Pune Warriors in 2011. He has a net worth of 5 million USD and is one of the richest cricketers of the country.

9. Aaron Finch

Aaron Finch Richest Cricketers in Australia 2016

Aaron Finch is an Australian cricketer who plays for Yorkshire Vikings, Gujarat Lions, Victoria, the Melbourne Renegades and the Australia national cricket team where he also served as T20 captain once. He is a right-handed batsman. He holds a record of highest innings in a Twenty 20 international match, 156, that has been scored against England. He has a net worth of 5.5 million USD.

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8. Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell Richest Cricketers in Australia 2016

Glenn James Maxwell is also an International Australian Player playing One Day Internationals and Twenty 20 International matches of Australia. He has a record set on his name making fastest half-century in the history of Australian domestic One Day cricket. He is one of the highest paid cricketers who played for Mumbai Indians for 1 million USD. He has a net worth of 6 million USD and one of the richest player of the country.

7. Michael Hussey

Michael Hussey Richest Cricketers in Australia 2016

Hussey is a former Australian player. His complete name is Michael Edward Killeen Hussey also has a pseudonym Mr. Cricket. Though he made his debut at the age of 28, which is quite a late start, still he was able to make a successful international career. He also played the much loved league of Indians, Indian Premier League (IPL) for Chennai Super Kings as well as for Mumbai Indians. He has a net worth of approximately 7 million USD making him one of the richest cricketers of the country.

6. David Warner

David Warner Richest Cricketers in Australia 2017

David Andrew Warner Is an Australian Cricketer, and vice captain of the team. He is also the first country’s cricketers in the history of 132 years to get selected for national team without experience. He has a net worth of 9 million USD and hence has a big umpire.

5. George Bailey

George Bailey Richest Cricketers in Australia 2018

Brett Lee is also a formal Australian International Cricketer, a commentator as well as an actor. He, in his time was known internationally as one of the fastest bowlers in the world of cricket. He had 310 wickets in his Test cricket career and 380 wickets in One Day Internationals. He was a part of the team when the team won two consecutive world Cups in the year 2003 and 2007. His legendry performance in the sport is unforgettable. He has a net worth of 10 million USD.

4. Steve Smith

Steve Smith Richest Cricketers in Australia 2017

Steve Smith is a player of Australia who represents Australia, New South Wales Blues and Sydney Sixers. He is currently working as a captain of the Australian cricket team. He plays primarily as a batsman, but is also an all-rounder. As of January 2016, as per the statistics, Smith is top-ranked Test batsman in the world, according to the ICC Player Rankings. He has a net worth of 10 million USD making him amongst richest cricketers.

3. Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke Richest Cricketers in Australia 2018

Michael is a former international player of the country and was also the Captain. He is known to be one of the best and greatest batsman and captain ever in the history of International Cricket. He played as a lead when New Zealand was defeated against Australia in ICC cricket world cup 2015. He has a net worth of 16 million USD and one of the richest too.

2. Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson Richest Cricketers in Australia 2017

One of the most handsome cricketers in the world, Mitchell Johnson is also the International player of the country. He was awarded as the Cricketer of the Year in the year 2009 by ICC and in 2014 as “Test Player of the year”. He has a net worth of 4 million USD. He played a major role in semi final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, which ultimateky led the country reach finals.

1. Shane Watson

Shane Watson Richest Cricketers in Australia 2018

Shane Robert Watson, former Australian cricketer, who holds several records on his name has topped the list being the richest cricketer of Australia, having a net worth of 40 million USD earning 2 million from the endorsements and is also amongst highest paid cricketers of the world.

The list tells the statistics of the richest cricketers and their wealth in 2017. The sport and the sportsmen in the country have that spirit that makes them achieving greater heights.


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  1. For my money it’s Watson everyday all day. He came as a guest coach and was paid very well but alas only an hour in he left stating “either Americans aren’t coordinated or should stick to baseball. No good cricket will ever come from such a sensitive country of “Men”.

  2. A reliable and a powerful all rounder from australia is Shane Watson. He has many records in his name. May it be batting or bowling he contributes to his team. He is a perfect team man. He is a powerful striker of the cricket ball and bowls really well too. He is a great asset for any team. He plays T20 leagues around the world. He has played for Aussies since long time.

  3. Australians are known for some exceptional play of cricket. They adjust to any format of the game well. Some greatest players of all time have emerged from Australia. One of most successful captains Ricky ponting has made his mark in cricket for winning most matches for his team.

  4. Shane Watson is a great player. He excels in every field, may it be batting, bowling or fielding, he will do his best. He is a perfect all rounder. He is a t20 specialist.

  5. Steve Smith is one of the finest cricketers in the world at present. He is so reliable and delivers his best everytime. He has quickly attained captaincy of the team and is doing well.

  6. Steve Smith is a top class batsman. He can even do fashion modeling as he is very handsome. He is a very consistent and powerful batsman. He is exceptional in the field also. He is my favorite Aussie player at the moment.

  7. For my surprise it’s Shane Watson!
    Yes. Indeed he is very talented and delivers for his team.
    Aussies are the best in world cricket.

    • He is there because of his brand endorsements. He also sings in concerts. He plays for many leagues and has served cricket Australia for a long time. It’s not a surprise to find him in the top spot.

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