Top 10 Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives

Not only the Basketball players who are ruling the hearts of the girls of all around the world, but now the beautiful sexy and hot wives of them are also ruling the world along with their husbands too. There are lots of athletes are in the world. But especially in basketball people use to have smart, bold and beautiful girls as their life partners. It’s an awesome combination of glamour and sports. Most of the wives of these famous basketball players are working women and most are in modeling profession. So it is quite obvious they would know how to fall any guy for her while she only will enjoy the madness of her fans and will love her husband from the core of her heart.

List of top 10 Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives in 2017

10 Ayesha Alexander – wife of Stephen Curry’s

Ayesha Alexander, Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives 2018

Now, Curry is known for having one of the classiest, maximum lovely wags in the NBA, and through all accounts, their wedding ceremony changed into straight out of a storybook. Stephen curry married Ayesha Alexander on July 30, 2011. Although they got married in Charlotte, in which some 420 pals and own family participants were accessible for the party, the couple owes its marriage to some other town: Los Angeles. It became there that curry, attending basketball camp while still a scholar at Davidson University, rejoined with Ayesha over Facebook. She become at the west coast to pursue her acting profession—she’s regarded on the collection Whittaker bay, in addition to Hannah Montana—and before long, they commenced dating.

9 Samara Felippo – wife of Leandro Barbosa

Samara Felippo, Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives 2017

Leandro Barbosa, is married to Brazilian actress Samara Felippo. Primarily based on a Google search, it appears they use the time period actress instead loosely in Brazil, as maximum pictures of her are scantily clad poses. Don’t get us wrong, she has been in her fair proportion of television shows, we’re simply hinting that her actual talent if you may lies someplace else. The couple has been married considering 2008 and has one daughter, who changed into born in 2009.

8 Tamia Hill – wife of Grant Hill

Tamia Hill, Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives 2018

In early 90’s Tamina was a good singer and was nominated for Grammy awards for the greatest CD selling in South Africa. She is not just very talented but she is very beautiful and sexy too. That is why she taken the 8th position in the list of top 10 sexiest wives of basketball players.

7 Adriana Lima – Marko Jaric’s wife

Adriana Lima, Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives 2017

Model and actress from Brazil, Adriana Lima is mostly referred as an angel of Victoria’s secret, considering from 2000, as a model for Maybelline ranges for cosmetics from 2003 to 2010. In 2015, she got here in 2nd area with income of $9 million. lima is the modern-day brand ambassador for the Barcelona-based totally apparel brand Desigual.

6 Leia Sergakis – Kosta Koufos’s girlfriend

Leia Sergakis, Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives 2017

Leia Sergakis is health expert and 2012 Miss Utah contestant. She is one of the sexiest girls as a wife of any basketball participant. They’re going to get married very soon.

5 Lindsay Davis – Omer Asik’s girlfriend

Lindsay Davis, Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives 2018

Lindsay Davis was born on November 6, 1985 is a model in USA and beauty icon who has been featured in magazines which are international, like Ralph and FHM. Davis became a classically skilled ballerina up till age 17, while she changed into recognized with the coronary heart circumstance hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Lindsay has also done the international promotion for mileage plus credit card by united airlines.

4 Amelia Vega: Al Horford’s wife

Amelia Vega, Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives 2017

Amelia Vega became the Miss Universe in 2003. That’s a claim that almost no man can absolutely make about his spouse. can you consider being at a cocktail party in which all of us knows you’ve married one of the few pass over universe winners? That places you quite high on the totem pole. In a surprise rite on Christmas Eve, Al Horford married the 2003 Miss universe, Amelia.The Dominican Republic is the country she represented in the omit universe opposition.

3 Elaine Alden – Wife of Landry Fields

Elaine Alden, Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives 2016

Alden is a model now based in Los Angeles, according to her twitter feed, a lottery choose in her personal proper who’s now connected to the former Stanford player after spending time in Vegas and a graduation with him. Elaine Alden is a globally recongnised model and she or he has featured in sports activities illustrated, FHM, GQ and maxim.

2 Sabina Gadecki – wife of David Lee’s

Sabina Gadecki, Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives 2016

5’8” Sabine was born on September 28, 1993 in Chicopee, Massachusetts. she graduated from Chicopee high school, than attended Holyoke community university for 2 years. She made the selection to go away college in order to take delivery of more modeling jobs, but sooner or later again to Fordham to get her degree. Gadecki received notoriety аѕ the host of the World poker tour on the journey channel, and went on to signal with ford models.

1 Meghan Allen – Devin Harris’s wife

Meghan Allen, Most Popular Sexiest Basketball Players Wives 2016

Devin Harris’ girlfriend Meghan Allen revealed their relationship to the world at the Howard stern show, and defined that she changed into operating in Dallas as a bartender at the same time as Devin turned into nonetheless playing for the mavericks. Meghan has maximum appreciably seemed on couples fear factor in 2004, however that courting ended when her fiance knocked up any other girl a month earlier than the wedding.

So these are the list of top 10 hottest and Sexiest Basketball Players wives in 2017. These all Beautiful, Hot and Sexiest wives of basketball Players listed here according to there sexiest personality and based on statistics of 2017.

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