Top 10 Richest Baseball Players in The World

Professional baseball players have the ability to amass huge wealth from their chosen profession. Baseball is one of the major sports in the United States of America. It is also considered as one of the most played sports around the world. The Major League Baseball is a championship organized in the United States. It is an immensely popular tournament and has produced many legends in baseball.

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The players who participate in MLB are highly paid and are considered as the highest paid players. The baseball players playing in this championship get immensely rich by drawing not only fat pay cheque from their teams but also getting hold of lucrative endorsement deals for various companies.

These are the world’s top ten of the most richest baseball players in 2017.

10.Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson Richest Baseball Players 2017

Randy Johnson has retired from the game. He was an excellent and popular left-hand pitcher and was known for his wonderful abilities in the game. Johnson endorses many popular brands even after retirement. His net worth is $112 million and even though he has hung up his boots, Johnson finds his place in the tenth position of the list of most rich baseball players.

9. Tom Glavine

Tom Glavine Richest Baseball Players 2017

Tom Glavine is a former star of the MLB championship. He was an expert left hand pitcher and was popular among his fans. He endorses various brands now and draws a good income for himself. The net assets of Tom Glavine are worth $120 million and he finds himself in the ninth position of the list of most rich baseball players this year.

8. Adrian Beltre

Adrian Beltre Richest Baseball Players 2016

Adrian Beltre is a popular baseball player from the Dominician Republic. He is known for his capacity to adapt to any situations in the game. The player has a net worth of $125 million which means that he is rich enough to find a place in the list of most rich baseball players for the year.

7. Joe Mauer

Joe Mauer Richest Baseball Players 2017

Joe Mauer is known as the most adaptable player in the game of baseball. The player bagged a deal in the year 2010 with Minnesota Twins which was highly lucrative. The net worth of Joe Mauer is more than $125 million. He features in the seventh position in the list of most rich baseball players for the year. Also Check: Most Handsome Baseball Players In the World

6. Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera Richest Baseball Players 2016

Miguel Cabrera is from Venezuela and is one of the experts of the game. He plays for Detroit in the MBL championship and has won different major titles for his team. He is a wealthy man with a net worth of $135 million and is placed in the sixth position in the list of most rich baseball players for the year.

5. Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard Richest Baseball Players 2018

Ryan Howard is an excellent player and is famous among his many fans who have nicknamed him ‘The Big Piece’. He is an expert of the game. Ryan Howard has a net of $140 million. He has many endorsements to his credit and is still very much in the sport, therefore his assets are going to increase in the coming years. At the moment, he is fifth in the list of most rich baseball players for the year.

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4. Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols Richest Baseball Players 2017

Albert Pujols was born on 16th January 1980 and has received both considerable opprobrium and a substantial fan following among the baseball fans. Pujols is a famous player from the St Louis Cardinal team. He draws a hefty salary from his team by virtue of his talent and skills in the game. The net worth of Pujols is more than $140 million. He features in the fourth position in the list of most rich baseball players for the year.

3. CC Sabathia

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CC Sabathia Richest Baseball Players 2016

Sabathia is an American baseball player. The annual salary of Sabathia was only $60 million in the year 2013. That has now dramatically increased to about $155 million. This is a big jump in his salary. He has also become more popular than before. He is therefore, listed in among the most rich baseball players for the year and is placed at third position.

2. Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter Richest Baseball Players 2018

Derek Jeter has a good fan following and is known for his flexible playing style. He leads the Yankee group and has an agreement of three years with them at a sum of $51 million. He also earns extra income from endorsements. The total assets of Jeter stand at $185 million and this places him in the second position in the list of most rich baseball players for the year.

1. Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez Richest Baseball Players 2018

Alex Rodriguez is one of the most popular players of baseball. He tops the list of most rich baseball players for the year with a total asset of $300 million and a yearly income of $33 million.

The baseball players listed above are the richest players in the sport of baseball who have worked hard and besides getting fame are among the most rich baseball players.


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  1. The richest player of MLB A-ROD gets paid with whopping annual salary of $29, 000,000 which is the highest ever. He also gives the value for his salary. He is most trusted player of the side and he assures home run hits.

  2. Alex Rodriguez hits a home run with ease. He is highly skilled and precise. He gets his target well and strikes it very far. His skills have got him huge popularity and thus gained name and fame.

  3. New York Yankees play a great game of baseball. They have the best squad and use their resources well. The players are greatly rewarded too. They are the best club.

  4. The top three richest players are from new York Yankees. A-ROD is an eminent hitter and infielder. He has found great success in his career. He is one of the most valuable players of present day.

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